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  1. Custom Ruleset Poll

    God I hope stake will be in it, and not some 80 or 100 damage bullshit.That's most satisfying gun to use
  2. FFA and Quick Play/Matchmaking

    IMO new players should just start on bronze level and earn they level up, 95% of new players who never played arena fps would be bronze anyway, or silver at best.Now they are forced to play 10 random matches vs random level players and almost all 10 matches almost guarantee will be stomps,bad start for new guys and reviewers.
  3. Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    I remember Memphis had very nice Phrantic "remake" ,just changed quit a lot things , more hallways, bigger rooms etc. Love that map , it plays really good in Reflex too.Also IMO stake stake launcher(fixed,not that useless 100 damage per hit sissy weapon) in this map would work great.
  4. Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    This is way way early for launch. They have not even touched sound system .Lets be honest - sounds are pretty bad at moment.Even if things like sounds, bots, game modes, tutorials and ton of other stuff are implemented on launch date ,there would need few months of patching and polishing. IMO it's not too friendly for casual Joe to jump in at moment.I hope i'am wrong.Oh and little things like Stake Gun (fun to use weapon) ,cassual fun game modes and bad ass sound announcer are pretty important for newbs too.
  5. Is now the time for a free weekend?

    Also decent learning system , at moment it's too primitive,and maps not even have art yet.Not too good 1st impression for cs -noobs .
  6. Future of stake launcher

    Main reason with stake is that it's not rewarding to use - 100 damage per hit is way way too little, it should be 120-130 with slower reload time,devs seems afraid to put weapons who does more then 100 damage on direct hit, but be real here - stake mediocre acc is 20%-25% at best. Stake is very fun and satisfying to use , but not rewarding.There no reason now vote exp_stake for games, because difference btw hit scan Bolt is only 20 units.Another solution i heard before is make it powerup weapon - some big damage crazy weapon. Maybe finally then devs will live they'r promise of " unique powerups"
  7. You was queue for casual mode too ,untick it in quick match menu .It have 5 min. match and you gain only XP there
  8. Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    No i just say matchmaking is supposed to match me vs player my skill level. thats it. Not force me to play some random "popular maps" and give poor 1 of 3 choose only ,if you don't like or know them , quit and take loose.You ranked me vs some player equal my skill, that's it , thank you! Let our selves choose map we want to play.As i say'd this could be fixed by letting choose from more maps then only 3.
  9. Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    This! Also why are we limited for only 3 maps? 3 maps are totally not enough to choose from , most of played matches me and my random opponent wanted totally different map,what if i don't know any of maps given ? There should be at least 10-15 most popular map column , where you can choose from. It's not encouraging to use MM system , if i must quit every second match , because lack of chosen map list.
  10. Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    Please don't force me to be on lobby server while waiting for ranked match,people are making noise, jumping , chatting and i can't do anything on my pc while i am at lobby,usually it takes quit some time for match to be ready and i would love to browse internet or watch movie meanwhile.If i disable sound, will not hear notification .
  11. Reflex TDM

    TDM was and still is my favorite mode in quake/cpma.But in reflex it feels , i don't know, just too empty, not interesting.No maps, no weapon/ammo drops, no show enemy names, no team chat scripts (bind g drop; "say_team ^7Dropped #W for ^3#n; ) ,also weapon balance -weapons getting nerfed more and more each patch, waiting 20 seconds to get some useless plasma just is not worth it anymore.And then there powerups, i remember devs said there will be some unique powerups for team games, they just not there yet. It just feels too uninteresting game play at moment. How about weapon as powerup? Stake with 300 DMG ? , some bad ass chaingun ? How about enemy drops 2-3 shards after death,doom4 style ? Anything that makes team mode more interesting.
  12. Thoughts on current stake gun

    Still too easy to hit and too low damage,either make it high risk high reward weapon, either like smileyshithe sayd - 800-1000ms reload with 100 dmg would work too,damn with that reload we even could implement Painkiller grenade-stake combo
  13. Reflex 0.46.1

    So basically stake is harder to hit and damage even then lowered,for god sake TurboPixel , though u can not fuck this up From stake and hit scan bolt , now is only 20 damage difference,are u for real ? 110 was absolute minimum already
  14. Reflex 0.46.0

    Agrie, stake projectile are too fast now , there almost no leading needed in mid-range, u need lead only if enemy is very far away (tdm/ctf maps) and even then just a little bit.Old projectile speed was pretty fine for me(could make even bit slower) . 120 damage should be earned by making weapon harder to connect, now its way too easy to hit enemy , especially in low-mid range.BTW rocket splash changes are great, rocket jumping feels far better now too.
  15. Reflex 0.45.0

    It means there are now 2 more weapons in core game
  16. Pada's competitive visuals/sounds pack

    Awesome, finally game visibility is on acceptable levels, also rockets feels way more responsive with removed smoke trails and all that useless effects shit,they should be option to disable them in game menu, idk , maybe it's too much work to implement?
  17. An idea for the burstgun/shotgun (Experiment)

    Ah, burst just feels so useless , not entertaining and boring I would accept QW boomstick hitscan style damage -low damage ,fast firerate, would make fights much more interesting and intense...Also while i'am here- when will experimental plasma and shotgun will be in competitive ruleset? People accepted and love changes,put it in ! Current plasma is close to useless in competitive.
  18. Most urgent fixes, IMO

    Main reason i don't play actively this game is really bad sounds and bad visibility, just can't used to it , on some big fights i can't see even my croshair, all those sparks ,effects are too distracting It's mess up my aim too. Hope they will add possibility to remove them.Can u share widget to transparent spars please?
  19. player customizations

    I hope they at least put some melees on unlockable content, i am not one of richest woman in neighborhood and feel even bigger bum in game when run around with pipe from Kingpin life of crime.Not asking to unlock all, but one or two unlockable melees would be cute,same with character customization.
  20. Player statistics

    Some QLranks sort of system is must have. No point to play ,when i can't brag about my win/death ratio and weapon accuracys.
  21. Quake 4 map pack (Phrantic, Monsoon, Placebo Effect..)

    That monsoon tele to mega are really awkward, normally u telejump to accelerate speed ,but then u jump too far and fall down ,making bigger distance from tele to floor ledge would fix it.Right now u need awkwardly slow down after telejump and try to hit ledge and jump again to mega , which feels off, or don't make telejump at all , which is not an option in this game.
  22. Reflex 0.43.0 - No puns, I'm tired

    Best patch since Netcode. Servers seems not crashing when high count players in.Ramp jumps feels very good, like it should be. Also IMO in Experimental rule set timers should be disable too, because it will be obviously most played ruleset by high level players, IC feels great there, but in plasma i think need experiment some totally different settings ,like projectile speed, higher projectile volume,like that.Very fast projectile just doesn't feel rewarding when u try to lead and predict target and for spam it's in pretty useless mode at moment. Some one mentioned hyper blaster from Quake 4 ,that would be good start.
  23. Getting votekicked from a public server

    Same guys kicked me too time ago, lets beat them with legs !
  24. [Completed] 2016-04-09 | shadowfalls # minicup

    There 2 areas where there is fps drops
  25. Reflex 0.40 - Statistically insignificant

    Heard some dudes complain that IC become harder to hit after update , tested it and yeah - for some reason it's very hard to hit for my self too .I'ts just not connecting like before, can't even finish weak enemy, like there small delay before hits start registering,weird stuff Rockets feels way better now tho