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  1. Yeah, sorry. I made an update and it changed the workshop item's visibility. It's visible again.
  2. Updated to version 1.1 Fixed pickup placements and added additional player spawns.
  3. Hi guys, it's my first reflex map. I noticed that there's not so many DM maps out there and I decided to make deathmatch map. I playtested it with decent amount of players. Have fun! PS: Comments and critiques will be appreciated. Steam workshop link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873541130&result=1 (Version 1.0) Name: Instant Momentum [WRDM1] Type: DM Description: This is tight close-combat deathmatch map. Author: Ubuska Thanks for playtesting and ideas: D-X, w96k, Thoughcrayfish Screenshots:
  4. Making my first Reflex map.