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Found 128 results

  1. Map page - Direct screens - This one turned out to be much darker than the previous one with kind of warn-out style, no eye-shooting colours this time. It is probably the closest attempt for a compact map so far. Some triple/stairs jumps but one notable is the MH celling jump that if connected with the ledge where YA is will boost you to the 50HP bubble (or that level in general), the rest you'll figure out if played enough Map comes with a brand new UNSUPPORTED TEXTURES SIGN so people dont bother devs about AA and other stuff that might occur broken also keep in mind Im using some great but rather old textures resized in some cases so the quality might be debatable. I messed up with the texturing quite a bit so it become a bore to manage them at a later stage so there are two things I have noticed You'll get missing textures because some unseen surfaces are still textured with some textures that have different location I just couldn't bother to clean them up ;p I used zero nolight and have barely any leaks.
  2. Seeing how hard it is to get any kind of solid feedback on maps I've talked with couple of my friend and we decided that we could 'playtest' your map and by playtest I mean playtest that would include actually learning a map and playing at least 10 duels on it. We're sorry but there wont be any time constrains in which we're guaranteed to provide a feedback it can be a day or a week it all depends on the spare time we would have. If you would like to have your map tested let me know in this topic. Sterile pending Welcome Home pending prodigy pending gonna update the above list as we go through them.
  3. It does exists! map page - direct screens -
  4. ###### [map: dp3] ##################################################################################### download (last update 12/28/2014) Or mapname: the stairway [dp3] gametype: duel, arena description: advanced fast gameplay credits and thanks to: HellTiger, smilecythe owner: def Up on follwing servers: [NYC] [GER] showing some movement possibilities in dp3 [by seekax] PS: i welcome any feedback
  5. ###### [map: dp2] ##################################################################################### download (last update 12/20/2014) Or mapname: wired cube [dp2] gametype: duel description: advanced fast gameplay credits and thanks to: xzy, mazu, eldrek owner: def Up on follwing servers: Reliant Reflex Rental Robots [DE] / freeman dedicated servers IP #1: IP #2: [NYC] [GER] PS: feedback is appreciated! :-)
  6. deathmorning fraggers map page - direct screens -
  7. map page - screens - Im running out of colours ;0
  8. My first map I actually felt was reasonable enough to upload here... Hope you enjoy it if decide to download it! ------------------------------------------------------ Items: 1x Shotgun 2x Grenade Launcher 2x Plasma Rifle 1x Rocket Launcher 2x Bolt Rifle 3x Ion Cannon 1x Stake Launcher 1x Chain Gun 15x 5 Health 5x 25 Health 1x 50 Health 1x 100 Health 12x 5 Armour 1x 50 Armour 1x 100 Armour 1x 150 Armour 1x Carnage Screenshots: Map Download: Here
  9. Here it is, the first map i'v ever made called "h2amphi" It's a simple "amphi" map with (1) Megahealth, (4) 25HP's, (8) 5HP's. 2 spawns with both containing a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. Please be kind and frag as hard as you can and tell me your opinions here or by private messages. 2 download links: A few screenshots: ( Could not get the embedding work for some reason. Doing it wrong? )
  10. Mantra - bdm1 Alpha 1 A small duel map, with a circular layout. Mantra is designed for competitive play, and offers a lot of fun for new and old players. Download: Alpha 1 (5.83mb) Dropbox Mediafire Feedback: Item layout Clipping Lighting Duel compatibility Map layout Thank you and have fun! - Bjarke
  11. No longer Work In Progress, FINAL VERSION UP It has been a crazy 100hours but I am very happy with the map now. I added two double ramp jump shortcuts. I reclipped the entire level. I did my best to optimise the lightmap. I made a big asthetic change to the clock-faces Hope you all enjoy. _____________________________ OLD Version _____________________________ New Version up! Full Details at Reflex Files Please leave me some feedback on the weapon placement/flow of the level _______________________________________ OLD Version _______________________________________ Hi, my name is Ger This is my first attempt at a Duel map It is called Clocktower and you can grab it here It is work in progress, I have a few more ideas but I want people to give some feedback before I go mad altogether. Screenies at Overview There is also a video of me running around the map on youtube, make sure you are using 720p60fps I would like to say thanks to the dev team for an amazing game and map maker, keep up the good work!
