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  1. Hello=all, I am very happy that Rama ruleset is confirmed for 1.2. This will mean big things for duel, however it brings up an issue for the atdm gamemode. In atdm you tend to have rounds that last a while, and you need more ammo than duel, especially when you're playing a bigger game like 4v4 for example. I've found through playing that the ammo limits with the current ruleset are pretty good with atdm, however the new rama ruleset ammo caps won't give players enough options, especially with only 16 rockets. To fix this, I think voting on the arena mutator should change the max ammo as well. So, what should these new ammo values be? Here I've gathered the values of ammo caps for different versions of reflex and cpma: Current ruleset ammo caps: grenades - 15 rockets - 25 ion - 150 bolt - 10 plasma - 120 Rama ruleset ammo caps: grenades - 10 rockets - 16 ion - 150 bolt - 10 plasma - 100 CPMA CA ammo caps: grenades - 15 rockets - 50 lg - 150 rail - 15 plasma - 50 OLD Reflex ammo caps: grenades - 15 rockets - 30 ion - 200 bolt - 20 plasma - 200 Here's what I think the new ammo values for atdm should be, and why: ROCKETS: I think a good number of rockets would be 25-30, or more. With the current max, 25, I feel like I can comfortably rocket jump around and fight enemies, while still having a few left over each round. Rama ruleset's cap of 16 would pretty much force the player to save all of their rockets for fighting. Increasing this number will let players rocket jump more, which I think is a good thing. I personally don't like CPMA's cap of 50 rockets, because you can stand there and spam an angle forever - idk though, discuss this in the thread GRENADES: Grenades are pretty much only used for spam in atdm, since you should always have enough rockets if you want to directly fight somebody. The current max of 15 grenades is fine, but I think it could be lowered to 10 without changing too much, while also limiting the amount of spam that can come out. ION: The current cap of 150 is enough to take out another player in a prolonged 1v1 ion fight, plus you will have some extra ammo left. I think this cap should stay at 150. BOLT: The current cap of 10 bolts works well enough, however you could play +back rail for a decent amount of time with 10 rails, and most people agree doing this exclusively isn't fun. The rail cap could be lowered to 8, and it would discourage this type of play a little more. PLASMA: I don't really understand CPMA's CA cap of 50 ammo for plasma. In a direct mid-range fight, people will always prefer ion. In a long range spamming situation, it does very little damage, can be dodged, and rail is probably more effective. Plasma sees use in atdm mostly when a player is fucking around, so I think you should be able to use plasma for as long as you want. Plasma's ammo cap should be changed to old Reflex's value of 200. STAKE: Stake is the most skill based weapon in the game and requires 200 iq and knowledge of advanced physics to use. Please raise stake's ammo cap to 500. What are your thoughts on these values? Please discuss below
  2. I'm not sure how changing ion ammo would change the game, but I trust you because you are a big ion user. 200 plasma is to buff Nem
  3. What I was trying to say in the post was, plasma gets outclassed by one weapon or another at every range. For long range spam, using rockets or looking for a rail is better. I don't really see anyone spamming plasma with the current 120 ammo cap, plus plasma spam is pretty easy to hear and dodge.
  4. This is a good read for anyone that wants to know how strafing works at the engine level. Was this author's followup circle jump theory article ever archived? Also I have a question for people knowledgeable about cpma/reflex - when you press a direction key by itself, it doesn't seem to apply an acceleration like in vq3. What is actually happening when you are pressing a key by itself? Why does a key suddenly behave like vq3 if you 'cancel' it out in reflex, but not in cpma?
  5. Edit: The tournament is over! Congratulations to team Owl & Sharq, who placed first after all of the round robin games! Also thanks to Siro & Pattah for showing up last minute, there would not have been as many games without them! Here are the VODs of the matches that decided the winner: game 1: game 2: CUP OF CLAN ARENA 1.2 A casual 2v2 clan arena tournament! Game mode tdm, mutators Arena, ruleset competitive Who Anyone can join with or without a team. PM either me (Sharqosity#0314) or fragile (/fragile#0514) on Discord to sign up, and tell us your team name and partner. Don't worry if you don't have a teammate! You will be paired with someone on the day of the tournament. What Best of 3: The map pool is still flexible - tell us your suggestions for what would be fun! When This Saturday, the 14th at 9 PM CEST Where The tournament is open to anyone, but will be played on EU servers; feel free to join if you are from any other region and don't mind playing on high ping. Links Bracket Discord Server Noobschleder Replay Stuff (player rankings)
  6. Most likely yes, but this would create inconsistencies that the developers probably don't want
  7. NA Diamond Yes Yes Yes 16 max rockets kind of ruins clan arena though. I suppose it's for the greater good
  8. You can already do this...
  9. Boxr london: Reflex EU Newb Gather:
  10. mapping

    Like the armor hologram materials but for mega: internal/items/health/health_mega
  11. It doesn't
  12. Bridge between 2 brushes touching at a 90 degree angle, then delete those brushes. This gives you 1/4 of the circle.
  13. Good job on the art, I love the Doom 4 look!
  14. Please make it
  15. I was mostly thinking Game Messages and Frag Messages - but I would probably use Health and Armor if I could change the font on them too.
  16. Not a cosmetic per se, but name tags should be a thing! They could be sold in the store for like 2 or 3 dollars, and when you rename a cosmetic it should also change the Weapon Name. For example, if I named my short sword "Flourish," it would show up like this:
  17. Hi, is it possible to have options to change the font for the rest of the hud (just like how you have it in your chat widget)? That would be awesome!
  18. Just add the damn grappling hook already!!
  19. Fun and casual round-based game mode. Team Alpha, Hiders: Utilize the fun movement options and countless secrets to run, hide, survive at all costs until the round ends! You cannot attack, you win by staying alive. Team Zeta, Seekers: Work together to eliminate all the hiders, or you will die when the round ends! Rockets and grenades are disabled. The map tells you all this, but you need the mode to be TDM and mutators: arena. Screenshots:
  20. Drowning is already in the game, just for some reason it doesnt take affect with the arena mutator. Anyways it's no big deal.
  21. Intended behaviour: Players should take environmental water damage regardless of whether or not the arena mutator is on. Actual behaviour: They don't
  22. You're right, maybe I should switch the attacking team's spawns to fall into lava instead of having them swim up?
  23. Half of the new people I talk to in Reflex come from cs:go. I know a lot about the Source engine myself, but I never got into cs:go and I'm not good at making guides. Think of how many people would benefit if this guide was made.
  24. ?