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  1. bump because workshop
  2. Available at Workshop vvv--- original post ----vvv Displays how much damage it takes to kill you require "base/internal/ui/reflexcore" TrueStack = { draw = function() -- Early out if HUD shouldn´t be shown. if not shouldShowHUD() then return end; -- Find player local player = getPlayer(); local textColor = Color(255,255,255,255); nvgFontSize(52); nvgFontFace("TitilliumWeb-Bold"); nvgTextAlign(NVG_ALIGN_CENTER, NVG_ALIGN_TOP); nvgFontBlur(0); nvgFillColor(textColor); local armorProtection = player.armorProtection + 1; local maxDamage = math.min(player.armor, * armorProtection) +; nvgText(0, 0, maxDamage); end }; registerWidget("TrueStack");
  3. bump because cup hype
  4. does ping work on your server?
  5. make sure your dns is setup
  6. @Qualx are you getting all the infos required for and would you like the challenge?
  7. since i setup a Windows Server 2016 TP4 w/o UI (aka Windows Server Core) here are my steps start powershell downloading, extracting, installing/updating steamcmd Invoke-WebRequest <> -o expand-archive <target-dir> <target-dir>\steamcmd if expand-archive is not available --> creating a script for updating reflex notepad reflexUpdate.cmd there i wrote powershell -command "Stop-Process -name reflexded" <full-path-to-steamcmd> +login anonymous +force_install_dir <folder-of-reflex> +app_update 329740 +quit pushd <folder-of-reflex> start <full-path-to-reflexded> popd save, close notepad and execute .\reflexUpdate.cmd it should spawn a reflex server next, we need to ReflexDed bypass the firewall New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName ReflexDed -Direction Inbound -Program <pathToReflexDed> and since we have this nice script to update reflex, we can create a job for it - auto update daily at 05:00 schtasks.exe /create /sc DAILY /st 05:00 /tn UpdateReflex /tr <path-to-updateReflex.cmd> to verify we did nothing wrong schtasks.exe /query /tn UpdateReflex it should display your taskname with expected next run time hth
  8. thc

    yes, exaclty. you must know where you'll exit or you jump straight into the wall and fall down (again)
  9. thc

    i feel confused by the whiteish lava and the tele by the green armor is not noob friendly but besides that, looks really good and i love the signs around the map
  10. plays a audio clue when you fire a weapon below the low ammo warning local lastActiveWeapon = -1; local lastAmmo = 0; local widgetName = "bonusAmmoWarning" local widget = { draw = function() local player = _G.getPlayer() if not player then return end local activeWeapon = player.weapons[player.weaponIndexSelected] if lastActiveWeapon ~= player.weaponIndexSelected then lastActiveWeapon = player.weaponIndexSelected lastAmmo = activeWeapon.ammo end if activeWeapon.ammo < activeWeapon.lowAmmoWarning and lastAmmo > activeWeapon.ammo then _G.playSound('internal/weapons/weapon_lowammo') end lastAmmo = activeWeapon.ammo end }; _G[widgetName] = widget _G.registerWidget(widgetName);
  11. IRC is a protocol not an implementation. since its an open protocol you got a variety to pick from ( ) you are correct VoIP is not supported. if you want away messages change to a network that supports leaving messages for users, use a bouncer (such as znc) or a service (such as irccloud)
  12. race

    bump because sneaky update
  13. crash

    if they have dedicated graphic chips they should try to enforce them.
  14. Try following the support document should work for other laptops too
  15. i should leave here. if somebody stumbles on this thread and starts fiddling with the settings, it would be nice if he/she could add/update the wiki
  16. Good point, since the information is shattered and occasionally somebody new comes by with this awesome idea, i could do a comprehensive writeup Technical Issue You can create custom Widgets with LUA. If pickupTimers would not be exposed you can still time via deltaTime / world.gameTime and, player.armor and player.armorProtection after a pickup. this would only give the player in control a bigger advantage because he can do precise timing on the items. so the proposed solution is LockHud, which was initially announced here updated here <snip> Please don't stir up drama using private IRC messages. - newborn
  17. oh wow > Thoughts on Competitive Duel an other fucking timer thread
  18. ​ppl behaved badly because badly hosted tournament. twitch chat was more entertaining than the actual matches. nearly all maps were grey, with tints of dark grey and some light grey so gj @ mappool and excellent publicity work.
  19. i have this little irc log snippet for you
  20. what if it would be solved completely different?
  21. iirc @remm hacked something together see