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  1. I feel like the second idea could be made a bit more vet friendly by making item times reset and spawn at the same time every 2 or so minutes. So for example you can have a cycle going for a max of 2 minutes until the cycle is reset and all armors spawn at 2/4/8 minutes.
  2. I guess its on both, he said he recorded him shooting the bolt rifle and his click and he counts a 3 frame buffer before the shot, personally I don't notice it but he INSISTS that its because its a feature to make the game easier for new players, which I don't understand.
  3. My friend is telling me that he is getting a delay before he shoots the bolt rifle, but I don't notice it, could it be because hes playing at 1k fps, or is this some sort of game mechanic or bug?
  4. map

    Then he did a great job at making it a trap, 10/10 would get stuck again
  5. map

    Nice theme, nice models. My only problem is that the red armor feels a bit like a trap, that might just be that I haven't played it enough but thats just some of my feed back so far
  6. Not really looking for arms or legs unless its worth it, anything else is welcome Add me here: