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  1. Good point! My idiocy shall serve to educate us all
  2. fragile just told me that you said this, and I've just tested now and it works, and I feel like a real dumb ass Thanks Kaw. Maybe a mod can just delete this thread
  3. I've got thousands of replays and have them all stored on a drive, separate from the main game folder, just to help me organise them .Race replays, my marked replays, replays for demo reviews, all sorts of things - I'd love to be able to save diskspace and be able to read the replays from within the game by storing them in subfolders within the main 'replays' folder. I'm sure this wouldn't be tooooo hard to implement (speaking as a programmer!). Would anyone else find this useful? I know it's just an ease of use kinda thing, and only for replays, but still
  4. Hip hip hooray!!
  5. Hard to detect when an accelmeter widget is being used though, unfortunately. Not sure how it could be done.
  6. Yeah, unfortunately the race community kind of caters to itself so few maps are easily completed by beginners with no knowledge of strafejumping, bhopping, circlejumps, etc... only a few maps qualified for my 'easy maps' server rotation. The vast majority of maps are also full of gaps, which I bitch about regularly They have their place of course, but it's quite limiting for new players.
  7. I remember seeing this on the QC forums too, back when i was still vaguely interested in QC - I think it's a really good idea. Frankly there should be a line of text in the key bindings section emphasing that you should have a separate, comfortable-to-hit-in-a-hurry bind for each weapon.
  8. But Reflex is a better game
  9. I have a hunch (slight one!) that v1.2 will be part of going F2P, with cosmetic only shenanigans and maybe unlocking other cool stuff, I can't think what off the top of my head. But I trust that there would be no pay to win mechanics or bullshittery. If the devs are going in that direction, then I think they're putting a lot of work into systems that make it easier for new players to learn the game. Training mode was nice, but not enough, and the community didn't generate as much 'training' content as I thought, probably because as a system it's not really enough to help very new players learn the game. Not in a comprehensive way anyway. Anyway, just speculating. If the devs got reasonable revenue from people buying cosmetic items, then f2p would be a strong consideration I think. I know people frown on it, but it's a very effective way of getting players, and sure 80% of them might leave after only afew hours of play if that, but doubtless hundreds if not thousands of people would enjoy the game, play it with their friends, learn together, and enjoy what the game has to offer. I remain hopeful
  10. Hi @sesen - are you aware that the domain has expired? If you've had to let it expire due to cost, please let me know cos I run a business that does webhosting amongst other things, so could potentially help with that if that's an issue. It's too good of a site, it don't want it to die!
  11. Region : EU Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Diamond Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? Overall I think this custom ruleset achieves what it sets out to do - it rewards smarter plays and positioning for the out of control player, and makes ammo management a necessity for the in control player. The extra damage and larger trace size on hitscan weapons is generally nice across the board, whether you're new to the game or not. Critically the changes don't break anything and indeed as has been pointed out, they are not even noticeable at low levels of play. So this ruleset doesn't punish anyone and it doesn't seem to reward any particular style of play. You don't have to throw yourself at an armour and hope for two cheesy melee hits to get some measure of control back. My thanks again to Rama for all of his work tweaking this ruleset, taking onboard feedback, and hosting the tournaments.
  12. Not the case, we got matched again immediately on the Berlin server after I unticked the NYC server.
  13. Based on that one time I accidentally upvoted Aerowalk... yes, damn good idea!
  14. Recently I ticked the NYC server in the hopes of finding a game across the pond. I left it like that figuring the system would prioritise, but earlier this evening I got matched with NHK, another UK player, on the NYC server. Pretty sure this shouldn't happen! It's one thing to play NA instead of EU for the sake of getting a game, but getting matched on an NA server with another EU player is just silly, right?