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  1. Kev!

    Bunny Cup 2v2

    When do the signups open? Any possibility on the inclusion of other 2v2 maps like Gravesite, Aerowalk, etc..?
  2. Kev!

    Bunny Cup v2: A 2v2 Draft Cup

    Thermal blast is very garbage
  3. Kev!

    Bunny Cup v2: A 2v2 Draft Cup

    I was considering signing up when there were 5 maps - but only 3? Maybe next time. Variety is better.
  4. sane did not show up like he didn't show up for 2 of the last 3 tournaments he signed up for. ckap played in his place and it was a fun match apparently. Thump played with around 90 ping to ckap's 20 and end up defeating ckap 3 games to 2.
  5. Thump4 is the underdog in this community. Sane was seeded higher in every tournament they have played in together in Reflex. However, there should be a system that takes all money from the pool of bets... and distributes that money to only the betters. Example - Assuming everyone bets $20: $180 in favor of sane by 9 people. $100 in favor of Thump4 5 people. If sane wins, $280 is distributed to the 9. (less than double) If Thump4 wins, $280 is distributed to the 5. (more than double) This is typically how normal betting works and is why they have payout ratios. You don't know who the underdog is until bets have been placed. From what Thump4 tells me, no bets have been placed thus far. Thump4 is simply promising that the betters will double their money regardless of the payout ratios. -Even if the favorite between the betters ends up winning. If Thump4 were to win in the example above, the extra $80... Thump4 would keep that money. What you are saying is a fair argument, and I believe it should be distributed in the way I have described above. Less money to the fan favorite, more money on betting for the underdog. I am in favor of payout ratios.
  6. My assumption would be that Thump4 and sane would cover that shit since they make bank.
  7. Kev!

    2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

  8. Kev!

    2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

    Interesting. Is there a place where I can go to compare gun statistics for each game mode? That is one thing I can't stand about Reflex.... casual/competitive/experimental Just pick one please If competitive is 136 and exp is 140... what makes exp > competitive or vice versa? I have no idea what the difference is...
  9. Kev!

    2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

    That is funny. Everyone and their mother said ic needed a buff. Maybe it should be 130 dps instead? 6,7,6,7,6,7
  10. Kev!

    2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

    Please open the tournament to 32 slots (or no maximum). I would like to participate 32 is better mathematically for the brackets. 8 less 1st round byes.
  11. Kev!

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    Ion Cannon is fine where it is. If anything... it needs to be nerfed even more (not damage). The ability to hold a player stationary in the air is quite high. It stops a charging player 100% dead in his tracks and is an almost guaranteed kill if the player uses a jump pad or rocket jumps vs an accurate aimer.
  12. Kev!

