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  1. [race] rr_smile3

  2. Because flying is better than not flying.
  3. yes, but carnage is fun. So it should remain accessible for beginners. A better idea might be to make it spawn at random times in casual games (ex.between 30s and 90s), and why not in random locations also.
  4. Good in general, but I am also a bit dubious for the server browser removal. I would rather see the removal of casual MM coupled with an improvement of matchmaking for multi : lobby/chat room where you can see all queued players and their rank; and discuss, and create a party,etc.
  5. Ishdm12 - Angarr's Gate

    An article I made about this on +Forward : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/post/38106/Reflex-new-map-"Angarrs-Gate"-mapper-interview/ Thx to Promeus & Irish, and Tsarenir for feedback.
  6. Replay Editor Guide

    I was looking for this. thx.
  7. Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    Hey @Pill_! It's been a while since you did the last video. Where's the Fusion demo review vs Kyto that you mentionned once ?
  8. Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU]

    FYI I made an event page on +f with the 4 tournaments, all results, VODs and stuff :https://www.plusforward.net/post/33879/Custom-Ruleset-Duel-Tournaments/ There is no VOD available atm for the NA and the JP tournaments unfortunately.
  9. List of useful links

    great !
  10. Beginner's duel

    This map is a prototype, designed for beginners to enjoy and learn duel mode while playing. When I say "beginners", I really mean people who barely know the game or any other afps, or just don't know what is going on in duel. I often play with such people, because I get my friends to test the game as soon as I can, and what I learned is that we don't even imagine what is difficult for them. Obviously, 2 main components are : WEAPONS (collecting and switching weapons, thinking of what weapon to select while fighting) MAP (orienting themselves on the map is difficult, that's why they run ramdomly most of the time) they don't even think about items at this point Problem is, before having just a glance of the tactical interest of the game, there is a long way to go... Therefore for them the game is just about wandering and shooting what is moving, and of course getting crushed =). My idea is to have a map that is way more simple than usual duel maps, but still fun =), so that it's less noisy (in terms of information), and make it easier and faster for beginners to come to focus on what matters (in theory). So on this map, the main features are : Only main weapons are present (2RL, 1 IC, 1 BR) 1 GA and 1 YA (ya armor is in middle of the map in the air so easy and fun to punish. 2x 25hp and 1 50hp lots of double jumps to train, also 2 triple jumps in BR room (and it is possible to do one tele jump & one stair jump but quite optionnal) All the spawn points are very close to weapons The map plan is very simple, easy to learn There is just one 1-way tele, cause teles cause a lot of confusion for new players Feedback and ideas are welcome on 2 aspects : - On the concept of having more simple duel maps for beginners in general. - On the map in itself. Cheers, Map name : beginner_duel_1 Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=974358091
  11. Beginner's duel

    I added nav for bots so it is playable with bots now.
  12. Most textures do not work in editor

    good choice imo. the rendering is better like this.
  13. Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : EU Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Gold Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? Honestly I didn't feel any major changes during the few games I played with the ruleset, so if people are happy with it, I don't see any reason to vote no. Just one remark though ; imo the SG should be the most efficient weapon to use (if used well) at very close range over the RL. This is not the case in the current ruleset, but I don't think it is better in the custom one. maybe give more love to the SG.
  14. Interesting problem. Random is not a good option imo. One more fair possible solution is : neither of the players grab the item until one of them get out of the range of the item pickup. In other words the item is not picked up while there are more than 1 player in position of grabbing it.
  15. @Veeall I agree with you, we must be aware that this type of game is elitist in the sense that it is 100% skill based, very fast and quite tactically deep. Thus the potential target audience is restricted compared to a 'normal' game. However, I think that : (1) this potential target audience is way more important than the current player base, so it's possible for reflex to get more players if it get more famous. Plus, (2) there can be players that would enjoy to play casual modes in a regular basis without engaging in the competitive modes too much and never reaching a considerable level. A game like starcraft for instance, is -as reflex- extremely demanding, but it has succeeded to attract lots of casual players nonetheless, that enjoyed playing the game anyway I think. But the difference is that starcraft got the hype, thanks to the insane propaganda power of a big editor. I must admit that it's even worse for a fast-FPS, because lots of people just can't play this type of game without feeling sick. TLDR : even if the game is elitist, it doesn't necessarily imply that we have reached the maximum amount of players possible. They just don't know about the game.
  16. Small suggestions/bugs

    yes, knowing if there is people queueing for a particular mode, could enable players who want to play multiplayer modes to decide to uncheck duel modes and wait a bit. Maybe a global chat-room for people who are in the game menus could be useful to set up multi-player games. People could indicate what game modes they are likely to play, that could be displayed with a small tag next to their names in the chat user list.
  17. Q3CTF1 - Dueling Keeps

    It's cool for 2v2 ctf. Fun map.
  18. ffa arena mutator

    round based tdm seems funny
  19. Can't install addons/select maps through game

    Do you have bought games on your steam account (for at least 4€)? I offered the game to a friend but he can't access workshop cause his account was empty before (gifts don't count). On steam you have to put a small amount of money to a new account, to prevent account creation abuse.
  20. ColdFire - TDM2V2/3V3/FFA

    I did one game in FFA mode and it was cool I must say. The carnage grab is quite fun when contested. When you have it, it's cool to run fast around the map with it, but also it's not too op cause you can be railed easily.
  21. Crossroads - testers needed

    Interesting and good looking map. It's difficult to give a feedback because the gameplay is totally different from usual maps. Obviously it's all about railing, just going in the underground to grab MH. I played just one duel on it with a friend, it was fun but it needs improvements I think. There are 2 areas that I don't like much : the blue tower with the narrow ramps, maybe a little wider ramps and without the railings would be better. And also the red area underground with the pillars, it's difficult to move with all the pillars, and the visibility is not good with uniform color. In general, maybe you need to put more tele to make the map more dynamic fluid and give more escape routes, or bumpers which go across the map.
  22. In my opinion there's nothing refreshing in QC, it's the zero-level of creativity. It's the perfect example of a generic licence game repeating patterns of current successful other games. Like all big names, they just have money to advertise massively and exploit the natural conformism of people.