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  1. Das ist gut
  2. H Y P E F L E X Y P E F L E X
  3. I like the way you think, but eggplant melees are where it's at.
  4. H Y P E Y P E This, but in 2016
  5. The bolt looks so pretty now
  6. Best update of the year so far
  7. "Shooting multiple bolt targets will now award double penetration" I need to go try this out.
  8. :eggplant: :four: :six: :eggplant:
  9. That cave looks pretty nice
  10. The walls kind of remind me of some of the ones in UT4, but with Reflex's art style instead of textures.
  11. 44.3
  13. I like how there's a total of 4 people working on it and it has a lot of features that don't even make it into AAA games these days. Editor, spectating, LAN, and even things like the console that have been disappearing.
  14. Reflex Team Fortress mod when?