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  1. I made a video showing the timestamp/sounds in action as it stands they work in comp and seem broken to me but I dont see why I'd turn them off because I dont know that the opponent isnt using something more OP than what I'm using, I think this is very offsetting to new players especially but also experienced alike.
  2. It can be hard to recognize the default sounds in the middle of a fight with that logic of "its no advantage over somebody who can already do that" well what if you can already time items and they are some sort of item timer... it shouldn't matter you are already timing the items right? There are skills you could work on to develop and they could be using some sort of add on to make it much easier. There is one add-on I use that tells you the exact number you have to hurt yourself to pickup each type of armor, that is something people should have to learn but I just installed an add on instead. It seems like the current attitude is if it works in competitive its allowed and I'm not sure if thats healthy for the game as you would need to install a bunch of add ons just to stay competitive as a new player.
  3. I watched a stream where somebody when an armor was picked up the announcer said "yellow,red,green" and I was like wow that's kind of dumb you can tell exactly when they pickup an item and know exactly what it is with ease! I have personally changed the sound of my mega expiring to say "30 second warning" to know exactly when mega is going to respawn. I just found out that you can edit the time stamp file to make it last even longer than normal so you can see what time you picked it up at and not time it for the entire time you are fighting and still look down and be like ok now I can time it. Obviously if you had an item timer that worked in comp that would be considered cheating but there is so many addons how do you exactly tell what should be allowed and what shouldn't? To me it seems sort of like a grey area and I wish the developers would do a better job of moderating what is allowed and what isn't because as it stands some of these add-ons can offer a great advantage and you dont know if you should use it or not.
  4. I got it working thanks!
  5. I installed the tfc widget but the color pulse is purple and I couldn't figure out how to change it red
  6. Hey is it possible to make your crosshair turn red when you hit somebody similar to quake live? I looked in settings/widgets and couldn't find anything but maybe im dumb. Thanks