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  1. Tiny update: Added messages for Capture The Flag events Added option to display player country flags in fragged messages and spectated player names Spectator controls now switches back to player follow camera when attack key is pressed in free camera mode Added customizable weapon rack glow for currently selected weapon Weapon rack background color is now customizable More fragged message options for displaying killer name ("You", killer name, and killer name while spectating) Fragged message and spectated player name supports Q3-style colored names when available (requires EmojiChat) HUD should now show properly in arena/team based games while spectating
  2. Screenshots Default look (ammo hidden): Animated Health and Armor text (configurable): Animated Crosshair transitions and automatically fading Ammo: Q3 style fragged messages (configurable): Spectator messages with Better Spectator Controls enabled, camera controls hooked to attack, jump and crouch buttons (no rebinding required):
  3. Available in Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884406684 I decided to create a HUD that should look good while keeping it minimal. Most of the UI elements have a slight fade in/out animations that should not hinder the competitive play, and they can be fine-tuned or disabled if they bother you. Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions
  4. What software are you using? I recommend using obs-studio (and not the older one) if you aren't already. Can you share a clip where the jerky movement occurs? Quality preset? You mean encoding/CPU preset for x264? veryfast is recommended but you could try using faster or fast if the quality looks blocky (but only do so after you have resolved the jerkiness first, slower preset may also cause that). Encoding profile should be set to High. If the jerkiness is constant and not random, then you should experiment with different in-game FPS caps, try uncapped, try 142, try 60, see if that fixes it. You also might want to check the game capture settings and try fiddling with capture framerate options as well if those are available in the software. (Also h264 is the video codec, x264 is the encoder that uses h264. The other h264 you refer to could be the GPU encoder which aren't that great for streaming but only good for recording videos)
  5. Bots sometimes stop moving after they receive enough damage or have low health (or not even that but it happens less often than this). This is very evident in my bot training map where the goal is to shoot at a teammate bot which is roaming between different enemy spawn points, having immobile bot there kind of defeats the purpose of the map.
  6. That's why there's another mutator called "Warmup" which gives you 100 armor and all weapons... Not sure if there's mutator for no self/team damage, that would be welcoming addition if it isn't there already.
  7. bug

    It happened for me in a bot game after I switched spectator camera to another bot IIRC.
  8. Sorry for the huge list but here it goes... (and I realized not all of these are "small suggestions", I just listed everything I could think of): borderless windowed mode (come on it's 2017 and no native support for borderless mode?) switch to borderless mode when leaving fullscreen, and automatically enter fullscreen when receiving focus again (as cvar?) built in resolution scaling option (similar to Nvidia DSR and AMD VSR), which only affects rendering of the scene (render UI at native/viewport resolution) as @insect pointed out, some geometry and lighting can cause extreme pixel walking, so having option for higher end PCs to render at higher resolution would be nice to have this would also help low end PC users to prevent UI getting stretched and hard to read at lower resolutions remove "Press Escape to Continue" screen, or allow us to skip it (with cvar or LUA) cvar to control which demo will be used as menu background instead of menu.rep (and option to disable it completely instead of removing menu.rep every time game update decides to replace it) more server browser filtering options (filter by game mode, ping, password protection I'm blind...) map editor stuff: allow placing spawn points for bots bots should always spawn at these locations (restricted to training mode only to not complicate things) or alternatively allow placing bots directly in the map (like turrets) respawning shootables with configurable respawn time LUA wishlist: expose cl_replaymarker notifications to LUA (for replay marker popup widget) add support for widget console commands (triggers a callback in LUA side when pressed and released) streamlines development of most command based widgets (no more reading cvar values at draw() function every frame) makes it easier to implement widgets like zooming that relies on +showscores hacks makes it possible to implement alias command via LUA allow widget cvars to be named after anything (no longer restricted to ui_<widget>_<variable>) as a security measure, disallow names starting with cl_, sv_, r_ prefixes upon registering the new cvar, throw an lua error if trying to register cvar with already reserved name bindReverseLookup: return list of keys bound to this command expose all console messages to LUA (kinda risky but do want, enables custom console widgets?) EDIT: few more... support passing console commands via program launch parameters (dedicated server supports this already) track player.stats and player.weaponStats during warmup
  9. Goat head please
  10. I'd like to have more options for changing bot behavior, like forcing them to use specific weapons, disallow them to shoot at players (dodging only), make them frozen etc.
  11. Post anything related to bots here, feedback and suggestions are welcome! Here's something I noticed about bot's behaviour while two 50 skill bots dueled each other in Aerowalk: Bots doesn't seem to pay any attention to ammo, they would sometimes try to fire at the opponent when they have no ammo left Bots doesn't actually roam around the map but they will easily get stuck on waiting some particular item to respawn (waiting next to +25hp, essentially doing nothing) Weird prioritization over weapons, sticking with Burst Gun even after they've collected other weapons Not sure if this is intentional but bots are able to gain levels while they play
  12. I think something like timedemo command from Quake series would be fitting to measure performance with ease
  13. I jumped around in a local server for a while and have few things to say about the map which would need some adjusting. Middle area (under Mega) seems to lack any items, for me it feels like there should be something here. Maybe consider moving some items closer to Mega or add some ammo boxes there? One of the launch pads launches you towards the Mega and not up like the other jump pad (bug or intentional?) Green armor should be Yellow, if you take into consideration how it's placed (harder to reach, requires jumping) Too much items near Red armor. This side of the map seems to have more items in general than the other side (Green armor/Mega area)
  14. Latest Steam beta update is causing these errors, switch back to stable and servers should work again.
  15. I just had this same crackling noise happen to me yesterday while playing CTF. The only noticable difference is that I don't use on-board audio card for audio, but a Asus Xonar DGX.