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Found 3 results

  1. Concept racing map

    Hi! I created this topic to help me in the design of a racing map. I would like you to give me your opinion and advice to encourage me and give me the necessary motivation to put this project. Here are some screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb I also leave you the opportunity to test the map. Test.rar
  2. Zones - map by Ohm & Bej

    Hello, Download ZONES Here's a strange little Arena map. the concept is basic. You don't switch weapons here, the colored zones are changing your held weapon. only missing weapon is the burst gun. I've come with the basic idea and simple map, bej helped me improving some verticality, balancing the areas. we had the idea to add melee and stake came after. he added some teleporters and ramps, I made the telejump and polished the design which is very simple but has a feel. Big big thank you Bej Very fun on Affa Atdm is quite tactic sometimes Maximum 8 players UPDATE : rebuilt LM for 0.35 Is this a practice map or a proof of concept for a new mode? I'll let you answer the question Only playable in Arena modes like there's not a single item on this map. So beware if you run out of ammo... Have fun
  3. Art Direction Concept

    Before I begin... just remember that this is a personal preference in terms of an art direction concept for a competitive title, how ever it is one I have always wanted... an art direction purely based on the game "world" is purely a virtual world to flair your skill. Basically all current game titles have a "story" or are based in a certain world at a specific time with all art direction based around this. I understand why they do it... however I would like to see one that is purely a virtual world with no real depiction of characters or scene etc... but just arenas to put your skill to the test against other opponents. With newer titles coming out with more simplistic art directions ( 8-bit cubey art especially ) it's becoming more and more evident that even with hugely powerful personal computers able to run high end graphics gameplay is the most fundamental element of any title. Do you really jump into CS:GO to play as a terrorist in the middle of a dusty arabian urban setting?... no... not at all. You play for the skill and team play elements. So... why not create a game where there is no setting... not distractions, just enough to give us something to visually play with but nothing to distract us from the core of the game. Reflex is being built as an eSport... so why not make this the whole direction... the theme to be an eSport. It's not like we play Football, Rugby, Basketball in a zombie apocalypse setting etc... It's purely a set of rules, tools and player skill. I haven't heard the audio interview of the team, however I have seen mention of a "steam punk" universe in the comments, and I'm not 100% sure about it. How about this... A game which is purely about the in-game character being an extension of the person playing the game, maps which are relatively the same as they are now visually, with all the core development going into balancing of weapons etc... We don't need a universe to play in... we have one... our own, and it's time that a game takes eSports as the theme. Simple selection of models, nothing too extremely different to give any advantage Ability to add team/sponsor logos to the backs, shoulders etc of the models Visually simplistic maps ( like we have now ) Development focus on balance, game performance etc I've always felt that even though a map is based around some theme etc... it has no real purpose... it feels redundant making a giant laser on a fancy elaborate castle design set in 2025 when no one really takes that into account for any part of the game play... It's hard for me to explain without recording audio and discussing the idea... however this is something I've always wanted, and I felt Reflex may head down this direction... however after the recent steampunk info ( I still haven't heard the audio yet so i'm not 100% sure what was mentioned ) I would love it if the team possibly reconsidered this game as something purely eSport and focused all their energy into that...