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  1. Looks very nice, looking forward to it!
  2. I and a few other streamers stream Reflex in 60 FPS so it is probably not the game. Is h264 the hardware encoder for AMD GPUs? I don't know it so I'll suggest using x264 which is very popular and you can see if it solves your issue. So set your config like this: 720p/60fps/3000kbps/x264, encoder preset: superfast The image quality will be bad but check if the stream is smooth and if it is, change the encoder preset until you get a decent stream quality. Don't start with high quality presets because stuttering streams are an indication of your computer not being able to handle the quality you selected. I use NVENC which is the hardware encoder for NVIDIA GPUs. Unlike the bad reputation of hardware encoders, I find that the quality is pretty good at 3500kbps. I use hardware encoder since my i5 CPU with 4 cores cannot handle CPU encoding and at the same time playing the game. Ryzen 1700 should be good to stream with software encoder at veryfast encoding preset thanks to its 8 cores/16 threads but if you want to use your GPU for encoding, maybe you might try lowering your graphics settings so that the game uses less GPU. Also one thing people don't mention enough as advice to streamers is the FPS cap of the game. Cap your FPS a little above your monitor refresh rate so that your CPU and GPU does not waste resources to render the game unnecessarily and instead it uses those resources for encoding. So summary: - Cap your FPS - Lower your graphics settings - Try software encoder (x264) with superfast encoding preset - If the smoothness is fixed, try to make your settings a little bit higher until you get smooth AND decent quality stream. If you get serious about streaming, you end up getting a separate computer for encoding anyway and then you can use all the CPU on the streaming computer for encoding. Though starting streaming on the same computer you game is perfectly fine, you just need to lower your expectations a little bit and thanks to new CPUs with more cores like Ryzen it is now more viable as an option.
  3. This is actually so essential that maybe it should be an official widget which ships with the game.
  4. Hi, would anybody be interested in making a solution manual for the Reflextrain map of promEUs: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625879981&searchtext=reflextrain By solution manual I mean it might be a replay or a Youtube video where the player executes every training segment of the map? I get stuck even on simplest challenges and I don't know how to do those movements correctly so I cannot improve myself. I watched lots of training material on the web (mostly from CPMA era) but I am still stuck.
  5. 2v2

    Great work, really loved the flying houses and the blast over the map
  6. Will there be any publicity on Steam store on launch day so that people will know about it? I can't see Reflex on Steam's upcoming games list. http://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=comingsoon&os=win
  7. Those are a lot of things and it would delay the launch several months which would cause players to be interested in competing -higher budget- products like Diabotical and Quake Champions. Having said that, it might have been good to test the additional launch functionality for a while before release, something like "release candidate". Especially, I wonder how well bots will function.
  8. Wow what a nice surprise, I wasn't expecting full release date and it is just next week! New cosmetics look nice and recognizable which is good. Bots & competitive seasons are the features that complete the game nicely. I am a relatively new early accesser, I bought this game around June 2016. But I am since impressed with the regular patches and a roadmap with deadlines that are actually met by developers. I was also impressed with the polish of the game compared to other early access games and other AFPS games. So, seeing the release makes me very happy. Now that there will be more new players maybe I can get out of bronze league
  9. Hi, watching replays of good players is one of the best ways to learn how to play the game and how to do trick movements. Currently, we can control replay via console commands and bindings but it might be more user friendly to make on-screen controls. I did a mock up and wanted to share. You can use progress bar to seek to a specific point in replay. You can play/pause, "+" makes the speed of playback faster and "-" slows down the playback. And you can select which player to follow or select the free camera from a dropdown box.
  10. Very nice update, spectating feature is my favorite on this update :) along with the join server checkbox...
  11. I am frequently idle in lobby server as well, while waiting for a match. I think in the future the problem will eliminate itself when thousands of players are playing the game (hopefully) so that we don't need to wait for 10 minutes for a match and waiting in a lobby server or joining a race would be irrelevant. In CS:GO or StarCraft 2 you simply wait in menu but it does not bother you since you find a match in 20-30 seconds or so. But since we have some time till more players discover Reflex: there might be a lobby server with a FFA map and the game might "give the option" to join/exit this lobby server. For example when I hit the play button, it starts searching for an opponent and a button in the corner of the menu appears telling "Join Lobby Server while Waiting". And if I can join/exit this lobby server whenever I want, that would be great. Being able to join lobby server or a custom server in server list would be even better, of course. But as I said this problem will eliminate itself in time, there is no point of joining a different server if MM finds you an opponents in less than 2 minutes 90% of the time. In that case, I can simply wait in the menu without complaining.
  12. Yes, only when I select 75Hz, this issue occurs. It is not a show stopper for me since selecting 60Hz works fine. Just wanted to share the bug.
  13. It is an overclocked monitor but I am sure that it can do 75Hz at this resolution. It shows 75Hz in its menu, I did the UFO test and there is no frame skipping, also I did not encounter any problems with other games so far.
  14. Hello, I have a 75Hz monitor, when I change my refresh rate to 75Hz in options menu, I cannot click on any button in the menu. But weird thing is when I move my mouse to about 100px right and bottom of a button, the button behaves like my mouse is hovering it and I can click it. I can only test in full HD since other resolutions don't show 75Hz option. When I select 60Hz (59.94Hz to be exact), everything works fine.