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  1. like fragging only if u hit 80+ dmg
  2. I want play Poland (it's EU) server (tehace) where I would get good ping but one guy from SWE don't want cuz he getting bad connection as he said. But I don't want to play laggy Berlin, cuz getting ping 75 and where that guy have 10-20. Any ideas?
  3. Before update I had everywhere stable 333 on 1280x720 with anything low of off except dynamic lighting and maximal anti-aliasing. Now with same getting drops to 200 or even 170, that is awful. RX 460 and i5-2500k.
  4. Instagib must be with more than 3 players. 1 player just can rekt 2 others (I'm not saying about situacion, when 1 of that 2 leaving) And same about FFA. Also Arena 1v1 can become to 1 guy rape everyone else. Here definitely need some changes.
  5. 50% wins for elo 1000 and same 50% for elo 2000, for both 10 points. This can provide some shit like smurfs accounts, where guy downranking himself and slowly growing up keeping win rate near 70%. Or it can a bit ruin willing of getting higher rank because win rate will decrease. So, what about points relating to elo? So gold weapons will show or high skill or huge patience
  6. Shotgun shooting widely instead circle (so will become useful as last shoot weapon)
  7. What happened to If I remember clearly enough there was web-site with list of maps and some criteria like armours, spawns, weapons placement, tricks, movement flow ect.
  8. -game is freezing after ending MM (gameplay returns in 0... never)
  9. For future why not? Maybe it's not so hard in dev time way. Great stuff for kind of AFFA or some mods like rounds by 1 flag (got flag - round ends, something like that is in cpma) that will show flag-stealer last winning seconds. But I want add, in CS:GO rly useful not just default killcam, but killcam from ur own eyes. At least for sure is need that CS:GO best frags and get fragged moments, but it for future demo system.
  10. IMO, main question: can devs realise something hard or not!
  11. Small addition about thumbs. Let's call thumbs sum karma as on ESEA. So, to get ban u will be need get or karma = -10, or -5 karma in a row of 10 games or in some proportion, so if player is raging whole day he will get negative karma in short time, if he is faggoting time to time - normally. Then, player can change opponent karma for sign*3*own_karma_coefficient that will calculate somehow (own_karma-15)/own_karma (question can player with karma coefficient below 0 vote or not). And for sure (maybe vs top +back player downthumbed 3 dumb gays with high karma) need appeals option that will be reviewed by overwatch that will contain only extra-high karma players. Downthumbings because unfun playstyle can be soluted by additional thumbing about fun or not fun matches. In MM some players plays for fun, another - for win. Like when forfunner getting rekt hard vs forwinner.
  12. what if player just playing for win in his awful for opponents style (like ic/rail/armor whoring or +back)? and rage opponents will dislike all time.
  13. Also I want add one important think. Often enough I can hear some like "devs are retarded" in many aspects of the game. I understand that in real some small feature that for that peoples can look like ez to implement in real can take few weeks of hard work and instead better to realise another big one for same time (20/80 rule). So, would be great to get some info how hard or how complex is game project. Like how many strings of code, how hard and unique is some algorithms, do u write "in face" or creating ground for future features, so u are wasting much time for something that look like easy but will do another harder stuff way faster after. IMO, currently for core player base respect do devs equal to how game seems in that players eyes and do they wish to play ("game is shit, they never will done it, devs are dumb, ggbb").
  14. This is nice that leavers now gets penalty, but still another way to broke a match. Them can just be afk all game or do shit like take no armors, play IC only and suicide if took armour (http://steamcommunity.com/id/ttygdfsdf/) We are need reporting system for this kind of faggots (that trying to downrank for idk why, boosting accounts, smoorfing). It was not a problem before MM, cuz we are played with our mates, but with MM we are getting random peoples and can't do anything in this case except done game till end or forfeit (for not our fault). So, CS:GO overwatch system with drops. Also good for possible future cheaters problem.
  15. Got something like that (but not sure). Was holded tab +scoreboard and then game ended, map changed and scoreboard become broke, or some like in this way. Check someone else about.