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Found 122 results

  1. Converted and did a bit of reworking on another one of my favorite CPM maps. Trying to focus on changing the maps balance to work better in Reflex but with a lot of gameplay elements currently missing although planned this is somewhat difficult since everything is basically theory-crafting at this point. Hopefully people will enjoy the map enough to play a few matches and let me know how my changes helped/hurt the map from a gameplay perspective but enough of me rambling here's the change-log, some screenshots, and of course a download link. Initial release (2/4/15) / Changes from CPM version -Fully trimmed map -Changed stairs to be 8x16 instead of 16x32 -Added ramp to jump to second floor near lower YA -Added light on ceiling next to ramp at lower ya -Changed trim near 50 health bubble to go into the wall instead of leaving a small gap for lava -Reduced the height on a lot of the light brushes from 16->8u -Removed detail brushes near lower YA -Removed detail brush near exit of MH teleport -Modified/removed some brushes on the top level to allow the trim to allign properly -Removed a few brushes near upper YA that did not have any visable faces -Removed brushes that extended out from the wall in the upper YA hallway near jumppad -Reworked the stairs going in and out of the lava room to not have a 16u gap for lava between the ground and the stairs -Reworked detail brushes in lower RL hallway to prevent players falling into small lava pockets also added a few clipping brushes on either side -Rotated teleport exit for RA room to be facing more towards RA -Resized area near LG hallway to make it a bit more roomy -Removed 2x 5hp bubble near lower YA -Added trim edge on the wall detail near lower RL -Adding clip brushes around most lights to prevent catches when rocketjumping -Moved lights near GL around a bit to allow clipping to work properly -Added lots of pointlight to brighten dark areas up -Moved Brush over near upper YA to allow quick dropdowns to 2x 25 health -Moved spawn right next to MH to the little PG hallway/teleport (not sure if this wil be good or not) -Added spawn on upper level near YA dropdown (not sure if this wil be good or not) -Redid corner trim near MH hallway -Added reflex logo decal over RA teleport -Added some trim brushes in the room between lower RA and RA -Redid some of the detail in RA room so there are two full details instead of 1.5ish -Moved the wall details 8u towards the center on both sides to fix a lighting bug -Added a light effect/clip brush under the MH tele exit to allow for a trickjump across to area above RA -Added a light effect/clip brush near the jump pad to allow a trickjump to shards from main bridge -Added wall trim near the jump pad area -Redid brushes for stair trim to work with new wall trim better -Redid both teleporters to look a bit nicer -Redid the lava brush in the main atrium to fix a visual bug -Redid lava in RA room to fix a visual bug -Added game end camera in main atrium Reflexfiles download: Here is a somewhat sloppy video of me doing the trickjumps that I have added:
  2. Small map designed for duel. This is one of my earlier maps. Map is still work in progress.
  3. Recreation of DM4, The Bad Place, from Quake 1. Original by American McGee Weapons: 2 Rocket Launcher 1 Ion Cannon 1 Stake Launcher 1 Chain Gun 1 Grenade Launcher 1 Shotgun Armour: 1 Red Armour 1 Yellow Armour 2 Green Armour Health: 1 Mega Health 6 25 Health Power ups: 1 Carnage Ammo: RIP ammo room
  4. map page - direct screens - Just as a headsup I'll upload the usual stuff tomorrow official soundtrack
  5. map page - direct screens - Simple duel map with kind of circular flow, open with lost of connections / cut-outs. If you are able to make stair jumps coming with speed you might like this map even more. Originally the map did not have RG but people whined about it and seeing how RL is the most dominant weapon nowadays anyway I've added it but it might change in the future depends on where we end up being with the balance. Currently zero nolight have been used I'll update the map with it sometime later but thats the reason why LM is that big and I have fair amount of brushes that it going to take a bit for a proper nolight ;0 prototype stage (without RG) more videos incoming, thanks to all the people that helped out testing mazu, cremator, flowie, jjuho, wallen to name a few + all those random peeps that keeps joining and getting their ass kicked on a new map
  6. Finally finished my second map! After my first shot at making something that resulted in a small duel box, I wanted to try make something bigger and more complex while still not needing to worry too much about whether the design would be playable - So as is all the rage, a remake it was. This is a 1:1 almost perfect remake of acidwdm2, a map that was previously in Warsow's official map pool. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Items: 2x Shotgun 1x Grenade Launcher 1x Plasma Rifle 2x Rocket Launcher 1x Bolt Rifle 2x 5 Health 3x 25 Health 1x 50 Health 1x 100 Health 4x 5 Armour 2x 25 Armour 1x 50 Armour 1x 100 Armour Screenshots: Download: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Any feedback after testing the map or general comments would be appreciated.
