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  1. Some sort of tech hatchet would be cool, remember the pre-alpha axe that made a kind of electrical swinging/hit sound?
  2. 421
  3. also, loadconfig name
  4. duel

    This is a small 1v1 map that I recently updated. I've worked on a lot, but have no idea how it actually plays. Any feedback on the look, flow, or general gameplay of the map would certainly be appreciated. Fun progress screenshots! :
  5. Are these like the character-specific taunts from quake live?
  6. lowkey the golden burstgun looks really sick though
  7. Bots for race maps when?
  8. damn, that trailer is HYPE AS FUCK. Props to whoever made it.
  9. If I get stomped by someone and then rejoin the queue, I'd rather not get stomped again, thank you. Don't match people with the same opponent the next game, unless they both click a rematch checkbox or something.
  10. Who wants to play infinite ammo vampire?
  11. How about "Tip: Hold down jump key in the air to queue the next one" As a loading screen tip?
  12. Yeah, the shotgun (and plasma too imo) aren't there yet on a game feel level. The shotgun needs a heavier kickback animation, more noticeable impact particles, and maybe a heavier sound effect. Take a look at the UT99 flak cannon, Half life 2's shotgun, or even Quake Live's shotgun. They all feel right.
  13. nah he sniped that one in the bug forum
  14. yay, it's my 1 year Reflex anniversary!
  15. This was the moment in the kickstarter trailer btw -