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  1. Thanks for the answers :>>>
  2. Yooo kinda new to reflex (Played CPMA and all the other Quake games). And I few things I want to ask about reflex. 1. Is there options like how quake has picmip where you can sort of remove the textures? 2. Can you force view models? (As a certain colour?) 3. Links to any really good duel huds? 4. Whats the general maps used for duel tournaments? 5. Any good sound files? (I have the quake 2 sounds and I don't really like them any more.) Thanks :>
  3. Sweet thanks im ok with discord (im guessing everyone will be in the duel channel). Im not gonna sign up yet just gotta make sure im not busy that day :3
  4. Yo Im interested in joining just one thing is there a irc you have to join on the day?