  7. This is my first map for Reflex. This map was designed for duel, it's bigger than average so some may find it too big for their tastes. Looking for feedback on things such as item/spawn placement, map flow, etc. I'd like to avoid any layout changes if possible. I was only able to test vs a 100 ping friend with my 0 ping, so not exactly the best test environment. Lights were compiled at 16 texel size. So make sure your r_lm_texel_size is set to 16 or the map will render fullbright. // Revision 5 - Rebuilt lightmaps for 0.31.2 // Revision 4 - Added a small pit around MH. - Added Carnage for non 1v1 modes in place of the 3 Armor Shards above the teleport in MH room. - Added a small platform above MH leading to Quad Damage.(Moved the 3 Armor Shards to here.) - Lowered the Health Bubble platform in YA room that's next to the teleporter. // Revision 3 - Added a new 2-way teleporter, it connects between shotgun spawn and YA room(towards Mega side). - Added a pillar near the booster in RA room. - Added grates to the upper floor of RA room. - Added an easier trick jump to connect MH to YA. - Added Reflection Probes. - Moved 50hp bubble from middle connecting hallway to the hallway above LG - Moved 25hp bubble from the GA area in RA to the connecting area between YA/RA. - Moved RA to lower level of RA room. - Removed GA in RA room. - Removed floor around the window overlooking YA room from RA room. - Removed a few lights here and there in order to fix a dynamic shadow bug. // Revision 2 - Added a broken pillar in mega room to provide additional cover - Added various details - Rebuilt lightmaps for 0.31.1
  8. Another CPM map that I enjoyed a lot but was rarely ever played outside of "Kenya" tournaments, hopefully it will play well and can see a bit more use in Reflex. The color scheme is slightly changed from my normal one to provide better contract in the test builds (0.31.0/1). Removed the quad texture on teleports until I can find a replacement that doesn't look strange. Changelog, screenshots and of course Reflexfiles download link to follow. Reflexfiles download: akumacpm1a->brakm1 CHANGELOG Initial Release (2/26/15) -Removed all weapon_decal/armor_decal brushes created by the converter -Recreated a few brushes not created by the converter -Removed some wall details to continue trim at the upper part of YA room leading to MH -Removed detail brushes on the MH platform -Removed/reworked some detail stuff on the opening above the MH pickup -Removed wall details in RA room -Changed RA teleport to exit where the 25 health was -Redid brushes on upper RA room to fix texture bugs -Redid brushes near GL leading to RG to fix texture issues -Removed wall details on hallways leading from GL to RG -Added trim brushes in SG/YA room next to the lip -Added trim brushes in YA/RG room near stairs -Removed detail brushes from RG alcove -Redid brushes near jumppad to fix texture bugs -Removed a detail brush near the exit of RA room leading towards YA/SG -Redid brushes for the frame of the RA teleport to fix texture bugs -Removed the exit tele in the wall near lower YA -Removed the exit tele in the wall near GL -Redid brushes near SG/YA room light in the corner above stairs -Swapped railgun with rocket launcher in the main atrium -Moved the 25 health that was in the upper part of RA room to the GL ledge -Removed clipping brushes around trim -Removed the trim brushes on the stairs leading to lower RL -Added ramps to replace the removed trim brushes to allow a jump to upper YA -Retextured trims near the start/end of stairs to normal floor color -Removed trim brush near upper YA at end of stairs -Reworked trim on stairs leading to MH room from YA -Removed a trim brush on stairs leading to RA teleport -Redid trim on stairs next to green armor -Removed 2 small brushes on RG pad -Redid the brushes above the jumppad to fix texture issues -Redid a number of brushes on the RA atrium ceiling to fix texture issues -Removed some caulk brushes from outside the map -Redid brushes in main atrium to fix texture bugs -Lowered lower YA platform by 8u to fix not being able to jump there -Removed a few brushes from lower YA platform when adjusting height -Removed brush from under the stairs at lower YA platform -Removed brushes from under stairs at upper YA near RL -Lowered area near lower RL 8u to fix jump issues near RA room -Redid trim on area leading to upper YA from lower YA -Redid the trim on the cieling leaving the RA room towards upper YA -Centered light in RA room entrence from upper YA -Added trim to cieling above 50 health -Added trim to the cieling on the level above the 50 heatlh -Added light prop in RA room to allow a jump to GL -Added light prop in upper YA room to allow a jump to SG
  9. Map page - Screens - If you want to test it out without having to download textures or they dont work for some reason the map is also available on my FR host or look for "[FR]" in the server browser and callvote map thcdm9tx updated the zip with textures that have mipmaps. some trims are fucked up, some leaks but overall the textures worked just fine. im sorry I had to do this map and details coming soon... as a side note HAL was kind enough to bash some of my maps therefore I got some good criticism so I'm going to be updating a lot of the other maps sometime soon. oh and happy new year everyabody :> edit: textures - (thanks majki).
