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  1. Long Time No Update

  2. Post your WIP screenshots!

    1 day it might be finished
  3. Now reflex has been out of early access for 1 month, what would you like to see in reflex?
  4. apparently no1 wants to see anything
  5. Proving Grounds

    no relentless
  6. right that's all well and good but they all tie directly into the gameplay of reflex which isnt even on par with whats come before it. Who gives a fuck about netcode, MM UI etc (all are directly linked to gameplay) when the gameplay is crap? All of those features are icing on the cake, and the cake is currently shit. With the map editor if you throw a noob in there they wont have a clue what to do. When they figure it out or watch a tutorial they might throw something together and play it with a friend. They might even have fun, but will quickly realise ahh actually the maps pretty crap and it was fun for 5 minutes but not anymore. They will realise no1 will play it unless they're serious about mapping & even then it would take a long time to make a really good map. highly responsive and has excellent visibility has been done before in Q3/QL & CPMA and is a requirement for any competitive fps.
  7. You've got to ask the Question, WHY would a new player play reflex? What is there to offer? why would a player who has never heard of AFPS play reflex on a regular basis? There is NO reason to. You can bang on about this or that but bottom line is, the only reason to play Reflex is self improvement. IF that shit isn't for you (spoiler alert 99% of the world don't give a shit) then Reflex isn't your game. The only game mode that sees any playtime is duel, and that takes the concept of controlling pickups to the extreme. Reflex is a game that requires & Rewards excellence, and it takes along time (and alot of work) to refine your skills to be excellent. People don't want video games to feel like WORK. The last thing people want to do when they get home from work, believe it or not... is MORE WORK. To really put the nail in the coffin, Reflex doesn't do anything new, there is not 1 thing reflex does that has not been done in some capacity by other AFPS in the past. ALL reflex has to offer is gameplay, and even that is a far cry from what has come before it.
  8. eSports???

    Most of the reflex top players wouldn't turn up to a LAN. Even if you paid for their flights and hotels & they had a top pc waiting for them at the event, and alls they had to do was bring themselves, they still wouldn't. If you were to host a LAN it would have to be in Germany or the Netherlands, since anywhere else would be too big of a distance for people to travel. There used to be online tournaments in the past, but there hasn't really been a proper Duel tournament since EU#3, and Duel is alls people really care about tbh.
  9. Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    rockets being so strong isnt just because of the balance of the rocket itself.
  10. Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    Copy cpm rockets 136 dps IC 1350ms reload for bolt
  11. Another

  12. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883323737 1x RA 2x YA 1x GA 1x MH Art is very simple, I have no passion for art. The random numbers on the walls are some of the scores from duels during testing. Feedback Always Appreciated. Enjoy.
  13. Why was this game created?

    It's a pretty narrow minded view to have. Take the names Quakelive, reflex & warsow from your post. Replace them with models of cars like ford, audi & bmw & your post makes no sense. Why drive an audi when there is fords? starts to sound pretty stupid doesn't it? As to why this game was created, 2 people who make a living creating games for companys, decided they wanted to make their own game. They decided AFPS needed a fresh new title, and 3 years later... here we are.
  14. Reflex 1.0.4 -- All the hot fixes

    Developers should really be called professional bug fixers
  15. Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    If every1 has a golden weapon there is no real incentive to get a golden weapon. If it takes a long time to get, it's more desirable, especially since less people will have it. The way it is at the minute is good, because it's a real grind to get a golden weapon & not many people will have one.
  16. Bot Feedback Thread

    Would like to see bots try to go for RA/MH/YA, all game. Would also like to see bots prioritising the rockets, ic & bolt when they have them. For me, don't know about any1 else, but the bots keep walking backwards and getting stuck on walls. Would like to see this fixed.
  17. Reflex Arena Launch - Changelog

    Bots, Finally
  18. Reflex Arena Launch!

    This game was built From scratch by Just 2 Developers & an Artist, Incredible.
  19. Designing even a decent duel map is one of those things, you don't know how hard it is until you try it. Whatever the case may be, it's pretty disheartening putting 200 hours into creating a duel map, for people to dismiss it instantly & pretty much never play it. IMO there needs to be some kind of a massive knowledge dump on HOW to actually DESIGN a proper duel map. Also guys, if someone asks you for feedback THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY. Just saying "map is shit" is no help atall.
  20. Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Proud to be a part of Reflex Early Access.
  21. Mist Tide

    Whether the map is absolute shit or the next aerowalk, it's always nice to see people putting time into the map editor. Creating quality duel maps is possibly the most challengeing thing in reflex.
  22. Overlord and up CREW

    memphis, necro, danskq, sane, rama... as far as i know these are the only people to have gotten overlord or higher at some point.
  23. Reflex - 0.49.2

    maybe it goes unappreciated, but you are pretty on top of bug fixes
  24. Reflex Duel Guide

    "Also remember that everyone can shit talk in a discord or twitch chat, but not everyone can win a duel tournament" - Ramagan Best quote 2017