  12. map page - direct screens - so it turned out quad materials can have variety of uses ;0 lets have something to play over the weekend HF
  13. Hadn't had a chance to post this on the forums yet. So, here it is: Download & Screenshots:
  14. original post here, from ESR A long time ago was gametype called "HoonyMode". So its same duel but with fraglimit 1 or suddendeath mode on. If you make a frag you win the round, to win you must win "N" rounds. -Its mix between duel and ca. If you want to switch from ca to duel HoonyMode is best thing to start with. You can choose your start strategy like build in starcraft. -I think that it is better then just 1v1 for viewers because there is pauses between round where commentators can talk how (they do not have time to describe all in duel) or what that was or show a videoreplay of frag. -there is no spawnfrags so less random. -it is still new gamemode and it is easy to make. Maybe its needed to refine: add a timelimit in round or decreasing health after some time or add ability to choose spawn. What you think? it is good idea to put it in reflex or qlive? Posted by effeffeff100 my first instinct was "i'll run to reflex and ask them to put this in", so here it is. What do you guys think?
  15. Updated 11/26/2014 Map FTP: Screenshots: here Inspired by maps such as ''The Edge'', ''Asylum'', a nod at ''Campgrounds'' with megahealth placement. Reflexified to the extremes. Haven't been able to test it with others. The map is still in development item placement, and possible structural additions and/or adjustments. Any tips are welcomed!!! Currently Contains: All weapons but the Stake gun. 1 RA 2 YA 1 GA 6 Armor shards 1 MH 2 Orange health 4 Yellow health 6 Green Health 2 two-way teleporters 1 one-way teleporter to the highest ground.
  16. Hey there! I'm new to mapping in general but thought I'd try it for Reflex. So far I'm really enjoying it! This is a map that I've made in about a week and a half or so... I've done some testing with friends and it's a lot of fun! These pictures are of course with the light map built already. Known issues: - Mega can only be reached through advanced movement (circle/strafe/teleport jump) - Rocket splash goes through green and mega platforms - Overall, players that are not adept at double jumps are at a severe disadvantage Items: - One Quad - Two Rocket Launchers - One each of the rest of the weapons (sans burst gun) - One each of the armors - Thirteen Shards - One Mega - Two 50 Healths - Six 25 Healths - Eight 5 Healths Feel free to provide feedback, both positive and negative! (UPDATE 1/21/2015) shddm1b2 Added another platform near mega and moved quad pillar closer to purple ledge; This now means mega is reachable without advanced movement. Also updated some of the lighting.
  17. map page - Screenshots - Map (zip) - no poinit in putting *.map since I would have to provide separate links for lightmap The map features rather standard items 1MH 1RA 2YA the debatable addition are 2GA as you will most likely dmg yourself to deny YA its rather pointless to down yourself to the point to take the GA therefore those 2 are almost guaranteed to be up for the player without the control and they're the only armours available on 2nd level. What do you think about such setup? There are also around 100H in each room, as the map is basically 2 rooms with a hard connection in the middle and two soft connections in the form of corridors on both sides (but they're not just straight lines). Generally speaking there are 2 levels but there is a bit of 3rd that additionally connects some points, key weapons are located there (RG, LG, plazma) but they're limited and you cant just run circles on 3rd level. There are some jumppads here and there, no teleports, the middle pilars have bouncy hops around them so they allow you to get to the higher level easily, some tripe jumps are possible. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one.