  10. Skull Hunt is a map that never got the attention it deserved in QW. I decided to remake it for Reflex, and I think it turned out quite nicely. The map should be well suited to duel and small FFA. Possibly 2on2? I have uploaded the map on ReflexFiles.
  11. Hey there! I made a map based off of the serious sam map called little trouble. It's pretty big and really open. Some screenshots: It's still an early version, so feedback is more than welcome Download here: EDIT: Updated the map. Made it a bit less open and made movement a bit smoother, as well as adding a few more options for out-of-control play
  12. Reflex files: My first attempt at making a map. It's small and fast paced. It has good flow. I have playtested it and it seems to play well, though I haven't been able to play a more competitive duel on it yet. I'm not brilliant at movement, but I made a little overview and trick jumps video: (how do I embed?) There's some light bleeding from the teleporters and my lighting isn't the best, but I was more concerned with the layout and gameplay. Edit: Updated mega room. Edit: Tightened up a bit; general improvements (video is out of date); some ideas from poub.
  13. This is my first map ever. So far no playtesting has been done, but I'm looking to remedy that soon. Any feedback/comments on brushwork, lighting, or layout would be very much appreciated. Pickups include: 1 Green Armor 1 Red Armor 1 Yellow Armor 4 Armor Shards 1 Mega Health 7 5hp's 2 25hp's 1 50hp 1 Ion Cannon 2 Rocket Launcher 1 Shotgun 1 Chaingun 1 Grenade Launcher EDIT: Added boxes to the center room for more options to MH. Raised the RA platform and added a set of stairs from GL to RL. Changed a double jump in YA room to a jumppad. Changed HP placement around.
  14. Hey guys. I've been playing lots of Half-Life 1 in the past.. So I want to recrate some of my favourite Half-Life maps for Reflex. My first attempt is stalkyard, a map with a storage room, mainyard, backyard, toproom and some corridors which connect these. The map is (besides of textures) almost done, but I still need help with finding the perfect item-balance. In Half-Life this was one of the most popular 1v1 maps and I think it could work well in Reflex aswell. So I am really looking for testers here to make this map work in duel. Screenshots: Link: Edit: New version online - Updated item-balance, fixed lightleaks (thx tehace)
  15. Thanks to Kovak/HAL/entik (in no particular order) I've tried to avoid corridors, keep things simple and make a map that is relatively small. YA room have already been reworked according to some issues that rose during limited testing, hell HAL even jumped in and shoot at walls he didnt liked here is what came out of this: map page - direct screens - WIP VERSIONS: removed some walls, added ledges. I've just thrown some ideas in this one, needs testing. Added RA portal + connection, extended GA ledge in YA room. Weakened the ledge above the MH.
