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  1. The issue is that not very many people are familiar with the other maps and people are having a hard time finding practice games as it is so i think we are better off not having unfamiliar maps that haven't been play tested as throughly. Thanks for your interest though, maybe next time we will have a stronger 2v2 community with more diverse maps.
  2. Yes this is NA only though i believe there will be one in EU soon.
  3. You can sign up through the Google forms linked in the description. I can't assure you that you will be paired up with a strong player as it is first come first serve. If the person you get paired up with isn't compatible with you I can see that you get paired with someone else as long as everyone is in agreement.
  4. That's very generous of you! I will mention it in the OP. Thank you so much for contributing!
  5. It's a hybrid now. Those with team mates can sign up through Challonge, those who don't can be paired up through the draft on a first come first serve basis.
  6. Bo3 losers is quite a bit of time. Each game being 15 minutes long could cause delays. It really depends on how many people sign up. I will allow for teams later on tonight as I make adjustments to the rules. I realize people have teams set up already so I will set up a challonge page with draft sign up being optional.
  7. Game Type: 2v2 Draft Cup Date : March 5, 2017 Starting Time : 14:00 EST (13:00 to 14:00 for check-in) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/Delementary Brackets : http://challonge.com/BunnyCupV2 Team Sign-ups : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/lgn2xW32ZZ Draft Sign-ups : https://goo.gl/forms/mDMEcb76h9qJjOWv2 Draft Sign-up Deadline: March 3, 2017 Discord: https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ Prize Pool : $318 USD Prize Pool Distribution : 1st : 50% $79.2 per player 2nd : 30% $47.7 per player 3rd : 20% $31.8 per player Donations Welcome! Donations will be divided amongst the top 3 teams according to the percentages listed above. Paypal (innocuoussleep@outlook.com) Current donors: Reflex items. Choice of one item per winner (Including Supporter Weapons!). http://steamcommunity.com/id/capodecima/inventory/#328070 $50 USD $18 USD for good luck $50 USD Map Pool : Ironguard Thermal Blast Phobos General Rules: Please provide us with two points of contact so we may reach you before and during the cup. NO EXCEPTIONS. Join https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/adsooeoos/ Competitive ruleset will be used for this cup, utilizing any other ruleset will disqualify both teams. Be autonomous, contact your opponents, play your match, report the score to discord or admins. Tardiness will lead to potential disqualification, make sure to show up to your match within 10 minutes of match announcement. Unsporting behavior (excessive trash talk, rage quit, grieving) will disqualify you. Teams: Individuals signing up through the draft (google forms) will be matched as potential partners become available. Late submissions will not be taken into consideration. Pre-existing teams are able to sign up through Challonge. You will be paired up based on skill level and experience, most skilled player will be matched with the least and so on. If a majority of you would like another system, please voice so in the comments. Thank you! Match System : Winner's bracket matches are Bo3. Loser's bracket matches are Bo3 Picking System : Use the console command /roll 100 (Team with the highest number is declared winner Bo3 : (W)Pick | (L)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) Double Bo3 Finals: (WB) Pick | (LB)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) (Another round of drop/pick will be needed if the tournament goes into 2nd BO3) Servers : Authorized spectators will be allowed on the servers, contact admins for details prior to the tournament starting. Severs are password protected, contact admins ahead of time to receive the password and server info. Any server can be used in case we are not able to provide one for you if both teams agree and only if the server replays can be accessed. Concerning regions: If one or more players of any team is from a different region, please refer to following to see where the match will be held. East vs East Coast: Played on East Coast servers. East vs Central: Played on Central servers or East servers. West vs Central: Played on Central servers or West servers. East vs West: Played on Central servers. West vs West: Played on West servers. Canada: Played on Chicago central/Virginia/California servers Mexico: Played on Texas central/California In case of a server disagreement between players, server will be decided by an admin. State divisions go as follows: Thank you Nathan for this map Admins : S ° I CrazyAL Streamers / Co-Caster: Delementary / Possibly Kovaak
  8. Demos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4ZZTnUehRXDVHlTdG1GVkVza1k
  9. Thank you all for participating and showing up to watch our tournament. It was a pleasure seeing this level of interest and also a learning experience since this was the very first tournament I've held. Thanks to Qualx, Delementary, Lone, Linden, Ramagan, Mnsth, Jaguar, Lolograde, and the community for providing their time, expertise, and knowledge to bring this cup together. That being said the cup was not as flawless as I would have hoped and that was my wrong doing. I'd love to get feed back on what I can do to improve future tournaments and events as I hope to keep growing the reflex community. Thank you!
  10. Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend and are gearing up for tomorrow's tournament! There is still 1 spot open so if anyone else wants to join that would be great! All skill levels welcome. That being said please look over the seedings on the bracket, hopefully i've seeded you in the correct spot, if i haven't just send me a message and we will sort it out! Don't forget to add me on steam!!! If i can't reach you during the tournament you will be disqualified, i need to be able to send you server info and any other relevant information either on discord or steam. Send me a message stating the region you fall in so i have an easier time telling you on what server you will be playing your match in. We have plenty of servers so no need to go onto a separate server! I've also made a small trailer to get people hyped up to watch the tournament, nothing great but i didn't have much time Thank you!
  11. Good evening everyone, Some important updates: We are going to play this tournament in competitive mode. Experimental proved to be much too Ion Cannon reliant. The damage out put increase made things unbalanced compared to other weapons. There will be no further changes to the ruleset in the coming weeks. This change is final! Jaguar will now be an official streamer for this event, this will provide much wider coverage to the tournament. I've provided links to both streams in the OP. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, I've made some updates and clarifications to the rules. Tardiness to matches may disqualify you. This change was added so that players aren't waiting around for more than 10 minutes and so that the tournament does not drag on longer than necessary. West,Central, and East regions are now defined. I don't want any confusion as to what servers matches will be played in. Please double check what region you are in so that you chose the proper server to play in. I've also recently purchased the supporter crowbar and we will be receiving a total of 8 servers (4 central & 4 eastern) from Liden at Swiftnode. Make sure you send him some love for sponsoring this event!
  13. I could help conceptualize some of the ideas brought up here if anyone would like me to. I love drawing.
  14. Thank you all for signing up! In the coming days i will be seeding all the participants, any input in this process is appreciated. I will be working with AFPS veteran Lolograde to make this a more accurate process. Things are subject to change in the coming weeks so don't be surprised if you are moved around in the seedings. Thank you!
  15. With the release of 46.4 and the updates to the experimental ruleset, I've gotten a lot of feedback on using the experimental ruleset throughout the tournament instead of competitive. If you would like me to change the rules to allow for experimental please do so in this thread or send me a message on steam or discord. If you want to keep it in competitive please let me know as well. Thank you!