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  1. 1x RA 2x YA 1x GA 1x MH Art is very simple, I have no passion for art. The random numbers on the walls are some of the scores from duels during testing. Feedback Always Appreciated. Enjoy.
  2. It's a pretty narrow minded view to have. Take the names Quakelive, reflex & warsow from your post. Replace them with models of cars like ford, audi & bmw & your post makes no sense. Why drive an audi when there is fords? starts to sound pretty stupid doesn't it? As to why this game was created, 2 people who make a living creating games for companys, decided they wanted to make their own game. They decided AFPS needed a fresh new title, and 3 years later... here we are.
  3. Developers should really be called professional bug fixers
  4. If every1 has a golden weapon there is no real incentive to get a golden weapon. If it takes a long time to get, it's more desirable, especially since less people will have it. The way it is at the minute is good, because it's a real grind to get a golden weapon & not many people will have one.
  5. Would like to see bots try to go for RA/MH/YA, all game. Would also like to see bots prioritising the rockets, ic & bolt when they have them. For me, don't know about any1 else, but the bots keep walking backwards and getting stuck on walls. Would like to see this fixed.
  6. Bots, Finally
  7. This game was built From scratch by Just 2 Developers & an Artist, Incredible.
  8. Designing even a decent duel map is one of those things, you don't know how hard it is until you try it. Whatever the case may be, it's pretty disheartening putting 200 hours into creating a duel map, for people to dismiss it instantly & pretty much never play it. IMO there needs to be some kind of a massive knowledge dump on HOW to actually DESIGN a proper duel map. Also guys, if someone asks you for feedback THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY. Just saying "map is shit" is no help atall.
  9. Proud to be a part of Reflex Early Access.
  10. Whether the map is absolute shit or the next aerowalk, it's always nice to see people putting time into the map editor. Creating quality duel maps is possibly the most challengeing thing in reflex.
  11. memphis, necro, danskq, sane, rama... as far as i know these are the only people to have gotten overlord or higher at some point.
  12. maybe it goes unappreciated, but you are pretty on top of bug fixes
  13. "Also remember that everyone can shit talk in a discord or twitch chat, but not everyone can win a duel tournament" - Ramagan Best quote 2017
  14. We need more maps

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    2. Warlord Wossman

      Warlord Wossman

      we need triggers and more stuff for team modes

    3. TheSeanminator


      And also more weapon? What, maybe 2 or 3 more would do the job.

    4. Joe


      Stake launcher inbound

  15. No1 will ever agree on weapon balance... it always degenerates into people thinking they know best and calling every1 else retards who don't have a clue.
  16. Reflex is a fun game

    1. Nathan


      yes UH HUH

  17. Still no timers in replay editor...
  18. Remember to Dodge elo stealers

  19. Can't see anyone getting 2.5k elo anytime soon xD
  20. my first game was against AZK and it ended 61 - -3... was completely blown away by how fast everything was, and how anyone could be that good at something. game after that was dez on aerowalk and it was a similar story xD. I think a message on the loading screens would be abit better than a widget though.
  21. time to merge dp4 with dp5
  22. "

    Stop using this as your personal chat-space. "

    this is exactly what status updates are for lmao

  23. can u que with friends?? if u can, how?
  24. no changes to weapon balance?
  25. Can't wait to be screamed at in russian #48when

    1. zokolate


      Ahah yeah it's gonna be fun.