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  1. hud

    Happy birthday, dude! EDIT: *late birthday* but it still counts, I guess.
  2. Wow! This HUD is awesome! Great job there!
  3. Pretty good now! I've asked a few friends about it cuz I haven't been playing much recently and they said the servers are very smooth now. I know I've said this many times already, but thank you, friend!
  4. Thank you for your help, Linden. Will report back in a few days to let you know if they are still stable.
  5. Yes, I want the game to be localized too! I even asked about this here: I hope to be able to translate the game in the future to Brazilian Portuguese just like I did for Warsow, Xonotic and other games. I recommend the devs to use a crowdsourcing localization website for this, like OneSky or Transifex. They are really easy to use for both developers and translators. These websites support a variety of file formats, too.
  6. Thank you.
  7. Erm... the BR servers are having lag problems again. Yesterday it was stable as it could be, but today they're in an unplayable state again, same problem as before: constant lag spikes. I really hope it's a temporary issue. I'll report back in a few days...
  8. Yes, the new BR servers are stable with low ping and no lag spikes at all. Thank you! For real! Let's give a round of applause to Mercano for worrying about the South America experience in Reflex and took the initiative in reporting the issue. Thanks, buddy!
  9. Thanks! This is critical since it's the game's release.
  10. I can confirm this issue and it's really unplayable. We had to stop playing mid-matches because of this. It really affects the game in a negative way here in South America.
  11. Yeah, the Brazilian matchmaking servers are suffering some serious lag for some time now. Can you guys look into it?
  12. Thank you, Turbo Pixel Studios!
  13. Got that, buddy.
  14. Sorry, Mercano, but that's not their responsibility. :/ Is this "other account" a friend's or yours? If it's a friend's account, that's totally not on them. If it's your account, then you can play Reflex from there, easy.
  15. Thank YOU, Turbo Pixel Studios, for making the best arena fps ever! Congratulations on what you guys have achieved! I LOVE YOU! S2 I can't wait for the release date!