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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    not surprised to see Luftwaffel doing well, seems that his brain is starting to catch up to his aim
  2. thelawenforcer

    Base problems of team modes

    tdm and ctf are never going to be interesting again. no amount of features will change that. aside from there being lots of fundamental issues with the gametypes themselves that affect how enjoyable they are to play, there are far more interesting alternatives in other games. the only way to get teammodes to get traction in reflex would be to offer something interesting and more suited to teamplay etc. if reflex is the only place you can play this awesome teamgame, then people will ( i hope xD); tdm and ctf on the other hand can be played in countless other games (not that anyone does, the modes are dead pretty much everywhere).
  3. thelawenforcer

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : EU Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Diamond Have you played games on the custom ruleset : No Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : DONT KNOW Why? i dont actually think that the weapon balance is that bad in basereflex - at lower skills rockets dominate theres no question, but at highmid skill it evens out ok. im skeptical of the strong IC knockback which leads to more defensive style play imo and could lead to alot less use of aggressive movement options in higher level play. if the goal is to reduce the +forward rocket-zerging of in control players, you could always have just nerfed the armors a bit.
  4. thelawenforcer

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    i think most of the people posting here are doing so because they feel that the quality of the product that TP delivered is worthy of more appreciation. the abusive people are a small minority of people (that would exist regardless of what was actually going on). most of the comments here are essentially "reflex is awesome, why dont more people play it and how can we change that" which is fundamentally different from "reflex is shit, what do we change to unshit it". anyway, just thought id offer some words of encouragement as its always sad to see developers frustrated and angry etc.
  5. thelawenforcer

    Widgets/Addons and what is considered cheating?

    personally, im not keen on people replacing stock art assets with modified ones. I wouldn't mind too much if the differences were purely cosmetic - but the vast majority of these widgets are about gaining a competitive advantage. the armour sound one might not be that big a change in reality, but it makes information processing easier and requires the player to dedicate less to paying close attention to sounds etc. for instance, the Megahealth expiration sound - if you are listening closely you'll hear it expire in a fight with the default sound, but its relatively easy to miss. with the modified one, its really hard to miss... this applies to removing the sparks, explosion effects etc aswell imo. the baseline sound and gfx assets reflex provides have more than enough clarity already. i wouldnt mind cosmetic changes that fit the basic design of the stock ones - so that the decision to use them is purely about cosmetics, rather than advantage.
  6. thelawenforcer

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    well, it wouldn't necessarily involve a full rewrite, but it would involve another layer of code on top of the existing stuff - you'd have to add the stuff so that the game can process the scripts etc. there would also be bugs etc. not to say its not doable etc, but it would take a while to complete and have it working bug free etc. not to mention the documentation needed to allow content creators to start working on modes etc. matchmaking is more about having a queuing system so that games can seamlessly organised and played etc. what would be great would be a sort of mix like you suggest - perhaps an 'official' teammode that is always included in matchmaking, and then a rotating slot for custom gametypes that changes every few weeks or something. that way it exposes new gametypes, allows them to be played and enjoyed etc, without cluttering the queuing system with too many options. ideally we'd get both, a great official teammode, and the ability to make our own with some kind of support from the dev team exposure wise etc. you never know, some genius idea might get cooked up and transform the FPS genre, like other mods have before!
  7. thelawenforcer

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    while warsow style gametype scripting would ofcourse be really cool - it would probably be more work to implement a fully scriptable system than to make one new gametype. whats more, with the matchmaking/queuing system, you cant have all the gametypes that people make in it. also, warsow had this system doesnt have too many gametypes to show for it, though there are some really cool ones with loads of features and content. the one gametype that eventually was adopted by the dev team and made official; bomb, which is essentially CS with loadouts, was pretty popular, with one or two full public servers and lots of pickups on irc etc. teams formed and cups were run etc. warsow is pretty much dead now though. eitherway, the point is that a good (and bomb was only really decent, nothing too special) 'casual' objective style gametype, that is well supported can be really successful (relatively speaking, it wont suddenly make reflex the top game on steam ofcourse) and get people playing teammodes again... theres definitely an element of this - i think CS/CA style out for the rest of the round is too long though sometimes. 10s-15s of 'downtime' before you get back in the action properly would fit a fast paced game like reflex better. overwatch handles this decently by having a spawn cooldown and you having to walk back to the front - though OW is a bit slow movement wise so it can sometimes take too long sometimes.
  8. thelawenforcer