  18. So I've been working on this map for quite a while, would like some feedback on it. Any recommended tweaks? Heres a quick vid walking around the map and showing off some of the jumps. Download here
  19. Due to some fairly serious boredom and far too much free time I did a fairly large cleanup on cpm22a Here is a somewhat general "changelog" CPM22a-CPM22b CHANGELOG: -Removed brushes outside of the map -Cleaned up brushwork under the RA stairs -retextured most colored trim -resized and make teleport triggers flush -removed brushes at teleport exits -removed brushes under spawn locations -removed and resized brushes near the upper area near jumppad -added angled brushes near the jail bars -added trim to most of the map -redid teles to mimic q3 cpm22 -added semi arc things near lower RL -added semi arc thing near YA -added semi arc thing near RG -adjusted semi arc thing near upper jumppad -adjusted wall near GL teleport to fix alignment issues in the main atrium lower area -nolighted a large part of outside the map -changed trim around teleporter bases -added diagonal brush/trim near lg ammo spawn -rotated lg spawn -added trim around octagon pillar year GA/GL -made clipping cover whole RA platform -nolighted all (most?) outward facing textures -added some clip brushes on the bottom side of RA platform Due to lightmaps being frustrating right now I would avoid building them unless you set your texel size to 100000000000 or something so it'd basically just be a flat gray light on the whole level. I might update this in the future when lighting is more workable but until now I am probably done with this for a bit. I might work on cleaning up cpm3 to be a bit nicer looking at some point as well. I'm undecided about the clipped corner as I believe it makes the RA jump far too easy but people seemed to want to keep it in so I guess it will stay unless people want to see it removed badly. Here are some quick screenshots Download: Thanks to Eldrek for his conversion of cpm22 that can be found here:
  20. First version of a map by doublethink and NiZ, dn_cycle. The concept for the map is a duel map where it is challenging to totally control both major items, whilst still having a smallish footprint. Hoping to give back and forth matches. I took inspiration from cpm29 (the bridge and valley mid) and cpm5 (the mega gallery) It would be great to get some feedback on this from people, I really liked it as we were making it. However I bet it could be even better with community suggestions. Thanks! NOTE: Lightmaps were compiled on Reflex version alpha 0.28.2. (the latest as of this typing) The zip file has the correct directory structure for it. Full Gallery: Download link: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
  21. Prison_Beta (incl. lightmap) It's my first Map, so what do you guys think ? ===================== Install: Unzip to SteamAppscommonReflexbaseinternalmaps Mapdetails: ===================== Weapons: Rocketlauncher = 1 Granadelauncher = 1 Plasmagun = 1 Railgun = 1 Shotgun = 1 ===================== Armor: Red Armor = 1 Yellow Armor = 1 Green Armor = 1 5 Armor = 11 ===================== Health: 100 Health = 1 50 Health = 2 25 Health = 4 5 Health = 14 ===================== Spawnpoints = 7 ToDo: -Balancing (Pickups/Spawnpoints) -Lightning 3rd Floor -Jumpad designs Quick overview and a few jumps: DOWNLOAD:
  22. I was planning to make it bigger, less colors, and FFA, but it ended up like this. Video Screenshots Download Items: 8 x 5 Health 8 x 5 Armor 2 x 25 Health 2 x Medium Armor 1 x Mega Health 1 x Shotgun 1 x Grenade Launcher 1 x Plasma Rifle 1 x Rocket Launcher 1 x Lightning Gun 1 x Railgun
  23. Hi, this is my first map and i need some help for testing, balance etc. It's a duel map but mybe good for 2v2 tdm or ffa (not a small map) thx hp: 1xmega, 2x50, 7x25. 5x5 armor: 1xred, 1yellow, 1green, 13xshard weapons: 1rail, 1lg, 1stake, 1pg, 2gl, 2rl, 2sg Update: -Renamed to harmless_dm1 -removed 1ga -added quad -relocated some shard and 25 hp -changed mega room size File: Screenshots:
  24. So here is the result of around 40 hours of messing with the map editor (it's really fun even though very user unfriendly atm) my very first Reflex map "A Dark Place". The design is taken from an old project of mine for another Arena FPS that never got out of blockout-stage, so this is pretty much a Reflex original! The map is medium-sized and intended for duel, though it could be playable in small FFA or maybe even 2vs2 TDM but there is no quad and I am not planning on including it. The main areas of action are the two big rooms in the map where Red Armor and Mega Health respectively are located. Another highly contested area is the Yellow Armor room where players will find not only the YA but one of two Rocket Launchers as well as two 25 HP bubbles. the area on the opposite side from the YA Room is intended as a safe zone for a player who is out of control, it contains a Green Armor, 5 Shards (making 75 armor in total) and the Plasma Rifle as well as a Shot Gun and 75HP in form of one 50HP and one 25 HP bubble. There are several trick-jumps implemented into the map, especially the MH can be approached and stolen from many different directions (keep an eye out for steal attempts if you are the one in control!). Be wary of traps like the RA spawn location, the Rail Gun chamber and the pool around the RL in the YA Room they can cost you your life! Quick Facts: Armors: 1xRA, 2xYA, 1xGA, 8xShards Health: 1xMH, 1x50HP, 5x25HP, 5x5HP Weapons: 2xRL, 2xSG, 1xPG, 1xGL, 1xLG, 1xRG Spawns: 11 Teleporters: 2 Jumppads: 2 Channel Log Keep in mind that the map is still in beta phase, changes can happen if need be. I appreciate every kind of feedback on the map as I want to create a truly great and original map for Reflex duel. Screenshots on imgur: Images Download: Link
  25. This map was made by kryty, tuutti and Mazu, thus the ktm. All important items are behind simple tricks but the map is full of possibilities for more complex tricks. Old screenshots, will update tomorrow. Changelog