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  1. Cool, I didn't know callvote nextmap was a thing. Currently I can't allow callvoting and restrict the maplist, so the rotation is all we've got right now @porkRaven
  2. @tehace - that looks sooooo nice! Is it released yet? I only see the old version on workshop
  3. @sesen - feature request please good sir! Could you show next to the replay download link/button, how many markers there are? Should be a simple matter of parsing the filename
  4. You nutter! I'll check it out soon!
  5. I've been toying with the idea of doing a video about out of control play, and I'd like to use some examples from actual games. I have one or two moments that I can remember in my own games, but if anyone in the community has something notable that they could link me to that would be great. Any matchmaking game would be ideal as they are of course available to download at Please mark it (cl_replaymarker, default key is 'M') if possible, or link me and give me the approximate time in the game. I only really need a few moments, but any examples of +back bolt-tastic gameplay, good use of grenades, delaying tactics to sync up armours, and anything else you can think of, would be ideal.
  6. Played it again just now, it's really great for instagib I gotta spend some time figuring out the teles though
  7. Yeah played this the other night with you, it was good fun Nice work mate.
  8. Another rambling video, with an old duel replay from August 2016 in the background. Some of you might like to see what I was like back then.
  9. Daaaaaaaamn! Nice work man!
  10. 'Recommended addons/HUDs/widgets' is a must! Could do with a re think of the main menu screen maybe.
  11. Show meeee
  12. Hey folks. I'm bumping this thread because 1) I recently made this post about potential new duel maps that need playtesting: and 2) @Ramagan just mentioned this thread in his post game interview in the dp5 cup (woo!) and how @Pill_'s idea of a second map pool for playtesting maps is agood one, which I agree with. During the cup just now I suggested some kind of incentive to get players to playtest new maps such as awarding competitive points (capped in some way) and/or cosmetic items. I think an incentive needs to be in place, and the system needs to be official and integrated into the game. Playtesting maps would of course be unranked. How else could people be rewarded for taking the time to playtest the maps. Maybe voting for maps could be tied to steam accounts, or some sort of ingame feedback to go to the mapmakers, but hopefully players would simply go to the forums and leave feedback after playing the maps for a while. In theory... So yeah, bumping this thread, because new maps breathe new life into the game, make it easier for new players to 'catch up' as it levels the playing field a bit, etc.
  13. I'm not sure it needs to be rebuilt from scratch mate, don't go nuts!
  14. @Mercano you just need to run the MTR program, give it the IP, and click on start. Run it for a while and then you can copy the text output to Linden/post it here. You should be able to get the IP of the new brazil server next time you play on it, or look on
  15. Weird! Could you tell us more about your computer system, operating system, etc. So if you do 'r_fullscreen 1' in the console, you get that 'failed to switch...' message as above? Perhaps you could show us some screenshots.