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  1. Hello, I created a software to make it easier to download and play latest replays from official match history web site. You can download and play replays with only 1 click, it takes care of downloading, copying it to the replay folder and starting Reflex and playing the replay automatically. So downloading and watching replays becomes almost a delight. I am thinking of adding some filtering options for the downloaded replays in the future. A small note: since the official match history web site is a little bit slow, it takes a little bit of time to load/refresh the list of recent online replays. Download link: http://bit.ly/2rjF4qC (redirects you to my Dropbox shared file) Source: https://bitbucket.org/ZuLuuuuuu/reflex-replay-helper A screenshot:
  2. Quick update: you can now filter recent online replays list as well. Download: http://bit.ly/2rjF4qC
  3. I added filtering features for downloaded replays. Now you can filter by player names, maps, game modes and minimum marker count. Game modes are not very specific, for example Instagib shows up as FFA, but it mostly does the job. Download: http://bit.ly/2rjF4qC Screenshot:
  4. Source is now open here: https://bitbucket.org/ZuLuuuuuu/reflex-replay-helper I am using Visual Studio 2017 on a Windows 10 machine for compilation of the code.
  5. I see. I have an exam tomorrow but I'll check what I can do after that.
  6. It is closed for now, but I might open it up at some point. I want to put the basic functionality before starting to receive contributions. By the way, I learned how to parse meta data from the replay files so, I'll be adding more details to the downloaded replays tab, like the names of players, score, the map name and marker count. I'll also add more details to the recent online replays tab, like the game mode, the rank of the match, maybe avatars. For the recent online replays tab, I am thinking of a system where you can get more stats about the match by hovering your mouse on the replay row. Also a "show score" button so that you don't necessarily know the score before you download but you can choose to know if you want.
  7. Cain robot from RoboCop 2
  8. I face from time to time some people who start insulting during duels (usually when they start losing the match), I just want to mute them so that I don't have to read their insults throughout the match. Will there be an option for this?
  9. I use Borderless Gaming software to play Reflex in borderless windowed mode: https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming/releases It works pretty well. I don't know what hello kitty crosshair is.
  10. My #1 request would be an easy way to play replays of your matches. As a noob player, the best way to improve myself is to watch my own replays and also to watch replays of best players. Yes, I can return to desktop, open browser, go to ladder website, find my match, download the replay, put it to the replay folder, open up the game, open the console, write "play furnace_blablablabla_long_name.rep", BUT, wouldn't it be wonderful if your last 10 MM replays were automatically saved to local folder and you can access them via menu (visually), and just click on it to play it? It would take 5 seconds to go to your replay without any effort. Also it would be nice if we could drag&drop downloaded replay files onto "reflex.exe" so that it directly opens up with that replay playing. This would make watching downloaded replays of other players a breeze. So, #1, making replays easy to play. #2 reflex-arena.ru is great but could be better, and real-time. Everybody likes seeing his progress, his statistics etc... #3 would have been new maps and cosmetics to keep the game fresh but it is already addressed in latest patch. Hopefully we will keep the ladder fresh with a few new maps every now and then. And the new cosmetics look great. #4 nameplates widget which shows the players' names and health/armor on top of their heads can be official since it is so useful and simple. #5 there is probably a hud for this but still: when watching a replay it would be nice if we could see both POV player's and the opponent's weapon/ammo information in the same screen so that we can know who has what without changing the POV. I might do a mockup for this to express it better. #6 I use third party solution and it works well for now, so it is not urgent but a borderless windowed mode would be nice. #Bonus It does not matter much at my level but at high ranks, players are complaining a lot about the sound engine. Maybe it can be improved as well? I will add as things come to my mind.
  11. Should we ignore this because it is small deal, even if it is easily fixable? When a new map is introduced for a short period of time the imbalance will be big between a guy who played the map 3-4 times and a guy who is playing it for the first time. So, I wouldn't want to go into a fight that I am 90% sure I will lose. Yes, I play the game for fun but it is more fun if there is reward AKA incentive to play. Or at least if there is no punishment for trying out experimental features. Other thing is that if there is an incentive, more people will play in Proving Grounds => hence better quality of testing of new maps hence more fun games in the future for everyone. If giving more competitive points is a bad idea, it might be something different like a badge which is shown in user profile if you played in 50 Proving Grounds games for the last 3 months, a badge that says something like "Community Contributor" or "Map Tester"...
