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  1. It is Feb 2017. I think we should all have a good idea by now of how we feel on the most controversial weapon.
  2. I managed to do a few on xfdm2, the quad double box and red double box, but don't know exactly why I was able to do a triple jump. Is it similar to stair jumps in that you have to hit the edge of the boxes on the last 2 jumps? Anyone here able to get them down near 100%?
  3. A ton of graphical bugs

    oh wow, you explained this spot on. Had no idea that's what it was, thanks for the info.
  4. A ton of graphical bugs

    Yeah, I've seen these too, especially the third one. I've seen that bug a couple of times. I also have a very difficult time full screening the game most the time. After last update, I was able to full screen just fine with no delay for that whole day. Now it takes minutes at a time just to fullscreen the game, staying black for that entire time. I'm wondering if it's something in my config, havent' done much messing with it yet. I have an AMD r9 290 4GB
  5. how to enable duel?

    callvote ______? I can't find it.
  6. I'm having such a hard time getting double stair jumps down and especially teleporter jumps. I've done both numerous times, but it seems like you have to flick your mouse in a certain way you normally never would unless you're doing either of these jumps. I can circle jump alright and have no problem bunny hopping, but man those 2 types of jumps are a killer. I read somewhere that you want to chain double jumps roughly within 4 milliseconds of each other, but teleporter and stair jumps seem like you need to jump even faster than this which would require a much faster mouse flick. Perhaps this was CPMA timing. Does anyone else share my trouble?
  7. Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    So I got my stair jumps down pretty well. I can do the first stair jump on the default map to red almost every time. With tele jumps it's the same exact movement as stair jumps and I can get a few more every time now. I realized it's more of a W movement than a strafe movement, even though strafe still plays a big part. It's mostly W+mouse turning at a certain speed, instead of a strafe+mouse. Basically less A/D, and more mouse+W, with A/D still being needed to achieve maximum distance, if that makes any sense :/
  8. Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    This is good to know. Some tutorials would be nice, though I'm highly impressed with your alpha state as is. You guys did a phenomenal job at the projectiles. I'm a rocket launcher fanatic and let me tell you, the way you made rockets in this game is like butter to any projectile enthusiast. I feel like the force is even perfect when you can pop someone in the air perfectly. Off topic but i had to say it.
  9. Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    Right, same with dm skill. I've been playing fps games since I was a wee lad and tend to pick up mechanics pretty fast. Learning how to rocket jump in tf2 went by pretty quick for me. Then again it's rare to encounter new mechanics than what already exists in most fps games. Just something I'm not used to yet. I will simply continue to practice until I understand what i need to do.
  10. Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    I think one of the main reasons I find it so difficult is that I haven't developed the muscle memory for this stuff yet. I played a lot of tf2 soldier and even then the flick wasn't as intense as it is when trying to do stairjumps/tele jumps. Even in reflex, flick rockets or flick rails aren't as hard a flick as these kinds of jumps. feels like a really awkward angle...
  11. Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    I've watched the appropriate categories which is why I was able to do a few in the first place. Got some very informative tips. I still have a very hard time getting them down though. I'm hesitant to increase my sensitivity just to try this stuff. I think i might record a few attempts and post here so you guys can tell me what i'm messing up on
  12. Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    That's a ramp jump. The ramp you hit is on the side of the stairs. It's much more powerful than regular stair jump.
  13. [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    Team based capture points. Similar to the competitive layout for tf2.