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  1. The netcode is sufficiently different between CPM and Reflex that I think a direct comparison re: projectiles is difficult.
  2. Also LG. These three are the most versatile (range wise) and do the most damage consistently/easily.
  3. Keeping with the current weapons, I think the gun should keep in the same style as the other guns as scifi/futuristic style. But I think if it were a rifle, that might overlap a little too much with the bolt rifle. Since they are somewhat similar weapons, that might not be a good idea. So I think it should instead be like a futuristic flare gun or revolver. Since the "stake" arches with gravity, it sort of reminds me of how a flare gun looks when you shoot it. Maybe something like a flare gun, but revolver style and longer barrel. It'd also be cool if the stake initially glows (or emits some kind of sparks) after it's shot but eventually cools down if it's stuck in the wall or something. Maybe make the sound of the weapon like a sort of hollow but meaty sounding "thunk", similar to the grenade launcher but with a more fizzling type sound on top of it. Again, like a flare gun.
  4. LMAO
  5. How about you learn to aim?
  6. Perfect. Easier to know which map to drop.
  7. Like ability to add vertices to a brush?
  8. Haha, you can see all the health on the map from the screenshot. That's no bueno. Will need to fix.
  9. Now available on workshop. Map was rebuilt from scratch and lots of changes made. Basically, it's almost a new map. This is still WIP. Haven't played a single duel on it myself. Feedback is appreciated.
  10. Could go both ways, though. Since some people's steam IDs are different than their in-game nick names. I would add, though, that it'd be nice to have race demos include the time in the file name. Would be of infinite help to moviemakers!
  11. Perfect for tournaments. Now I know which maps are the best to choose against opponents.
  12. tehace returns!
  13. MEDIUM* > middle *This is an old, never-going-to-die, CPM CTF reference.
  14. Too late. Lol...