  16. Hi, so i punched together a veeery rough duel matchmaking system in the last few hours. Go visit -> register account -> enter steamid -> play. It is VERY basic atm. Simply search...get matched, ban maps, connect to server. Close match. Since we can't determine the results atm: be fair. If you lose, vote for the winner. Points are basic ELO atm. A lot of stuff will be done, displaying ranks, mapvoting/banning ...etc. etc. But for now this should make stuff a bit more handy. I have 22 servers up atm. I could add more though if needed. ToDo-list (what's possible at the moment): - match history ***** FOR NOW THE MM-SYSTEM IS DISABLED ****** Waiting for stuff like: - stats, so players don't have to enter results - server-side stuff to prevent connecting with wrong steamid - linux dedicated server Regards
  17. map page - direct screens - Dedicated to HAL to whom all maps were too big, stairs looks like piano so maybe he can play. zero lights were used ;p
  18. map page - direct screens - I decided to get rid of textures that doesnt work and after original topic steering to some drama I decide I'll just repost it I think it could be justifiable since I redone the whole map with proper nolight and default dev*.materials texturing +also included some of the early suggestions. It took a while to redone it since i had to make use of all the brushes I ended up making for the textures, guess it turned out well in the end. I'll repost some valuable posts from the previous topic. Thanks, I have reworked the MH room quite a bit though it was too cluttered earlier I've sent it to Kovak as you suggested and he said he might have a look at it so thanks for bringing that up. I have cut the top level connection in a form of a corridor that lead to RA this way you can still get it if you made that ceeling/triple/quad whatever you wanna call it jump from MH but you have to go through GL ledge therefore being totally exposed, the other way to get it is by doing the celling jump to the ledge where the shotgun is and than stairs jump again over the center area to the teleport that leads to the upper level. Thanks for the suggestion I think that was an actual improvement. Not sure if the second level corridor should be clososed though, or that area where the shotgun is... I can make the adjustements and just see how it plays in case anybody would like to schedule a testing session. I think I made some improvements you might want to try it out with the default look and on normal ping. than you might like what came out of all those brushes I had while doing the textures ;p item placement is kind of locked due to the layout, it could be reworked but needs a proper testing.
  19. Map page - Screens directly - The quest for compact duel map like cpm3 continues. This time I feel like the scale is there (dm2/3 being too big imo). I worked on dm4 for like 2 days and have a great idea but it turned out to be completely enormous map for a duel... therefore I scraped it and quickly put together very messy version of this map with very basic blocks (most of the time not even connected properly) and after getting the feeling and scale I polished them out. From very limited time I had on it playing with friends (more playtest to follow) it felt pretty good. Would love to hear your feelings about the gameplay & aesthetics. I wonder how much health is advised to be on a small map like this? AEon suggestion to made the stairs stripes turned out great Im still struggling with light leaks. How does that works exactly I have several instanced where I had some weird light just popping out of nowhere in the middle of the wall once i put another object next to it (they didnt have any textured sides exposed to outside light nor they were overlaping... Map on reflexfiles -
  20. Map page - Direct screens - This one turned out to be much darker than the previous one with kind of warn-out style, no eye-shooting colours this time. It is probably the closest attempt for a compact map so far. Some triple/stairs jumps but one notable is the MH celling jump that if connected with the ledge where YA is will boost you to the 50HP bubble (or that level in general), the rest you'll figure out if played enough Map comes with a brand new UNSUPPORTED TEXTURES SIGN so people dont bother devs about AA and other stuff that might occur broken also keep in mind Im using some great but rather old textures resized in some cases so the quality might be debatable. I messed up with the texturing quite a bit so it become a bore to manage them at a later stage so there are two things I have noticed You'll get missing textures because some unseen surfaces are still textured with some textures that have different location I just couldn't bother to clean them up ;p I used zero nolight and have barely any leaks.
  21. Seeing how hard it is to get any kind of solid feedback on maps I've talked with couple of my friend and we decided that we could 'playtest' your map and by playtest I mean playtest that would include actually learning a map and playing at least 10 duels on it. We're sorry but there wont be any time constrains in which we're guaranteed to provide a feedback it can be a day or a week it all depends on the spare time we would have. If you would like to have your map tested let me know in this topic. Sterile pending Welcome Home pending prodigy pending gonna update the above list as we go through them.
  22. It does exists! map page - direct screens -
  23. ###### [map: dp3] ##################################################################################### download (last update 12/28/2014) Or mapname: the stairway [dp3] gametype: duel, arena description: advanced fast gameplay credits and thanks to: HellTiger, smilecythe owner: def Up on follwing servers: [NYC] [GER] showing some movement possibilities in dp3 [by seekax] PS: i welcome any feedback
  24. ###### [map: dp2] ##################################################################################### download (last update 12/20/2014) Or mapname: wired cube [dp2] gametype: duel description: advanced fast gameplay credits and thanks to: xzy, mazu, eldrek owner: def Up on follwing servers: Reliant Reflex Rental Robots [DE] / freeman dedicated servers IP #1: IP #2: [NYC] [GER] PS: feedback is appreciated! :-)
  25. deathmorning fraggers map page - direct screens -