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  1. i dont agree here that movement is a major part and too hard just have a look at rocket league. the real pros do air movement that i am not even close be able to do after round about 700hours and its the most successful game on steam
  2. did u downgrade from a newer one before? maybe u should clean up ur drivers i never had that issue with 17.1.2
  3. i had something like this long ago. couldnt write anything to config file even if it wasnt write protected. only deleting config helped
  4. does that looky like what u would explain about? that was recorded by me with old obs and my regular streaming settings just raised up the bitrate to get higher quality for recording other than that these are my settings ps: my hardware ist i5-5675c + rx480
  5. monolith
  6. cool map, i like it
  7. what is the r_resolution_fullscreen value for u? maxbe it doesnt fit ur max supported screen res
  8. cool review
  9. duel

    i kinda feel the same, im just open for thoughts
  10. on fullscreen my screen just keeps the last picture of what i saw before the freeze. if i alt+enter it turns black other than that, yes. i can even use the keyboard ingame
  11. duel

    i dont really understand what u mean. can u do a quick painting?
  12. 2v2

    fixed some clippings for the themed version + added jumppads + bots
  13. 2v2

    oh yea i forgot about that. we just removed it since it has never been used. will do for the clean version thx edit: done
  14. duel

    ye so when i understood this is what dazed has talked about ps: i just added bot support for furnace
  15. Final Results Supreme Champion: Kyto Worthy Adversary: Ramagan Maybe Next Time: Danskq 4th place: furioness 5th place tie: j1gs4w dansendansen 7th place tie: LuGia DazedSpartan 9th place tie: def w96k stolAdd Gretel 13th place tie: Qualx Vie capo METSENPLEIN 17th place tie: yakcyll Samytsi demos: full cup stream: