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  1. Great news. Just a quick question, will there be a rank reset on launch? Since it's the start of a first season.
  2. Good stuff. Would be cool to see you go in-depth in a map like t7.
  3. Don't show who you are playing against until on the server
  4. The registration link is not working at the moment.
  5. sounds good for me! I'd be happy to play, provided that i qualify as a "top player"
  6. Check-ins are open now!
  7. There is still four slots left. Sign up now!
  8. In my opinion FFA should not be that important of an factor when it comes to weapon balance. It's pretty much just running around fragging people, and is more often than not considered an "fun" mode instead of highly competitive one such as duel.
  9. You should probably host this group in discord, thats what most reflex players use for communicating etc
  10. I think the idea of group stage tournaments is great (for weekly cups atleast). Bo1:s are fine, but in my opinion the decider match (LB final in each group) should be bo3. Noob cups are always very problematic since even within the group of people who call themselves "noobs", skilldifferences are massive. About mappool: In my opinion, we should have a static mappool of 4 maps, and each week have 1 extra map in the pool for testing. We don't have THAT many good duelmaps after all.
  11. hud

    Really like that weaponrack!
  12. Watch the cup live at
  13. EVERYONE! Check in here:
  14. Either on or
  15. Room for only 2 more! Sign up now!