  12. Hello, are there options we can pass to reflex.exe? If yes how can I find the list? I am especially looking for ways to: - directly open/host a map in a specific game mode (like 1v1 or ffa) - directly open a replay
  13. Nice to see effort for introducing new maps. One question: is there an incentive for players to play in Proving Grounds? It might be intimidating to play in new maps because of fear to lose mmr, so an incentive might be needed, like 50% more competitive points for playin Proving Grounds.
  14. Nice
  15. This might be fun. It is kind of like the Halloween special game mode of Overwatch.
  16. Happened to me once as well, but long time ago.
  17. Hello, I'd like to duel my friend. I created a game but my friend couldn't see it in server browser, 1) So I am guessing I need to setup a dedicated server with dedicated IP for that right? 2) If we are on the same local LAN, then how can he join to my game? Is there a console command for it? Would he see my game in server browser if we were on the same LAN? 3) If we are not on the same local LAN and if I don't have a dedicated server setup, what are our options to play a 1v1 game?
  18. Hello, if I currently have "Windowed" 1920 x 1080 resolution applied, I cannot switch to any Fullscreen mode. Nothing happens when I select the Fullscreen mode and click "Apply" button. I need to lower the windowed resolution first. After that, I can switch to Fullscreen mode. PS: This bug was present as long as I remember, so it is not introduced after the latest version.
  19. Hello, are there any plans to include this feature? I also need to use borderless window mode for some reasons and it would be nice if I didn't need to use a third party app for it.
  20. Looks really stunning. By the way for people who will try it: if the map looks too dark, you probably have "dynamic lights" off, turn it on.
  21. Looks very good!
  22. If nobody streams, I can stream the tournament to support the new maps, but I am very low level player (silver) so wouldn't be able to commentate on high level. But I can't stream for 4-5 hours, I would instead prefer a small tournament which lasts about 1.5 - 2 hours.
  23. Ok, that might be a solution. Here are some of the insults I got since yesterday (they are 2 different people)
  24. Looks very nice, looking forward to it!
  25. I and a few other streamers stream Reflex in 60 FPS so it is probably not the game. Is h264 the hardware encoder for AMD GPUs? I don't know it so I'll suggest using x264 which is very popular and you can see if it solves your issue. So set your config like this: 720p/60fps/3000kbps/x264, encoder preset: superfast The image quality will be bad but check if the stream is smooth and if it is, change the encoder preset until you get a decent stream quality. Don't start with high quality presets because stuttering streams are an indication of your computer not being able to handle the quality you selected. I use NVENC which is the hardware encoder for NVIDIA GPUs. Unlike the bad reputation of hardware encoders, I find that the quality is pretty good at 3500kbps. I use hardware encoder since my i5 CPU with 4 cores cannot handle CPU encoding and at the same time playing the game. Ryzen 1700 should be good to stream with software encoder at veryfast encoding preset thanks to its 8 cores/16 threads but if you want to use your GPU for encoding, maybe you might try lowering your graphics settings so that the game uses less GPU. Also one thing people don't mention enough as advice to streamers is the FPS cap of the game. Cap your FPS a little above your monitor refresh rate so that your CPU and GPU does not waste resources to render the game unnecessarily and instead it uses those resources for encoding. So summary: - Cap your FPS - Lower your graphics settings - Try software encoder (x264) with superfast encoding preset - If the smoothness is fixed, try to make your settings a little bit higher until you get smooth AND decent quality stream. If you get serious about streaming, you end up getting a separate computer for encoding anyway and then you can use all the CPU on the streaming computer for encoding. Though starting streaming on the same computer you game is perfectly fine, you just need to lower your expectations a little bit and thanks to new CPUs with more cores like Ryzen it is now more viable as an option.