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  1. Hello, do you have an AMD graphics card? If so, reading this might help:
  2. As irish pointed out, this isn't really the right place to ask this kind of question. Just for fun I tried to solve this though, here goes: Those coordinates are potentially UTM coordinates. "y=579000.00" likely stands for the "Easting" coordinate, "x=6195000.00" for the "Northing" coordinate. Lithuania either lies in UTM zone 34 or 35 (cf., I'm using 34 since 35 would put those coordinates in Northern Belarus. Using a calculator (, I found out these Latitude and Longitude coordinates which work in e. g. Google Maps: Latitude (Decimal Degrees): 55.89397 Longitude (Decimal Degrees): 22.26326 Entering them into Google Maps yields this result:°53'38.3"N+22°15'47.7"E/@55.7079159,22.3640882,8.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d55.89397!4d22.26326 Which is in Lithuania. Now this may still be off but the closest thing I could come up with in a few minutes. If this is based on another Datum (coordinate system), e. g. a Soviet one, this might need some adjusting. The village close to the location those coordinates point at is called "Lauko Soda", located in a parish called "Ryškėnų seniūnija" and a county called "Telšių apskritis". Maybe those names mean something to you?škėnų_seniūnijašiai_County There's also the possibility that the coordinates on your map only stand for the "corner" of that map, to be taken as a reference. That would explain why they're so "rounded up".
  3. \o/ Sweet trailer!
  4. They should auto-embed when you insert them into your post.
  5. Hello everyone, now that Matchmaking is live, you can retrieve your demos/replays from the official MM servers here:
  6. Update 2016-09-24: - Added @Qualx' new "Qualx's Haus of Fun" servers. Demos will be downloadable soon, in the meantime please contact him! - Added @Jaguar's "" servers. Demos will be downloadable soon, in the meantime please contact him! Update 2016-09-27: - Removed the ArenaFPS servers because the dedicated server they ran on is no longer in operation (therefore, is also down) - thanks @A. Benz for hosting the servers for such a long period of time! - Changed information for the Community server because it moved to a new box. Message @seekax for demos in the meantime! Update 2016-10-01: - Added @zigzter's new Chicago server - Removed a bunch of servers because they were offline and the demo archives were dead, too (mostly NA)
  7. This is leading nowhere... less insults, more proper arguing next time. Turning it into "Europe vs America" isn't helping either. Locked.
  8. There are only a bit over 4 hours left, so get submitting if you haven't yet!
  9. I made a countdown timer that counts down until tomorrow at midnight UTC (aka Sunday, 18th of September, 24:00 UTC aka Monday, 19th of September, 00:00 UTC).