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    1v1 is great and all, but there needed to be more effort made on the team aspect of the game. CTF is the most casual, but it still looks like nothing, has no real structure, much communication or real 'hard' teamplay. TDM suffers from many of the same issues as 1v1 - its possible to get locked out of the map really hard, and doesnt have any structure or hard objectives. you dont get a real feel that you are playing with your team. The Arena modes are by definition clusterfucks, and are fun for a little bit, but you arent ever going to get players really interested in them. fyi kovaak, the default UT4 teammode will be similar to what you are suggesting - its called flag run. personally, i think its a bit sterile and would prefer something a bit more fluid, but with some similarities. I've mentioned it before, but the best model for Reflex would have been to go with the Severity model - 2 gamemodes: classic 1v1 and a 3v3/5v5 objective teambased mode. You could include a sandbox ffa in there too - basicly like warmup mode ffa currently. as for what my ideal teammode would look like: -5 capture points to be captured in sequence A B C D E -symmetrical maps -2 teams X&Y -1 ball -ball possession needed to capture points -capping the enemy start point = win/1point -carrying the ball provides damage powerup that scales with # of points held. the more points held, the less the damage multiplier and -vice versa. min/max x1/x4. -max hp/ap scales with # of points held. the more points held, the more hp/ap you can have. ball carrier can still shoot obviously. -you spawn @ 100/0 and regen up over time. regen mechanics tbc - ie, out of combat for x seconds? regen spots around the map? etc. -all weapons? classes? tbd. -respawn @ the 2nd furthest owned from front cp? or at closest? tbd -drop packs on death? -5 second spawn waves or 5 delay to spawn? -ball carrier visible to all through walls etc? -@game start -X spawns at A -Y spawns at E -ball spawns at C -C is neutral -A & B owned by X -D & E owned by Y -X wants to cap C D E in sequence and Y the opposite. The goal is to have a gametype that has the framework for really strong teamplay such as the attack/defend nature, the need to escort/protect the ball carrier, the fact that at any given time, there is only one 'direction' of play, and 1 objective meaning that combat will be more about 5v5 teamfights rather than having all the players spread out all over the map. meanwhile, there are mechanics to allow teams to close games out methodically by being more stacked etc, but also comeback mechanics with the scaling damage amplifier. its 'casual' in the sense that you spawn with a basic loadout of weapons and armor and in sync with your teammates in a 'protected' area but also competitive as there is a big focus on teamplay, but the importance of the ball carrier mean that individual skill is still a big thing. it also helps for spectating that there is 1 point of view that will be more 'important' than the others at any given time - the ball carrier. its also relatively easy to implement, as CTF maps can be easily converted.
  9. thelawenforcer

    How to make Relfex great again

    its the only non 'new' map in the mappool. others have been rotated out, presumably aerowalk will too.
  10. thelawenforcer


    well thats the thing, the uk is (manchester or liverpool afaik) is a long way away, and involves either driving for 12 hours, or getting a flight. netherlands/germany are a few hours of motorway away for most people..
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    its possible that people would turn up to a lan in germany/netherlands for the fun. after all, thats kind of how esports got started in the first place. I think I would turn up for one, for instance, and im not sponsored or have any chance of winning anything xD
  12. thelawenforcer

    suggestion: voice chip cosmetic item

    With goochie active here the post quality is going to improve radically! The suggestion is really cool though, that way I can smiley spam and voice chip spam.
  13. thelawenforcer

    Small suggestions/bugs

    the shotgun displays low ammo warning, even though you just picked it up and it has 10 shots, which is far from low considering how often you'll use it (ie never).
  14. thelawenforcer

    [lolo_duel3] "Bishop"

    cant really comment on how the map plays combat wise and wont be for a few weeks - i only had a quick run around, however, it seems like it will play in a fairly predictable way due to the way the armors are placed. in much the same way that you tend to always see the same timings and armor cycles setup on certain maps (pocket infinity and in particular the catalyst are notorious for this), its already apparent that there is quite clearly an optimal way to cycle this map. lower ya -> upper YA -> RA. I tend to favor less 'imbalanced' armor placements and layouts that make each game look and play differently from the one before it and that also reduce the prevalence of super rapey games by virtue of the fact that the map is setup for these full control situations. from a layout perspective, id say simply that there are alot of fairly open and flat areas. perhaps slightly more micro-elevation changes to take advantage of and a few line of sight breakers would help. also, there are alot of teleporters, which may or may not be a good thing, but it certainly makes it harder to judge whether a map is any good or not as figuring out the teleporter interplay is probably the thing that takes the longest on new maps. generally speaking though, the less teleporters you 'need', the better the map layout is at a fundamental level imo. so working on the layout and trimming teleporters can only be a good thing - imo ofcourse.
  15. thelawenforcer

