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  1. Please add "The Pandemonium [thct1]" to the mappool
  2. But with more kb powerweapons will be even more effective than the burstgun (which doesn't rely on kb) so I think burstgun will need a damage buff. Plasma should also be higher dmg per shot and lower rate of fire. For rockets I think it would be cool to increase kb, damageradius and max splashdamage cap at 85... Then to balance it out, reduce it's rate of fire to something between shotgun and br reloadspeed. Stakegun could have about the same rate of fire like current rl and could be the weapon for high dmg direct hits. Rl would be better for blocking of chokepoints on range, knocking back enemies and it would be worse in close combat but a bit better on mid range.
  3. Personally I don't like Bots in online play because when I play online I want to play with other people... But I think I don't mind coop and player-vs-environment gamemodes because I know players may like these modes and create nice maps for it.. And I can make sure I don't join such servers xD
  4. Fuck no. Let reflex be the title to polish and play. I want a good afps to succeed, play and talk about. I don't want reflex engine to get abused for the next mediocore counter-strike, overwatch, battlefield or dota clone. Half-Life 1 Team Deathmatch (with Adrenaline Gamer Mod) is my favourite competetive game of all time and it has just been forgotten because of Valve not giving a fuck and (easier/more accessible/more casual/more 'realistic') mods/games stealing attention. I like that there is Reflex. It's there because it is a tribute to CPMA and AFPS peak times... and modern AFPS should exist because it's a great game genre which focuses on balance, mechanics, creativety, fun and speed. If there was no Star Craft 2, RTS would be dead just like afps was for quite a while. I don't play SC2 often but I appreciate it beeing there for it being what it is. Reflex isn't perfect yet but it already does many things right and I'm sure after more updates, tweaks and more advertisement the game can become something a lot bigger.. But as I said, personally I think the game needs one not overly complicated main competetive gamemode for teams and features which support it and it's community to polarise and motivate players and keep them playing.
  5. By social aspects I rather meant a good teambased gamemode which is easy to understand and pick up but also not too simple (like arena tdm).. It should have original maps with art and some objective to communicate about (VoIP teamchat would help a lot to make MIXED matchmaking playable and also enjoyable) but imo gamerules shouldn't be too complicated and frustrating. That's why I suggested my round based TDM and CTF gamemode concepts. I think these slight changes would make these modes a lot less frustrating while keeping their basic concepts intact. It is important to make these modes work in Matchmaking (in reality). Ingame Clan / Team profiles and rankings would motivate people to play more teammodes aswell. I think it's a lot about making teamplay a social experience which is easy to understand for everyone (not only the elitist people who get every carnage possible and/or capture 10 flags a game) but also is competetive by encouraging teamplay, coordination and communication.
  6. I don't want to blame the devs. I just think they could communicate a bit better towards their community. i already bought the game for me and some of my friends. I also bought supporter items. I just want the game to proceed and succeed as a vivid and fresh AFPS. For this to happen we need 1 primary competetive team gamemode to concentrate players on. Personally I would like to see TDM to be that mode. The game just lacks social aspects to be a popular choice for Teams. Yes the game offers many modes but sometimes less is more. I will continue playing and supporting reflex but it's hard to promote the game to friends for it's teammodes when nobody plays teammodes. And there are many reasons for this: 1. The Carnage Powerup is too powerful and not many people like it. Either because it's too hard to control (compared to QC there is no 15 second carnage spawn warning in the game yet) or because it makes games with slightly unbalanced teams very unbalanced. Clan Arena is very popular because it's always 'balanced' and easy to understand. 2. There is not much official content for TDM. Most maps are made by the community and nobody knows which maps are good because TDM isn't played much. 3. Also most TDM maps don't look modern and professional, because TDM maps are often big and it costs a lot of performance to fill them with art. When it comes to art, Reflex has no coherent style. Some maps just look like prototype map blockouts (for a modern 10$ game the standard should be higher), other maps have only few art and only very few maps (like sanctum for example) really use Reflex's Art how it's supposed to be done in 2017. Sure it's also a problem to have such an old nitpicky community most of them only care for the raw skill and are used to play on shitty graphics. However if Reflex wants to succeed and get more attention in the public, the game has to use a coherent style and it should look better and more modern than it's predecessor from ~18 years ago. 3. There aren't any ladders or tournaments and even matchmaking doesn't work how it's supposed to be. People only care for their Duel ranks (if at all), there are no known teams and there is no place to assemble all reflex clans (maybe because Reflex has no main competetive team gamemode to polarise players) and to view their reputation. To sum it up: The game doesn't do anything much better