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  1. Agreed.
  2. More TDM maps would be nice. Personally I really would like to see a detailed version of 'fool's choice' in Matchmaking. I would even do it by myself but I don't have much time lately and I don't have enough knowledge about how to make an artpass for a map. Would be great if somebody could make a videotoutorial series about advanced mapping stuff.
  3. In my opinion quckplay for ffa modes should just redirect you to a commmunity server which has good ping, some people playing and maybe no mutators. Matchmaking for team modes should be completely different. I think it would be nice if people weren't able to check 1v1 modes and team modes at the same time. Because if you check duel (and most people always do) it always seems to be the priorized mode -> few team games
  4. .

    I agree matchmaking doesn't gather enaugh players for team modes because most players check duel or ffa modes and leave the queue early.
  5. I would like to have an option to enable crosshair color flash on hit instead of hitmarker. And I would like to have the option to disable the crosshair while having hitmarker enabled.
  6. What's so good about making it a lifetime-task? Shouldn't people who spend more time on fitness, career, family and other things have the same chance to unlock cool things in the game? I mean it's huge bullshit anyways that all these competetive multiplayer games are addictive and endless. I think all players should be able to feel progression in the form of unlocks (weapon skins). Gold weapons can be expensive but I don't like this exaggerated form. It would be cool to have unlockable gold, silver and bronze skins which unlock automaticly after a certain amount of frags or competetive wins. And there could be even more unlockable skins (like winter tiger camo on Ion Cannon or urban digital camo on Grenadelauncher..) But in the end Reflex itself will be outdated at some point and I think it should be possible to unlock all the things you want even with moderate time investment until the game loses it's relevance in comparison with other games / other AFPS.
  7. Plasma deals 15 dmg on direct hits on the center of your enemies model. If your plasma projectile hits the outer side of your enemies model it deals less than 15 dmg because it only deals splashdamage. In QL plasma shoots slower and projectiles are slower, too... But they always deal full damage except when you shoot on the ground near your enemies feet.
  8. Yes I think splash damage does get applied when your plasma projectile hits your target with it's outer side.
  9. List of my complaints: - Rockets are shit (delayed projectiles, random knockback and capped splashdamage feels bad) -> personally I think netcode needs some changes to have less delay on rockets. - Plasma projectiles should always deal the same damage no matter how you hit - Matchmaking only works for duel. For other modes you almost never find players. Make seperate queues for each mode and display the amount of players in each queue. - No stakegun as pickup, no stakegun ammo pickup
  10. I think we should always have 1 new map in the pool. If it gets voted and played, people should have to leave a short feedback comment and rate multiple criterias.
  11. On the other hand.. maybe the game gets more attention and a boost in playernumbers when it's out of early access. I hope there will be exclusive unlocks for team based modes so people get motivated to play them more.
  12. Well.. Nice to hear but really I think it's a bit too early for a full release. We don't have enaugh original TDM and CTF maps.. And I hoped to see some new stuff in the game (human and alien characters, new powerups or items like a hook or jetpack, stakegun, Domination, Honeymode, some kind of round based objective mode like bomb defuse or rush from Battlefield). Anyway it's nice progress beeing done. Bots and Comp seasons are great and important.
  13. Personally I prefer tight maps with many options to evade your opponent. But I like the design of your map. It looks cool.
  14. Please add Abandoned Shelter and Gravesite to MM
  15. I agree.. I think even 'Reflex FPS' sounds cooler than 'Reflex Arena'... But yea.. Even that could rather be the genrename than a really original game name..