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  1. Entities and brushes have different collision numbers, maybe if you played the ruleset perhaps :^)
  2. anyone want to donate a plane ticket for me to come back to eu xd
  3. 1v1

    pls add a bolt and some kind of hole to spam grenades into the mega area from ya and you have a good map, cpm3a dead end mega is so boring
  4. the kinds of people who have fear of losing elo are the same kind of people who try to cheese wins on 2 ga maps so these unproven maps are perfect for them because they already embrace the cointoss
  5. Improve the gameplay to get current afps players to play (rockets, maps, shit for teammodes like dropweapon/powerups/different spawntimes) Improve social features to get newer players to stick around (voice chat, teammodes, ladder on frontpage, drop in mm for casual modes, better maps for casual modes) The vast majority of people don't care about getting better so that isn't an incentive to play for anything but <1% of people.
  6. You've said rockets are too strong but cpma has stronger rockets?
  7. i agree on rockets but u should post your accuracies :>
  8. heres hoping i dont get thct1fps ;;
  9. You only have three maps available. If all maps were available T7 would by *FAR* be the most picked
  10. force enemy limb colors option to disable the viewmodel pitching (this just looks weird) more non head cosmetics (especially with more of the flat color bit) bot dodging without items CP for whitelisted cups as a reward recommended addons/huds on the front page for new players cooldown applies when you shoot with an empty weapon (?) spawn points indicated in warmup (you could do this in the editor with a dark glass textured hostile but this was removed?)
  11. force enemy limb colors individually please
  12. please more non head customisations + being able to set limb colors would be awesome too + transparent guns i want transparent guns + yellow torso/green legs enemies
  13. Colossal arms :flex:
  14. not in europe anymore m8 ;; maybe next time