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Found 128 results

  1. Hello, so here's my first map, Rapture. Current status: gameplay changes Items/Spawns: SH: 5 MH: 3 LH: 1 AS: 4 RA: 1 MH: 1 GL, 2xRL, BR, IC, PG Spawns: 5 DL: or Any feedback ( regarding gameplay ... ) is appreciated. Map is currently hosted on the "ArenaFPS Duel"-Servers and the "ArenaFPS New Maps" one. Regards
  2. Big thanks to Mad_Jihad, Viscerated, and SickDownlink for helping make the map, as well as all the testers who played it! I'll art it up one day.
  3. vst420 - Monastery by Viscerated and MAD_JIHAD First-pass release of our new 1v1 map. We decided to release an official fully-functional version since it has received a lot of positive feedback and people want to play it. We'll further update it with better, more complete art, hence why this is just a first-pass official release. The art theme was partly inspired by dp8 and prdm3, so thanks to promeus, def and fht. We hope to see it in some tourneys. Thanks to Duck, Promeus, Warlord Wossman, Kovaak, Guilt, Made, King, c9, Lonezilla and possibly others I may have missed (tell me) for feedback and/or playtesting. DL: Pickups: 2x RL 1x other weapons 1x RA 2x YA 1x MH 1x 50HP 4x 25HP Screenshot:
  4. The Reflex Dojo NA Duel Cup #1 DATE: JANUARY 16, 2016 This tournament is strictly for bringing the community together and for everyone to enjoy themselves. I will try to host this tournament periodically, and at most will have one every week. Map pools will usually have a mix of new and old maps. Good luck have fun! SIGN UP HERE SIGN UP HERE SIGN UP HERE SIGN UP HERE Registration: You must be in The Reflex Dojo Discord found . This is done to help locate and match the players. Discord and Challonge username must be the same or similar. Competing: You will have to check-in on the Challonge bracket. If you fail to check-in on time, the Challonge website will remove you from the tournament. Check-ins will start 1 hour before the tournament begins. The tournament is not affected by players signing up and missing the tournament. Feel free to sign-up for any tournaments regardless if you know you can make the tournament or not. Tournament admins will announce when the bracket is final and the tournament has started in the Reflex Dojo discord channel. When this is announced, refresh your Challonge bracket. An admin will contact you and your opponent and will give you an IP address to connect to. You can connect to this IP address in game by pressing the ‘~’ key and typing ‘connect (IP address)’ in your console. After you have completed your series, you may enter the scores on the Challonge bracket, or tell an admin and he will do it for you. A connection test is highly recommended before starting a series. Ruleset: Players are expected to behave in a reasonable and respectable manner. Players may be disqualified, suspended or possibly banned from future RD cups for not doing so. If you were to ever get disconnected in the middle of a match, you will automatically forfeit the current match. Opposing players may allow to restart the disconnected match if they agree to do so. Disconnections should be immediately reported to a tournament admin. The tournament is double elimination. All players will have the chance to compete in a minimum of two series. All series will be played in a best two out of three format. Winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals will be played in a best three out of five format. If you are unsure what the format of your current series is, contact a tournament admin immediately. Map selection will begin with a melee fight at warmup, both players must have the spawned health and armor. From there the winner of the melee fight will take first ban, then the loser will have the second. The same follows with map picks (Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick). If you have any questions or issues, contact the Reflex Dojo Admin in discord or steam. Map Pool: DP5 - Furnace THCT7 - The Catalyst TERIT3 - Unholy TERIT4 - Fusion VST1 - Abbadon
  5. map page - direct screens -
  6. sickdm1 - Calculated A competitive duel map with a focus on risk calculation. This is my submission for Tehace's duel map contest. Short highlight of the testing :eggplant: gg Public Feedback: Huge thanks to Duck! This map would not have been nearly as good without this guy's help. Big thanks to Warlord Wossman, who helped bring the map's balance up to par for competitive play. Big ups to all the awesome players who helped play-test and give feedback: Guilt, Lonezilla, King, Zenmanifold, Gangland, Promeus, Eldrek, Skytoon, Meowgli, Mad_Jihad, and probably a lot more that I am too tired to remember right now. I had a blast making, testing, and watching fights on this map. Thanks all, Enjoy! ** Any feedback is greatly appreciated ** Happy Fragging
  7. So after the mapping section we did for the birthday bash event it whet my whistle to give mapping a go myself and this is the result. After an extraordinary amount of reworking over the course of an entire week with help from: Nathan, Promeus, Warlord Wossman, Tehace, Qualx, Greth, Tepes, Neeple, GMT, Danskq I finally feel like this is the first releasable version. It's still a work in progress Visuals will be done at some point if it takes off and there is still some aspects of game play changes I might fiddle with. Reflex Files link I've got various old versions of the map and intend to do a full write up/video of the learning process and hopefully this can form some sort of guide for new map makers. The intention behind this process was to understand map balance and map making rather than necessarily make a really competitive map. Game Play Video coming soon(tm) Feedback is very welcome via discord or this thread.
  8. duel

    A high intensity duel map with a lot of verticality. Only having one YA to encourage heavy emphasis on punishing the opponent when they go for RA/MH. Seems to play really well when both players are about equal bad at the game. It is big enough to play 2v2 atdm on. 1RA 1YA 1GA + All Weapons ReflexFiles download Updated 22/11-15 MKV - Final version (hopefully) Changelog: MKV Few tweaks here and there. Should be the final version. MKIV The whole side with IC on the map reworked. Added alternative route to top corner there as well. A few fixes for flow as well as some trim on doorways for looks. MKIII YA moved and a bit more life placed. Also big overall tweaks to avoid light bleeding and added a bunch of stuff for looks.
  9. tt1

    A lot has changed since the original concept, much to the help of many playtesters. Yeah, you heard it right, this is the first map I have ever actually had playtested. I have removed the Mega room altogether, removed 5 teleporters (leaving 5), added the grenade launcher, and overall I think it has been a huge improvement. I am glad to have caught those players who helped me see outside of my box. It isn't done yet, and I am still open to suggestions. I wanted to get more players to test and give feedback but every night I try to host is at a bad schedule for US players. I had already been sitting on this version for over a week so here is the current release. New: One way teleporter to replace the slope jump, textures, other kewl graphics, lighting, removed a lava pit, general improvements. Possible final after a week of nonstop, almost test subjectless editing. Wont bother bumping the thread, I know nobody cares, but she is finished. I am going to transfer this map over to Quakeworld
  10. thc

    The new version will be available within next patch and is currently playable on some hosts as thcdm13pro. I dont have a firm date of when that might happen tho. V6.3 Its the current version where I work on sorting out the clipping issues if you happen to get stuck on some panels plz let me know. Map is currently available on turbopixel hosts, my pl host (, chicago shitshow, f3already (it might be outdated in other places). V2 ---------------------------------------------------- The modified version is now available as thcdm13-v2 it will stay that way until it can be included within a new patch just so I dont mess with people lm being valid on some host while being broken on others which will happen if I woudl just replace regular dm13 with it, yeah I know I will loose stats on f3 already but Im not a stat whore anyway ;p map page - direct screens - the most substantial change is this - If you want to have a look at some games on it, stop by tomorrow for the minicup - more info here - V1 ---------------------------------------------------- Keep exploring the same concept of item combination while trying to keep the map compact and somewhat optimized for reflex movement, quite a few easy and progressively harder jumps, Im afraid that if you're new to the reflex you will have hard time on this map. BONUS: HAL_9000 vs rokky showmatch Visual style inspired by minimalistic architecture concepts like yeah Im aware that I have a lot of cut corners but I guess you dont run with such high speeds at home. Big props to F14m3z for all the help, the broken tiles on the MH or the RA ledge are basically his creations, he also helped out with many other improvements.
  11. ffa

    Silk is a somewhat large map intended for four players. Four player free for all or two versus two death match. However, it should also be viable for duel as a large, slow map. reflexfiles: (screenshots & download ) 2x Rocket launcher 1x Bolt Rifle 1x Ion Cannon 2x Plasma Rifle 1x Grenade Launcher 1x Shotgun 1x Red Armor 2x Yellow Armor 1x Green Armor 8x Armor Shard 1x Mega Health 1x 50 Health 5x 25 Health 4x Health Bubble 1x Carnage Special thanks to raygun9 and friend qwert aka a bunch of underscores for help with item & player spawn placement!
  12. ###### [map: dp7] ##################################################################################### download (last update 04/12/2015) reflexfiles link phgp link mapname: venom [dp7] gametype: duel description: advanced duel map credits and thanks to: impulse, slikk owner: def and fht Pickups: - all weapons (2x rocket launcher), except boltgun - 12x 5 health - 6x 25 health - 2x 50 health - 1x mega health - 8x armor shard - 1x green armor - 2x yellow armor - 1x red armor - 1x quad (not present in 1v1) Up on follwing servers: “PlayHardGoPro .:0.31.2:. Stream / Cast Server this release is for testing purposes and might change. feedback welcome! PS: map is bugged, so if u will render the lightmap yourself, vote another gametype to get the real skycolor instead of black. lava will be changed to slime with next update, coz its fixed then. visual updates will come later. first of its up for gameplay testing fixed by shooter, thx for that. was due to some guy who placed random brushes in nomansland...
  13. Hey, decided to take another crack at map creation after tossing out a number of unsatisfactory attempts some time ago The map is available here Update: The map is still not quite ready for an art pass, but lighting is now far enough along to include lightmaps. Also added a room to join Green Armor and Red Armor, which cases the red room to feel a lot less uselessly large Still looking for feedback on item placement and overall layout. I'll be casually making the lighting less blocky over the next little while and would like to get the gameplay portion of the map locked down before I start going hardcore on the aesthetic portion. Still kinda wary/not totally happy with the lowest level of the middle room. I'm also probably going to do something with the Yellow armor room just outside of the Mega and maybe rethink my armor setup in eneral Special thanks to Temen for testing and feedback on every revision thus far
  14. You can find me on IRC, Quakenet daily (also on #reflex). Sorry if this is the wrong place of the forum to post this... Looking for other players with low or mid skill to play with for fun ;-) ....To learn the movement, the maps , the weapons etc. I got a lot experience with Unreal Tournament and a little bit of Quake Live (tiny bit of experience there).
  15. I was thinking about ways to make playing duel PUBs more interesting and had this idea. You and 8 other players are matched up in a bracket. The first 4 games start at the same time so as soon as they are completed it moves on to the second round of 2 games. Then the final round. Making it only a up-to 30-40 minute commitment. You can also have a game for third place that happens during the final match. Example:
  16. hey guys i made a 1v1 map, if it plays cool i'll make proper art on it. hf !
  17. XY2 ReflexFiles New original duel map by Xytaglyph Medium/small sized, very action packed duels 1RA, 2YA, 1GA, 4 Shards, 1MH, 1 50hp, 3 25hps, 6 5hps Screenshots:
  18. Let me know what you think. I will cast more replays if you send them my way. See it here ​Thanks reflex community!
  19. Map Name: Lab 6 ​Gametype: ffa/duel/2v2 Pace: Fast Size: Small Made by: Roadkill Download: lab6.zipReflexfiles: This map hasn't been tested so pick up placement might be atrocious. I'll greatly appreciate some feedback, hopefully it plays ok. You need to trick jump to reach the mega, but I'm considering adding a double or triple jump step up as well Thanks to wh1te for the OP layout and to whoever tests this map. Big ups/mad props to Turbo Pixel Studios for developing this great game
  20. duel

