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  1. If people fear to lose mmr, they really need to see a good psychologist. MMR enables you to play balanced matches, if you lose mmr because you play maps you don't know well, the only drawback that I see, is that you gonna play then a few unbalanced matches (in your favor), waiting for your rank to get back to its normal level. This is not a big deal. There is no particular reason for wanting to maintain the highest possible rank. This thinking is irrational. If you improve and you get good, your mmr will go up, no need to care about that. Just play matches and hf.
  2. BIG UP
  3. To play offline, all you have to do is launching the dedicated server reflexded.exe in the game folder, on one of the LAN PCs (it can be yours). [But prior than that, you have to ensure that you have set "sv_steam 0" in the dedicatedserver.cfg of this PC.] Then you can copy the reflexfps folder to all of your LAN PCs and launch the game by directly clicking on reflex.exe (no steam). And then type "connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" (local ip adress of hosting PC) or "connect localhost" from the hosting PC.