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  1. Tokyo servers will have maintenance on 2017-07-19, please expect some downtime or latency increases until the maintenance is concluded.
  2. Just launched Sydney, AU servers. Same pricing as other locations.
  3. I just found a bug on London, it's uploading 300+ replays from the past couple days. See if that resolves it. edit: It's a bit worse than I thought, it's uploading replays all the way back from April 28th. Maybe even a couple days before that. They should all be uploaded in an hour or so. So if you were missing some replays try again in an hour.
  4. Not that I am currently aware of, any clue what server location it was played on?
  5. @pakho Looks like the high latency is starting at Level3 in Germany. (beyond my control)
  6. The above link will only show the latest 1000 replays. That should solve the lag problem. @EternalRage I don't disagree, but I don't control that
  7. @Muleke_Trairao Hows it holding up
  8. @Muleke_Trairao This should be resolved later today once shooter pushes the new ips. @Mercano
  9. I think I have an idea of what might be causing the lag this time in Brazil, waiting for some information will update you guys soon.
  10. Try to get an MTR, i'll do some checks on our side but lag could be caused by anything.
  11. This patch has been active for about a week, but the replays are sort-able natively now. Syntax: ?C=N name (default) ?C=M last-modified, then by name ?C=S size, then by name ?C=T type, then by name ?C=D type, then by name and O=[AD] can be added for descending or ascending order, e.g. ?C=N&O=D descending (default) ?C=N&O=A ascending Just append the variable you wish to use to the end of the URL. Such as: (Sort by date) (Sort by date, ascending)
  12. New Brazil location will be live shortly, shooter expects to push it in a few hours. Please report back with the results so we know if this is a better change for you guys. Glad to hear it, thanks for reporting back.
  13. We will likely end up having to choose a different provider in Brazil, I'll update you soon.
  14. Made some changes to the AUS machines, let me know if that resolves it.