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Found 2 results

  1. Game screen freeze or goes black

    Sometimes while I play, the screen goes black and I can't see the game but i can still control it and I hear everything. Other times, screen freeze at a perticular frame and the same problem arise.
  2. sound bugg: build 0.33.6

    When i shoot a rocked and i don't move my mouse the rocked doesn't make any sound, same for the ioncannon. But if i move while shooting the sound comes back. Sometimes while paying i can't hear the rockeds coming from my enemy. The sound of the ioncannon also skippes.The soundscape is bugged. When on the end of the map on the left side is and someone came from the right, i heard the person coming from the left. Its prity disorienting. I only have this problem while playing Reflex. I don't if this is just one bug or severel or that is just me but i tried severel things (like switching headset) and it still didn't work the way its ment to. I'm using steelseries soundcard and the steelseries 9h headset. I'm bad at typing English so sorry the mistakes.