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    Whatever the current sound system in Experimental mode is... it needs to be reduced significantly. Just watch Necrophag1st POV in the King of America #2 and see how sound can be abused. There was almost never a moment where he didn't know where his opponent was. It is equivalent to wall hacking. Having the ability to always know your opponent's location is a bad idea in any competitive game mode in any game (fps or not). It removes a certain level of skill. Kyto says it promotes slow-play... I believe global sounds promote slow-play even more because you can easily hear everything from the center of most maps and use that information to walk to a location in which your opponent is not. Slow-play isn't necessarily a bad thing either in FPS gaming because it adds more strategic game-play and sneak attack opportunities for the out of control player. Of course - this is just my opinion. I have been watching/playing the FPS genre for 19 years now... so my experience on the matter is higher than most.
  13. It is time to dethrone King Thump4 and his three knights: lolograde, Santile, and Hoyt! King of America #2 Prizes based on donation and support from the players and fans from all around the world! Prizes increase the incentive for more players to join! Donate Here! $178.20 in Prizes paid to a top 4 payout. 50% +$100 20% 15% 10% 5% from each event will be contributed to the Championship pot that will be held sometime in the future. Donations: lolograde ($8.20), Matt ($50), Jean-Paul ($10), Flying Spaghetti Monster ($10), Kev! ($100 to the King) DATE: Sunday, September 18, 2016 TIME: 1100 (pacific) 1400 (eastern) - Check-in at 0900-1100 Discord server will be the main Reflex channel to meet with other players. Use PM to avoid global spam or use the #pickups-na side-channel. GAMETYPE: Duel 1v1 SLOTS: No limit FORMAT: Double Elimination 10 minute games best of 3 with 2 minute overtimes SIGNUP HERE: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/d5INsb1R2A BRACKETS HERE: http://challonge.com/ReflexKOA2 MAP POOL: The Catalyst (blue - thct7) Furnace (dp5) Pocket Infinity (thct2) Fortune (421) Static Discharge Simplicity Ruin General Rules: Default duel mode currently in the game using the experimental ruleset (no item timers). Unsporting behavior may be penalized. Any attempt to bypass the rule set will result in disqualification from the cup. Be autonomous, contact your opponent, play your match, report the score on the Challonge webpage. Fake nicks will be removed from the tournament. Map Picking system : Seeds (determined by Kev! and previous KoA events) will determine the map picking order. Higher seed drops a map from the pool, Lower seed drops a map from the pool, Higher seed drops a map from the pool, Lower seed drops a map from the pool, Higher seed picks a map from the remaining Map Pool, Lower seed picks a different map from the remaining Map Pool, if a 3rd map is required, the last remaining map in the pool will be played. Servers/non American players : No unauthorized spectators will be allowed on the servers unless players agree on spectators Any server can be used as long as both opponents agree. Fairness first, if fighting outside of America - players will agree or American soil trumps the unreasonable, however - the American dueler must choose a server that is most fair for their opponent. America includes North America, South America and Latin America. Admins : Kev! Last tourney: 1st place: Thump4, 2nd place: lolograde, 3rd place: Santile, 4th place: Hoyt
  14. I think we can try to add a donation % to the casters next tourney? Anyways - I was pretty upset at the European harassment about the prize structure. I mean... I put up $100 of my own money for the 1st place prize. Got nothing but complaints... So maybe I just won't do that anymore. Very sour community support from the Euros when Ramagan lost it was nothing but rage and complaints and insults toward me directly. So maybe I just won't let them play in my cups anymore. Thanks for showing up to all the players that did. I had a lot of fun smack talking and watching great duels.
  15. Maybe someone will be kind enough to let you borrow their login to play during the tournament? If you can't find someone - I would provide you with my account information to play your matches.
  16. I love giving you a hard time about not showing up. I made this series because of your request for NA tournaments... and then you no-show.
  17. Not targeting you sane. I'm subtly calling out Reflex and Reflex's developers. Sane, since you have way more experience in Reflex - you definitely have an edge using and abusing what exists in Reflex (just common sense). I'm a realist and I believe in fairness... especially when I make predictions. I've seen both of your current abilities and I have a very solid grasp of judging skill-level (in my opinion). After seeing you play and Thump play... it makes sense why you didn't enter tourney 1. I'm glad to see you warming up though. I can't wait to see your match vs Thump4. I don't blame anyone for using and abusing the weapons in a game to win a game. Everyone has access to the same over-powered rocket launcher knock-up... the edge goes to the people that have used it the most (experience/activity).
  18. They certainly have a hidden love for one another. I feel like sane and Thump4 have a respect for each other that cannot be publicly shown because (being) rivals make things seem so much more interesting. Both players are clearly dominant players with sane having 10 x Thump's level of experience in Reflex but Thump has more tournament experience (outside of Reflex). Sane obviously would have lost in the first tournament, but he seems to be practicing - so (if sane shows up instead of saving face) it will be very entertaining to see. I have my money on Thump4 but the games will be considerably close. If sane shows his superior knowledge with the (broken) rocket knock-up into instantaneous bolt rifle switch-up combo... He can steal a victory.
  19. Anyone know Motfy? Never saw him online before outside of a tournament over a year ago. Fake nick? Help me out.
  20. Superior males usually don't have to evolve sane. Show up next time.
  21. Hey Crypto, just pm me a ranked list of players you do know. -Thanks, Kev! sane - will you please just show up this time? I'll correct the seeds if anything looks out of line. Whether it was you or not... it was childish (for whoever did do it).
  22. Basically.... if the person that took the survey looks like they don't have a clue of who these people are.... I will most likely discard their results. I've also been noticing people just place a few people in the top 6-7 or so and don't even touch the rest. This hugely taints community driven seeding - so please, if you have not taken the survey - spend more time than sane did on his. He basically moved himself to seed 1 and Thump4 at seed 35. Pretty childish if you ask me.
  23. sane: Is it safe to assume you are the survey respondent that ranked my brother (Thump4) as seed 35 of 35? Guys - If I see clear trolling... I'm just going to delete your response. This is why I like to do things on my own; It just feels more intelligent.