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Found 3 results

  1. metrical


    I'd like to make my first map for Clan Arena/ATDM, but I have no idea of a good concept, seeing as I have never made one before. I'm not requesting someone make it for me, but I'd love to have someone help me with making one. Further detail if anyone is willing to help could be given through PM on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/MetricallySpiritual/ UPDATE: Already started on it, going to be working more into it tonight and more.
  2. Classic CA map Screenshots + shit soon Will be on Xerosawyer soon. Mega.co.nz
  3. So, I've been thinking about modes a bit lately and I thought I might think out loud and get some community feedback. I'm hoping this can become a regular thing during Early Access, as long as everyone can behave themselves and not rage Anyway, Arena modes. The core of these modes is "Players spawn with all weapons, a bunch of ammo and a decent amount of armor and then proceed to kill each other until there is no one left". There's no weapons to gather and no items to time -- it's purely a test of your combat skills. The Arena modes we currently have planned are Arena Free For All (3-10 players, no teams), Arena Team Deathmatch (3-10 players, teams) and Arena 1v1 (2 players). Traditionally, these modes are round based with each round lasting until a single player is left. This isn't something I've personally ever been a big fan of but the design of Reflex isn't all about my personal preferences. We could remove the rounds though and simply respawn players when they are fragged. This would make the pace of these modes more in-line with other modes and players wouldn't be forced to float around the map dead, waiting for the round to end. You would lose the thrill of being the last one alive though. This buzz could be replaced by changing the scoring to reward kill streaks -- players get +1 points for each frag they make without dying. You'd also lose the occasional satisfaction of taking out an entire enemy team yourself. Powerups are another thing that is missing from these modes. They would have no place in A1v1 but could work in AFFA and ATDM if they were spawned every 3 rounds or so, especially considering that all of our powerups will be designed to have a counter-powerup (For example, Carnage does 4x damage but Resist reduces all damage taken by 75%). Remember, this is a discussion, not a design decision. The idea is to challenge the existing ideas about Arena modes and see if we can improve on them. Any ideas or feedback is welcome, except for one thing -- we won't be implementing both styles. Too many game modes will dilute the playerbase and make it more difficult to find a game.