    Map Name: wt1 ​Gametype: Duel/2v2 Pace: Fast Size: Small/Medium Made by: wh1te Thanks to: Def, Vo0, Tr1pwire, Nathan, Baccart Warlord Wossman, Pixel, Danskq, Holi and whoever else was involved! Download: [19/08/15] Major update. Visuals updated for the new version 0.36.1Reflexfiles: is now in the DP map pool. This is my first duel map that I hope will make it very far and community will like. If you have any suggestions on what to add/remove or change, please let me know in the comment section. Happy fragging! There's also a video attached that shows the gameplay.
  21. ​This tournament will be starting Saturday August 29th, 2015 @ 4:00pm CEST and is invite only! If you want to participate plz message me with your challonge username or email. Tournament rules: - no pickup timers allowed - only european signups This is a double elimination tournament, Best of 3 through out all of tournament until the semi-finals obviously is best of 5. If lower bracket champion goes against winner bracket champion in order to win the WHOLE tournament the lower bracket player MUST win 2 best of 5's. Coin for first pick. Also the picking map format is: Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Decider if 1-1 ( for best of 3's ) Finals picking format: WB winner: Pick - LB winner: pick - WB winner: pick - LB winner: Pick - WB winner: pick YOU CAN ONLY PARTICIPATE IF U JOIN THE IRC CHANNEL @ QUAKENET FOR TOURNAMENT INSTRUCTIONS #DP MAP POOL: dp5 dp8 thcdm13 thct7 cpm22 PRIZE POOL: to be announced Donations go to this Paypal: GOOD LUCK! Stream / Commentary will be on my Twitch stream all VODs will also be available on my youtube channel PS: i am looking for referees and ppl who can help with organization
  22. So here we go with next Tournament voting. all maps listed will be played in last version present to the tournament date Poll will end july 27th Tournament thread: EDIT: will be closed 0:00 today CEST
  23. Current version: bdetourney1-b1 Hi everyone, Here is my second try at making a duel map for reflex. The map is currently in the first! beta stage, and I'm looking for general feedback on the items placements, flow and so on. Any feedback is appreciated. And if you want to praise my map for its awesomeness, please don't let me hold you back. (download)[Reflex Files] The map is featuring: On following servers: [Thanks tehace]
  24. Hello! Made a simple duel/ffa/tdm map, designed for a small amount of players (2-4) for those times you wanna settle something with a friend xD (or just for fun, whatever you want :p) Enjoy!
  25. What is this? Another map by the legendary Trist? What makes it so special? Other than being masterfully engineered by yours truly, it is also my first map to feature either a red armor or a mega health, is my first map with environmental challenges, and is even my first map to feature the popular slope jumping exploitation. A map of many firsts. I learned a lot toying around with this one, I lost my weekend over it. Over a hundred LIGHTMAP BREAKING changes since I first laid the initial slab of concrete, over a hundred times and counting of saying "I think this map is done" later. Having first emerged as a twisting maze, it is now a map with very little walls, and a lot of different ways to different places on the map. It was a lot of fun to make and I hope you like playing on it too. And to my 4 fans who happened to download my hit map "Fang", you can definitely be happy to know I will always keep to that intense gameplay I know you guys enjoyed that one time you ran around it for five minutes, and that I will be making many more maps after this one. Features: FIVE weapons (holy shit!); rocket launcher, grenade launcher, ion cannon, shotgun, and plasma gun. Colors; orange, grey, nolight Better lighting Intended support for small team games and more