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  1. Easy Race Maps server

    Your time will only be saved locally if you enable steam connection when opening a server. So you need internet connection for your times beeing saved.
  2. Easy Race Maps server

    @Topic: Thx Jaguar for this server! @CxeofPromode : For saving maps, open them with steam integration, type "savemap" into the console and you will have the map on your harddisc. The leaderboard is a widget made by Brandon and Kawumm. Search "addons" for "race leaderboard plus", enable it in the widget menu and you will see the leaderboard while holding "tab". Times get only saved after a roundlimit is over.
  3. I've made a playlist for all Race Videos on Youtube. No Race Movies, just runs. Not all are records, but who cares. (Last Update: 20th March 2017) Hit me up if you miss anything. Maps so far: rr_bejzbob LA Rocket Hunt rek-downhill_ext1 rr_cubism rr_bejgreen ambrek-gren rr_rek-helios rek_halcyon_ugly LA Rocket Track fs_ecute Castle Run rr_bejred rek-mesa LA Dreams rek-real rr_hexrun bejrek-Sandzibar LA Darkness rr_bejskyfall LA Lacuna rek-stim-alpha fs_orangebud rr_rek-talos fs_xvc8 AD_One naughtysausage Lavarun Pornstar-Asspipes fs_cub The Edge Abyss Bull Straf rr_bejblue rek-inda_wip2 rr_rek-plato LA Tetris Strafes Fallen Fortress Wonky Owls rek-reserve Escape LA Frozen LA Nipponia rek_orion Doomed to Run Run robot, run! bull-highway rek-messiah-wip-1 Encounter the Monolith br-sonic rek-royal Morbus rek-rushed2 LA Red Gravity bej_black br-sonic (with weapons) rek-Staro ud-ritalin5mg bej_red (new) br-mint LA Hattberg br-drive br-vacation br-swift Dam r7-redd LA Lagoonia rrcup4 rrcup5 rr_efficia rflx_race1 wh1te-haze Aeronaut rdk-18 rek-royal tsar-tri Vortex
  4. Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    New Playlist-Update with some older runs by @wh1te maps: - rrcup4 - rrcup5 - rr_efficia & rflx_race1 - wh1te-haze and his race montage "movements x wh1te" feat. maps: Aeronaut and Encounter the Monolith by @lolograde, RDK-18 ported by @brandon, The Edge Abyss by wh1te rek-royal by @rekk0r tsar-tri by @Tsarenir Vortex by @iigle
  5. Reflex Arena Launch!

    Congratulation to Reflex Arena 1.0 Thank you for making this game! It is also great to see how many ppl of the community are helping. For example yesterday nvidia was streaming Reflex Arena and I saw many community members jumping to the twitch chat to answer questions. one advice: the ingame training-video section needs an update. There are some great tutorials on Youtube which must be added.
  6. [IDEA] Race Mode Needs Some Lovin'

    Its always a question of time, but of course I would love to have a LA map in a tournament.
  7. Reflex Race - Movements x wh1te .

    nice video. great runs!
  8. Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    Playlist Update 12. Feb 2017 1) @slobo^- on Dam 2) slobo^- on r7-redd 3) My promo run for LA Lagoonia
  9. [lolo_race4] Aeronaut

    New lolo-map. Nice. Had a quick run on it. Its one of those maps where you need to put some time into it to find the best path. Good for all the grinding-addicted pros
  10. This thread will collect all LA Race maps that have been or will be released: 1) LA GRID (strafe) First LA map. This map really needs an update and will than find its way to steam workshop (Download) 2) LA Tetris (strafe + plasma + rockets) This map needs an update too and will come to workshop later (its younger brother "La Tetris Strafes" is already on workshop) (Download) 3) LA Dreams (strafe) This map was made before the new sky system came to Reflex, so it needs an update. ( Workshop Link ) 4) LA Rocket Track (rockets) The intention of this map is to learn how to use multi rockets ( Workshop Link ). 5) LA Darkness / LA Blackglow (strafe) With the release date on April 1st, everybody thought this is a joke and nobody wanted to play it. Honestly, I think they all are just afraid of the dark, so there is a second version with more light (LA Darkness Workshop Link / LA Blackglow Workshop Link ). 6) LA Lacuna (strafe) This map was also made before the new sky system and needs an update ( Workshop Link ). 7) AD_One (strafe) The intention of this map is to practice A/D only strafes ( Workshop Link ). 8) LA Tetris Strafes (strafe + plasma + rockets) Little brother of LA Tetris, without the weapon part ( Workshop Link ) 9) LA Circuit A circuit parkour with the possibility to run eternal rounds ( Workshop Link ) 10) LA Frozen (strafe + ceiling jumps) This map's focus are ceiling jump. Workshop Link 11) LA Nipponia LA Nipponia has the purpose to be a more relaxed experience. You don't need to hit the perfect strafe angle, however it has lot of speed. The map is not on workshop yet (due it has no lightmap yet), but can be downloaded here: Download 12) LA Red Gravity This map is for racing with the low gravity mutator. Workshop Link 13) LA Hattberg (Workshop Link) 14) LA Lagoonia (Workshop Link)
  11. LA Race Maps (new map LA Lagoonia)

    New map LA Lagoonia. (workshop link) A not-really-hard map with instant speed and "W-Only" action.
  12. Reflex 0.49.0 - Matchmaking refinements

    That was quick. Nice update for all the mm ppl out there. Request: After every update steam needs to download all maps again. Is it possible to change that in the future ?
  13. LA Productions is not willing to sponsor any gamer, but If any company sends me a message written in sub 13.284 seconds I gonna put six of your brand logos as secrets under bad clipped rock and stone meshes in the next race map.
  14. Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    1) @dreAm on rek-Staro 2) Monti on ud-ritalin5mg 3) and of course @slobo^-'s race movie with - slobo^- on bej_red - night on br-mint - Monti on LA Hattberg - slobo^- on br-drive - night on br-vacation - slobo^- on br-swift
  15. LA Race Maps (new map LA Lagoonia)

    New map LA Hattberg (Steam Workshop)
  16. Race Checkpoints - EXPERIMENTAL

    Nice! Looks good. Gonna check that later.
  17. We all are waiting for some Race Mode updates and had several threads in this forum. We all know the devs are busy and time is rare. I agree to most of your ideas but I also think Race Mode has already tons of fun. Here is for example an old thread: http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/topic/3463-race-development/
  18. Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    Forgot to update the playlist. Here we go. @slobo^- on bej_black @bej on br_sonic (with weapons) @bej on The Edge Abyss
  19. [IDEA] Race Mode Needs Some Lovin'

    I like the idea, but the time frame is a problem imo. Just one week for a race map is not enough, at least for me. I would give it 3 or 4 weeks. And lets say 5 people make a race map, 1 week is not enough for making satisfying times on all maps. I would need at least 1 week for one map, maybe more.
  20. I just tried this one for some minutes. Its a huge project. I agree to that "Half Life feeling". Great job, but I don't know where to go after you grab the granades and open that door with the "parkoustation" sign. Where do I go next?
  21. Sanctum - prdm9

    I dont play 1on1, but I'm going to load this map just for looking at the visuals!
  22. Jumping Around

    Great stuff. Nice video!
  23. Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    1) @bej debut in the playlist with a nice run on Morbus (steam) 2) @slobo^- on rekk0rs new rek-rushed2 3) My promo-run for LA Red Gravity (steam)