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Found 1 result

  1. Vil1OverKill - ATDM

    Hi, Small presentation of the first ATDM map new generation if I may say. Indeed our project consists in proposing for Reflex some ATDM maps really built for the promode on one hand, and on the other hand which cannot be played without real difficulties in a static way. This first one map is not of course a conversion of Overkill but a complete re-creation which aimed to be a tribute in one of the best map of pm1ca by resuming on purpose some axes of her architecture. We tested the result during a serious training in ATDM 4v4 and the map turns out extremely fast from part the insertion of a structure of TPs wanted to interest the matchs on the model of the maps of Duel. http://reflexfiles.com/file/239 Have Fun! Note : r_bloom 0 was used on and really necessary at the moment! r_dynamic_lights 0 is recommanded for keeping your FPS atm!