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  1. I believe @Sharqositymade a duel map!.
  2. its only 8 dollars(and some cents I think), Just buy it, if you like it play it, if you don't, refund it.
  3. duel

    Nice! always love to see new 1v1 maps :).
  4. I think the competitive point earn rate is pretty good as it is. There are only 7 weapons and I'm sure some people (like necro) are going to have their first pretty soon.
  5. Thanks for fixing these!
  6. Same here. 400 fps on catalyst b4 launch 190/ish now (with some really awfull freezes)
  7. Have to say I'm extremely happy reflex is launching, and so soon!Awesome work TBP. The competitive point system sounds awesome . Bye bye bastion meta!
  8. I'm totally with you on hitscan feeling like crap on high ping!. Never played cpma though so can't comment on the rest.
  9. Padawan, I was also having problems with huge frame drops on 421, however, I removed the lightmaps (r_lm_clear) and its fixed the problem for me. Dunno if it will work for you, but you should try it
  10. Hi, 2v2 is really fun, but sadly the pickup bot isn't working for NA. Also, it was rare to get pickups going anyway, so I want to know if anybody is interested in weekly 2v2 matches on weekends. -ReX
  11. Lightsaber,Halo head, The melee weapon from halo that instakills everything (not that it would instakill), dagger.
  12. My steam name is F4steR. I have about 200 hours on Tribes:Ascend if you can't find me. I'm pretty new. Love to duel at almost all times before 8:30 PM NA player