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  1. that's why the lg is there, pin the suckers who dare to rocket/quadjump up to the ceiling
  3. Place a reflection probe in your map Devil.
  4. Agree with 100 dmg and bug fixed
  5. Kumbaya my lord, kumbayaaa
  6. totally stole this
  7. Found out about this map today and boy is it awesome! Very very hard map though, so noobs be aware The level of detail is astonishing and the TDMs we played on there were epic fun!
  8. Best 1v1 map to date!
  9. thc

    Yep i like this one together with thct4
  10. Not to be a dick but whats the reason exactly for not clipping the roof?
  11. Yeah i'm not a huge fan of the new aircontrol either. The old one felt so direct, like driving a BMW 1. New one feels like my own car (Rover), skidding all over the place
  12. Try cl_input_subframe 0 i also had jerkiness with it on 1.
  13. I never called you a retard, it's what you make of it. If that is your reason for removing breiz then it would have helped to be more candid about it next time.
  14. It's just very grey at the moment.
  15. You should try impdm1 (Anaconda). It works well for 2v2. Also, ztnrmx