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  1. storing the ghosts for like #1, #25, #100 etc and giving players access to them while playing would be a cool way for people to progress at a map. it would be way more intuitive than playing a map then going on youtube and watching the world record and trying to replicate it
  2. i want them banned too but my point is that people's perception of timing vs aiming isn't going to change if some widgets are banned. people are just going to do the next easiest thing to make timing irrelevant, and it's always going to be a problem with any new arena fps that has a traditional item spawning system.
  3. what's the solution after these widgets/api functions/sound edits are banned? the players that do all this stuff do it because it makes timing easier, so i doubt they're going to magically start liking the act of timing items. they'll just take five minutes and grab an external timer like the one i linked above or use something like this ql hud i think the dev team should try some experimental changes to the item spawn system/the duel mode in general, whether they do it themselves or let the community try to come up with something via the implementation of gametype scripting capabilities.
  4. i'm not sure if you only skimmed my post or what but i, very intentionally, mentioned that i was speaking specifically about the perception that new players/outsiders have of timing items and even made sure to specify, when i mentioned that they're right about timing being "boring", that it's only in a superficial sense. i think you should reread my post since i tried very hard to make it as clear as possible. my stating that the perception of "timing cheating" is different than that of aimbots/wallhacks is not disputable. widgets, sound replacements, etc that help players time items are far more prevalent than "conventional" forms of cheating. this isn't exclusive to reflex either. for example, here's a quake live ahk timer: https://autohotkey.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=19537
  5. the problem with your idea is that you can still just throw together an ahk script in 10 minutes and have exact times. people do not want to time. we all know that, objectively, timing items in arena fps games is a skill but the fact of the matter is that timing items does not feel intuitive for new players and moreover, it feels mundane because you're "just" adding/subtracting 25 and trying to remember the result. i don't think there's a way make people think otherwise because they're right; timing items is (superficially) boring. if you showed a bunch of newbies some high level duels they would likely be more impressed with the movement/fighting than item control. i think this issue is made even worse by damage mitigation from armor carrying over to self-damage. in cpm armor let you absorb 50% of self-damage regardless of what tier armor you had but in reflex that is not the case. this has lead to the prevalence of much more "robotic" playstyles in duel. tldr new players will never find timing items fun or intuitive and timing items doesn't feel like a skill that you're cheating yourself out of if you use an illegal timer in contrast to using things like aimbots/wallhacks
  6. people will just throw together an autohotkey script in 10 minutes and use that instead. any arena fps that gains new players is going to face this problem because people do not want to learn to time. if you want people to not cheat with timers you might as well do a redesign of duel mode in which armor/powerup timing is more intuitive
  7. just add gametype scripting and we can make a cs mode
  8. gametype scripting
  9. im itchin to see whats in the works
  10. this!!! without sufficient modding abilities counter-strike, rocket arena, cpm, dota, etc wouldn't exist
  11. i don't know how gametypes are represented/handled in the game's code but i can't imagine it would require a full rewrite to implement some lua hooks for gametype stuff. furthermore, giving gametype scripting abilities to players is not incompatible with matchmaking. for instance, the devs could have a matchmaking playlist that plays a set of hand-picked popular/good custom gametypes that are cycled out every month or something another thing to keep in mind is that not everyone wants to play matchmaking. i dont like how duel plays in this game and i dont give a shit about it
  12. change #2 sounds cool also, to everyone mentioning new modes: ask the devs for the ability to create your own modes instead. the game's lua api is incredibly intuitive and it is a travesty that we can't make our own modes with it. my understanding is that this is because the devs want a singular, unified experience for all players but that hasn't stopped, for instance, valve from adding custom map support to dota 2 (although they have not maintained it well at all). throw out the pipe dream of reflex being the next big e-sport and give some control to the community to create things and attract new players through them oh and another thing, could you guys set self-damage with armor to be 50% no matter what armor you have? having 75% self-damage reduction when you have red, for example, is outrageous and removes so much risk from hitting yourself to take a lower-tier armor from your opponent. seriously, the way self-damage is implemented makes people play like fucking robots
  13. i know a lot of people who play reflex absolutely utterly hate the mention of cpm much less having an idea from it presented to them but its Capture Strike mode is awesome and fun and its scoring system alleviates your worries completely
  14. maybe the noobs will stick around a little longer if they're not lead away from playing maps they're familiar with and already like