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  1. Arena mutators and more are already in the game
  2. This is amazing man! Really like the editing, and some sick runs! More more more!
  3. Post your robot aesthetic preferences here pls
  4. Just... all of my wat...
  5. Are you sure you are even human?
  6. I love most of you guys <3 (still undecided on lasker)

    1. Gangland
    2. Cat_Smoker


      You're my favourite gaming bird Mr. Owl

    3. Kawumm
  8. The various supporter melee's can only be bought for a limited time (usually a new batch comes every large patch, dunno how they will do it post launch).
  9. Search for players when?
  10. Owl=ctf <3 <3 <3 Yes pill, lets fucking do this!
  11. It's been a wild ride, thank you so much to the dedicated devs not losing their sanity (completely :D)! Much love!
  12. I totally agree with you pill, and while I can see the counterpoint of "reflex dun have gud maps lul" and maps need to be properly tested and balanced etc, playing The Catalyst / Pocket Infinity / Furnace forever gets pretty stale... Atleast for me. Tho I know many people would prefer to grind those maps to perfection, the balance "upsets" on new maps is a refreshing change IMO. And if you are a good player shouldn't learning maps be a skill in itself, or easy enough to not be a problem? I dunno, I respect peoples wishes to not get fucked over in MM by untested maps, but do people really need 2 years to perfect their playing on one map? And while Sanctum is a "controversial" map just added to the pool, it seems pretty love/hate (like most maps apart from the golden 3) and people have learned it, noobs have a map that's not been played 50.000 times by vets to see improvements in their play. Also people need to whine less about maps in general, apart from the top 10 players not many people can really abuse maps to a degree that it's broken. sorry for rambly rant - I'm all for new maps and tired (but with the upmost respect that the maps are good) of the golden 3..
  13. I know demoflex was this huge complicated thing, but surely a lightweight widget solution should be possible? Edit: i'm not a computerwizard so saying it's just writing some codes is probably a dick move, but hey
  14. Really like the format and editing, looking forward for more!
  15. you mean like t7 / dp5 / t2 :> Some kind of seasonal stuff would be very dope tho, and then people gets to know when <X map I dont like> is out of the pool. I might be the weird faction tho, who would rather have 5 new maps in MM queue than another two years of Catalyst 24/7
  16. The changes in 2v2 activity from 47 to 48, and especially with 49 has been pretty huge tbh.I'm agreeing with most of lologrades points here. I think it will just take time and persistance. I've played more 2v2 since 48 than the 2 years before that, so I would say its coming along nicely (might be hyperbole, but the general activity is atleast vastly noticable)
  17. So, while the year has gone wonky, wobbly loopy and at times lit, there must have come some good out of it. This has been done on countless forums before (not copyings cpms promises!!) and it's usually managed and organized in some sort of way; so in true reflex fashion I'll just go ahead and shoot for the moon and hope something picks up. Nominate your categories, people, devs, events, quotes... I don't know. You opened an owl thread, you knew what you would get. So, my thoughts on all that jazz in a rambly fashion: Best player Best Tournament (organizer?) Best Drama Community member of the year Best map(er) I don't know how this will go further, just thought I'd share some positive ideas and future me (or some other poor bastard) can organize the whole poll thing when we're all come to agreement on most things ( :locktarparse: ). Hoot, Hoot
  18. Sorry to bump this, but I totally forgot about it (or was hoping it would gain traction and somehow get done by itself). For Eu, I would nominate Jaguar for best Newcomer. Willing to learn early, got involved in the community from day one, showing videos of him learning the game, making constant content and being all around a top bloke! Also improving a ton and showing that practice leads to results! Also hosting servers and afaik helping keep live in the instagib community as well Also I would nominate the LA guys / the race community for something. It seems like there's activity on the race servers all the time, people grinding wr's, leaderboard addons and new maps produced all the time. Slobo making great vids etc. And yeah, i think I went a bit over my head on how to actually you know... manage this whole thing, I just wanted to give kudos to the people who deserve it, so if anyone wants to help that would be great. <3
  19. Now I can force my friends to learn to love reflex by carrying them in doubles, thanks devs <3
  20. Owl Technologies and Philantropy INC is currently only sponsoring players who play the game, sorry
  21. You can select multiple brushes, save them as presets and all that jazz. And you can now make curves with the new brigde tool.