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  1. this might take a while
  2. with a bit fucked up UI ;p
  3. ill post more as they upload
  4. updated darker water quite a few clips removed angled brushes you could stand on in the air couple of leaks
  5. yeah I have like 20 files with this map already
  6. - The ledges are there so its easier to drop down there and not be instantly pushed up, its a bit weird because there was only one time when I didnt hit the jumppad but I did move on this map a lot so I guess its something you have to keep in mind. - yeah, we moved the brushes but probably forgotten about the target, doenst break the map that much so I'll write it down for the next set of revisions thanks for noting. - I didnt wanted for it to be insta back if I got this point right. - for 50hp, you can grab it from both stairs that leds up to above RA and those small that goes a bit up to YA and the TP jump is also doable.
  7. fun fact file size: 6.666 MB ;D
  8. can it read the alias off of workshop?
  9. the initial upload is complete - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635026343
  10. a quick update as something went totally wrong... after I found that bug and somewhat fixed it by selecting 3235 brushes and making it a prefab than breaking it I started to have all sort of crazy shit happening, firstly the map was offset by 2 in x and 4 in z but thankfully qualx was able to fix it quickly although the map size jumped from 2mb to 5mb and I've noticed that most of the prefabs were duplicated or rather duplicated and broken so I had a prefab and all the brushes that was making this prefab exactly over it as separate brushes, therefore I decided to roll back a version I had going over the weekend so yeah there is going to be some delay to what I initially expect tit to be ready, still should be good for next weekend.
  11. If all goes well we might have a showmatch happening on it before the promeus cup at Sunday.
  12. thanks, actually found two bugs already since yesterday