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  1. Most likely yes, but this would create inconsistencies that the developers probably don't want
  2. NA Diamond Yes Yes Yes 16 max rockets kind of ruins clan arena though. I suppose it's for the greater good
  3. You can already do this...
  4. Boxr london: Reflex EU Newb Gather:
  5. mapping

    Like the armor hologram materials but for mega: internal/items/health/health_mega
  6. It doesn't
  7. Bridge between 2 brushes touching at a 90 degree angle, then delete those brushes. This gives you 1/4 of the circle.
  8. Good job on the art, I love the Doom 4 look!
  9. Please make it
  10. I was mostly thinking Game Messages and Frag Messages - but I would probably use Health and Armor if I could change the font on them too.
  11. Not a cosmetic per se, but name tags should be a thing! They could be sold in the store for like 2 or 3 dollars, and when you rename a cosmetic it should also change the Weapon Name. For example, if I named my short sword "Flourish," it would show up like this:
  12. Hi, is it possible to have options to change the font for the rest of the hud (just like how you have it in your chat widget)? That would be awesome!
  13. Just add the damn grappling hook already!!
  14. Drowning is already in the game, just for some reason it doesnt take affect with the arena mutator. Anyways it's no big deal.