than Quake CPMA besides lighting and effects, duel matchmaking, melee cosmetics, the ability to map in game and to play maps via steam workshop. I hope the game will be able to polarise players into some interesting team gamemode and keep them playing by having more tournaments, ladders, team profiles, polished and iconic maps and more unlockable cosmetics. To keep the community alive and players hyped and interessted it's also important to add new content from time to time and to share information about plans and upcoming changes. Edit: I don't regret the money and time I spend on Reflex, but I fear the game will soon be dead when the devs won't add more and well polished social aspects to the game. There are so many other games with social aspects out there.. Reflex has to compete with other big games about players. For this the game needs working polished features and some fresh new content aswell to set itself apart from QC, QL and CPM. Edit 2: I like TDM because it is a typical AFPS gamemode with obvious objectives to win the game (1. avoid to get killed 2. stack up with weapons and armors 3. Communicate with your team to help your teammates and continuously maintain Stack 4. Group your team for a teamfight to get carnage each time it spawns) I think CTF works almost the same: Your team will definitely lose when you don't manage to control carnage. Personally I think CTF should not have carnage since it removes focus on the no. 1 objective which should be capturing flags. Maybe CTF could also need a different scoring system. Like 1 CTF match = best of 5 rounds, 1 flag capture = 1 round win, inside a round players and Items keep respawning.. This would prevent snowballing a bit and deny long uneven matches with high score differences - kinda like in the new Quake Champions Duel mode) TDM could be changed like that aswell.. For example :1 TDM match = best of 5 rounds, 1 round = 3 Minutes, no fraglimit, carnage spawns at 01:30 each round and always lasts 30 seconds)
  7. Also it would be cool if you would be redirected to a even more detailed statistics screen after each game. You should be able to spend as much time in that screen as you want. It should show graphs of dealt and taken damage, accuracy and a timeline which shows who picked up what armor or weapon. There should also be a button in that menu to download and watch the replay of that game. It should be possible to watch the replay from your enemies perspective. Also it would be cool if there was a match history in game which you could look up and get replays from.
  8. I want stakegun like it is now as a pickup. I don't want bolt to get removed as I think both weapons are different to each other. More polish for the Map editor would be good (doors, elevators, moving platforms, special surfaces with footsteps, silent bouncers, ladders, nicer water effects, displacements, flat style textures with little structure and some parallax mapping and tessellation ) Human characters and red blood, bullethole and blood decals on meshes Less focus on Duel and better Matchmaking implementation for team modes (less options in MM: for example 1 or 2 comp Teammodes and comp duel, remove casual playlists and let people use community servers for casual play or redirect quickplay users to populated community servers) More in depth training section and offline play (bot matches, singleplayer) Higher gravity or slightly slower movement speed (300 instead of 320), Optional outlines Machinegun would be nice Instagib-rifle as a powerup in TDM or CTF Grapple Hook Custom models for weapons More TDM maps Better reglementation (whitelist) of addon and widget content 20 second respawn time on armors, 30 seconds on Mega 15 second warning before carnage spawn Less maps in duel mappool (for example 3 active maps) and more frequent rotation (each month? or all 2 months) of the mappool
  9. thx so far.
  10. hmm... r_lm_probe_seperation and dev_nolight don't seem to exist anymore.. How to eliminate lightleaks? Is there a way to set lightmap resolution? :/ What do ReflectionProbes do? The Wiki seems to be outdated.
  11. Hi guys. Can somebody give me some instructions on how to avoid light leaks? I would also like to know how to make the most quality lightmap.. And in general I need some tips how to use dynamic lights, reflection probes, glowing textures and related stuff in a performant and clean quality way. Atm my lightmap looks rather bugged.
  12. It's playable but it's not done. I stopped working on it. I'd like to finish it but I guess I don't have enough time and knowledge about map editing (need to know how to scale the whole map and add art and nice looking lighting in a performant way)
  13. Bump. Please devs, give us a sign what to expect. What are the plans to improve Teammode population in MM? What are you working on?
  14. Who cares about the editor when nobody plays the game? The true selling points were modern graphics, matchmaking, QW feel (physics and overall balance) and the stakegun. Matchmaking only works for duel (which isn't very attractive for most players), graphics aren't extremely good without textures, stakegun is missing in normal gamemodes and QW feel is gone.
  15. -Reduce item respawn time to 20 seconds or add 3D timers like they have in Quake Live or Quake Champions to all modes, add a carnage warning sound 15 seconds before it spawns -Reduce movement speed to 300 ups (to generally make weapons more effective), buff knockback on rockets to make it more consistent -Remove Addon support and introduce custom sounds, effects & HUDs via drop system -Add sv_pure to only allow default models and graphics (no custom stuff, lightmapped world, preset graphics on medium quality)