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  1. I haven't modified/replaced any sounds. So I guess I've just never noticed.
  2. Whaaaaaaat?! I've never noticed that!
  3. Oh really? Haven't had a chance to test it today, that is really disappointing.
  4. Great stuff, can't wait to see how the drop in/drop out functionality helps FFA and instagib games. Maybe they'll last for hours!
  5. My bone of contention with that particular mod is that it differentiates between the armours. So if you're way over the other side of the map and you hear an armour pickup sound, normally you might not be sure if it was the yellow armour or the red armour. But with that mod it gives you information that the vanilla game otherwise does not give you. That is actually one thing that I would like to be addressed. As for mega pickup/expire sound, '30 second warning' is genius. Inherent drawback from letting the user change the soundfiles easily. It would be nice if that could be addressed as well whilst still giving us that freedom.
  6. Berlin (for the game writhe linked above, ddk vs Luno)
  7. Probably uses the steam workshop API for downloading maps so this might well not be something the devs have control over. And is only really applicable to certain race maps anyway! Would be nice though for those few that are huge.
  8. I searched for the replay of the game that writhe mentioned, ddk vs Luno ,but couldn't find it. @Linden do you know if the issue whereby some games don't get uploaded still exists?
  9. Bloody hell mate. Nice run! I remember seeing you on a private server last night called 'where amazing happens' iirc, so this makes sense!
  10. Two things and some suggestions and what not: First of all I think it was Snowy who discovered this: which is a minor little niggle but could probably be fixed. Also the mega's 'MH' graphic/mesh thing looks nice but is confusing, makes it look like mega is there when it isn't. Perhaps if it was raised a little? It'd also be nice of the RA/YA stuff was the right colour. Other than that, played it a few more times and it is really nice, although hard to learn! Lots of junction points!
  11. Yeah I've had this happen a few times myself. I know sometimes when workshop is down, even if just for a few seconds, it can't load the map selected so it defaults to Fusion (as it is a local file in the game install). Not sure why it defaults to casual ruleset though.
  12. Generally speaking the best way is to find an empty server with a ping that is good for you both, and just play. There's lots of servers! Main reason to either host on your own machine or set up your own dedicated server is to password protect it.
  13. Woo, you referenced my thread! The devs just confirmed that drop-in/drop-out functionality will be in the next update (1.1), so that will go a long way towards making ffa, instagib, atdm/CA, more accessible for new players. Can't wait! As for teaching new players about duel, how about a well done training map that puts you in game with a bot, and slowly feeds you information about items, cycling, basic tactics, etc. A fair bit of work, but 10x better than a video. edit: I forgot to mention - that game mode Kovaak describes sounds great
  14. Indeed, but even if they are picking up armours instinctively it is likely that they're missing the information about each one.