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  1. Just to match the leaderboard. Fuck it, put both on there.
  2. File naming needs to be tied to Steam, not game. Impossible to know who is who in a mountain of demos.
  3. Seems more a hotlap thing than an actual race. Make maps that you can't die on, and actually hold races. Maybe 10 races per map, live, vs each other. This of course complicates many things, but it seems like fun.
  4. It's more fun and more rewarding than the bolt IMO.
  5. Just thought I'd ask a question here. Seems as good a place as any. Perhaps I'm missing something. Shouldn't TDM be 3-4 and not start at 2? We have doubles for that.
  6. So, like SC2, does matchmaking also mean a public leaderboard of some kind?
  7. I actually thought it played bigger than it looked.
  8. Seems a marked improvement. Next, to squash the pig noises.
  9. That jumping sound in Chorta's demos is What is that from?
  10. Ahhh. Thanks. I didn't have any region selected. Now I see the tables.
  11. This is the honest to gods truth... I don't like giving specific advice on maps because I want the maker to be free from too much influence, but I was totally thinking... DO NOT MAKE THE JUMP FROM BR TO OUTSIDE RAISED HALLWAY POSSIBLE -- and it that is exactly what happened. Weird. I was going to instead perhaps suggest to lower the ramp, but what was done will suffice. Seems a very good decision IMO! Seems much improved to me, but of course, this is just theory crafting. What do you think of the map now, compared to the early iteration? Have games improved or gotten worse?
  12. Maybe something to consider if you haven't already: lower the roofs on the 2nd story so some rocket splash from lower levels could do some damage. Maybe not everywhere, but YA seems reasonable. Just a suggestion. Probably doesn't matter too much either way.
  13. Needs two yellows! Right? (This was edited from before, as to do with my suggestion would require a lot of other stuff)
  14. I was over thinking duel way too much. I noticed if I stopped playing like CS and go aggressive when stacked or nominally stacked, I do a lot better. Similarly, doing the slow quiet thing wasn't working either when moving to and fro. Moving about, jumping around like a maniac got me much better gains. But at my pathetic level doing the obvious aggression when it's right to do aggression (not on a spawn) just worked. So basically the less I thought, the better the result. I play way too much FFA to figure out the proper ebb and flow of duel. A couple months of dueling, I think I'd be quite a bit better. Maybe even slightly competitive. Timing isn't an issue at all. Got that on lockdown. I just never really got in the competitive mindset to actually bother with it too much.
  15. Guys, is there any place where the match results are posted, where demos are downloadable? In the future, these leagues must get rid of the "secret society" syndrome.