    The need for new maps into the competitive pool

    im sure theres plenty good maps that havent gotten the playtime/testing they deserve to perfect them. simply expecting a map to go from concept to final without a significant play testing phase isnt very realistic. catalyst underwent some pretty significant layout and item placement changes before it go to its 'perfectly balanced' form (a ridiculously contentious assertion that im not going to argue with here...). providing an avenue for this playtesting to happen for a pool of promising layouts is a good idea and will lead to more great maps like the catalyst in reflex. pill is also correct in stating that a map knowledge advantage can certainly help you defeat higher skill players, its not the be all end all and the advantage generally fades after a few games, but its certainly something that happens. it is also a bit of a double edged sword though, as more skilled players will resent being beaten by what they deem to be their own lack of knowledge or experience on a map and might become demotivated to continue playing. still definately worth doing though.
  16. Now that reflex is becoming more and more feature complete and will start having the infrastructure to induct new players to the genre etc, I think that thought needs to be put into what game they will actually be playing. Let me be clear, this isnt another gameplay tweaking thread, this is more about the gametypes, specifically team oriented gametypes. The first thing to say is that reflex is almost exclusively a 1v1 game at this stage - there are team gametypes, but they get 0 play time, and there is little to no interest in playing them, and this is very unlikely to change in the future. Whats clear though is that the development team are clearly interested in pushing team gametypes, as evidenced by the 2v2 map making competition. Im guessing they have targetted 2v2 as its the most 'accessible' and caters to the modest player numbers best. Frankly though, its not been a very effective strategy as still there are almost no 2v2 games being played. So what should the plan for the future be? Invest everything into the existing strengths of the game (ie, 1v1) and build features around it (automated tourneys? more stat-tracking and leaderboards? other features i cant think of?)? Keep trying to revive the 'dead' gamemodes by continuing to promote them and dedicate development time to making content for them in the hope that one day people will play them? Or should it be to try and change up the formula (atleast when it comes to teamgames) to generate a bit of interest and build a player base for teamgames? Or should it be a combination of them and or others? A vibrant teammode scene would be a massive boost to reflex and seems to be something people want (i know i do!) but its not going to happen on its own so what needs or is being done?
  17. surprised to see so many "Keep trying to revive the 'dead' gamemodes by continuing to promote them and dedicate development time to making content for them in the hope that one day people will play them?" responses as im fairly convinced that this is not a strategy that will yield significant benefits to the community. like smilecythe says, at one point do you recognise the reality on the ground and move on? fuglaa suggest people actually play them more - but isnt this the whole problem? that people arent really that interested in playing TDM/CTF? Also, shouldnt there first be a player base before you organise competition? the 2v2 cup that was held was hardly a big success and there has been little to no interest since... tbh, i thought the answer would be fairly clear - reflex doesnt really have anything to lose when it comes to tinkering with the parts of the formula that dont work. keep building features around 1v1, and look to reformat the team part of the game. The model I think that could stand the best chance of succeeding would be the Severity model - if some of you guys dont remember, the CPL was going to make an FPS game with 2 distinct modes, that featured a 1v1 mode and a 3v3/5v5 more objective based teammode in a bid to unify the two big FPS scenes at the time - Quake and Counterstrike. There are several reasons why this might be a good idea: 1. a well made teammode will be alot of fun and provide a real platform for developing strong teamplay. 2. a more accessible and enjoyable gamemode will attract and more importantly retain players. 3. from a marketing perspective, the dual offering of pure 1v1 mode and a 'modern' but still sort of purist teammode would let reflex credibly position itself as some sort of 'perfect/complete' competitive fps. 4. novelty alone would bring a certain degree of hype.
  18. would be cool to be able to indicate at the end of the match whether you are open to a rematch or whether you want a new opponent.
  19. thelawenforcer

    [lolo_duel1x] Arcane

    the latest version is indeed better. red tele is better cos u can actually make that right turn onto the platform. i find it very difficult to make the doublejump across though. is that meant to be like that?
  20. thelawenforcer

    [lolo_duel1x] Arcane

    saw u on it yesterday, hopped on for a second. only ran around for a few seconds, but generally found the upper level and how to get there a bit clunky. also, the red armour teleporter feels like a bit of a gimmick - dont like the way the entrance is in the ground, dont like that it spits you out in the same room 25m up and dont really like that the only option is to double jump across.
  21. thelawenforcer

    What's your playstyle?

    I "play like a bitch (c) Rama" "cheap with free damage (c) TfC" "most annoying player (c) big joe" mostly cos i like to spam plasma. essentially, my aim and control are pretty awful cos im old, stupid and have no brain (dont do drugs kids). i do have a fair bit of experience though, so im able to predict players and the paths they will take/how they will move attack etc. when ooc i will tend to play relatively slow when im going to contest an item or i want to with rocket and plasma traps, when in control, i play like a retard, so ill get some spawn frags, make a positioning/cycling mistake and go back to neutral.
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    [Duel] Risk

    this map is quite cool - seems really small and rapey at first, but the geometry is quite defensive play friendly in general. also quite strategic and positional, while also having interesting angles and stuff for skill shots etc.
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    Should I play this game?

    i believe xonotic uses a similar system to what you are describing: you dont have to wait for the gun to reload before switching. it also has fast paced gameplay, with bunnyhop based movement and interesting weapon mechanics.
  24. playing some a new fun&competitive team mode with some mates.
  25. no, i thought it was pretty clear: a widget that plays a sound when the clock reaches certain predefined parameters... I don't look at the clock at all during the course of a game and often get caught out by how little time is remaining ^^