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  1. My guess (no time to test it): set rcon_password on server, set the same rcon_password in client, set rcon_address in client (include gameport if not default), rcon command. I'll verify this later if nobody else confirms it in the meantime.
  2. My 0.02$ is that rockets are generally fine: damage is fine, splash is fine, knockback could be a tad bigger for the control/fun factor.
  3. You can do callvote nextmap on it; callvote map is unfortunately not allowed, but if Jaguar downloaded the map files onto the server, he could also enable it so that available maps would show when autocompleting callvote map (not sure about this part though).
  4. In all honesty, if somebody gets stomped in an arena fps for ten games and then gives it a bad review, then they should not be allowed to become a reviewer in the first place. Auto bronze won't work very well for exactly the same reason - vets will have to pummel through new players anyway. Sure, this at least disperses the pummeling, but I think losing these couple games will make them appreciate their wins more later. And let's stop treat newcomers like special snowflakes already, if they aren't prepared to lose, then they won't stick around anyway (vide Tim Willits' comment on fifteen losers in an FFA game). You can make it less of a 'get rekt' experience of course, but putting too much emphasis on that will have a much different effect.
  5. In-game team chat only or spectator team chat as well?
  6. There were changes in how things are packaged in APT and the docker image wasn't updated. You don't need it though: just install Wine, download steamcmd.exe and follow the instructions for Windows servers. You might also just poke the maintainer on Github by opening an issue about it.
  7. Actually Fucking Yes. bind game q say ^5QUADQUADQUADQUAD
  8. I've enabled replay saving on lazery ( Replays older than 14 days will be cleared on a regular basis; this period might become longer or shorter depending on available storage space, but they will be stored at least seven days at any point.
  9. I must actually be the only one in the entire community who's reporting more stable fps since release LMAO
  10. If there are more important things in life than grinding golden weapons, then things are as they should be and you should focus on them more. If you want progression, play MMORPGs. I swear I don't get why everybody wants to have golden weapons without putting effort into the process. They are a sign of commitment, not just rando gimmick to show off to your boss on an off day. A token of recognition for experience and/or hard work. Don't feel anxious because you think you won't get one - it's just a video game.
  11. Yeah, it is. Looks like graphics stuff comprises minority of work to be done during gameplay. Unsurprisingly, I have reported similar results as sesen with a C2Q Q9450. Additionally I've been trying to improve them by tweaking with obscure system settings and whatnots. Probably won't make it without a major upgrade soon. Leaves me hoping for further optimizations. Suspecting they might be a little limited in that regard, but one can hope.
  12. Interesting actually. I've already encountered being stuck on a corner and propelled forward at original speed a split second later. I enjoy the lag compensation a lot, but occurrences like these are somewhat weird.
  13. Bring probably not, but keep, rather possible. I personally don't mind having a consistent mappool with sparse modifications to it, however I know there is much to understand and appreciate after the exploration phase is over. I get the argument that without some novelty, randos will just quit the game due to lack of stimulants, but, as proven by certain unnamed games, you don't need thousands of players to keep playing a game and enjoy it. There will also always be some outcasts that will want to try and push forward, eventually posing a challenge and sticking around. Just see past the esports bullshit.
  14. If stunning art is the primary factor that brings someone to Reflex, then most of such people will be swiftly disappointed. I personally don't think it's necessary to bring people to the game in whatever ways. Good marketing, which involves showing how playing the game can be fun, will do the trick.
  15. If you have installed a widget that sets viewmodels for you (e.g. Nice_WeaponSettings), then you have to change settings there or disable it altogether too.