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Found 4 results

  1. Ubuska

    WRDM1 - Instant Momentum

    Hi guys, it's my first reflex map. I noticed that there's not so many DM maps out there and I decided to make deathmatch map. I playtested it with decent amount of players. Have fun! PS: Comments and critiques will be appreciated. Steam Workshop link Name: Instant Momentum [WRDM1] Type: DM Description: This is tight close-combat deathmatch map. Author: Ubuska Thanks for playtesting and ideas: D-X, w96k, Thoughcrayfish Screenshots:
  2. memphis

    Winehouse - DM arena

    Happy to bring a map aiming first time players and also high skill games due to the item distribution and possible jumps. Fun plays guaranteed. + LIGHTMAP FIXED!!! + added two different files for ffa and 1v1, one area is closed when 1v1 and opened when ffa. Props to xzy for the help pimping the map and fixing other things. Cheers. hf!
  3. 1v1 dm arena for new players, easy moves and 2 yellow armors with 1 mega. All weapons but stake gun. textured by xzy, big thanks. http://reflexfiles.com/file/268
  4. Smilecythe

    [WIP] Q3DM18 / Space Chamber rmx

    So.. I was working on a remix of the QL version of Space Chamber, with reminiscing layout but with distinctive differences and some additional stuff. I got bit carried away with detail and found out that some of the textures and meshes (outside the dev texture folder) aren't going to work anymore in the future builds so I'm feeling the bumma obviously now. Here's more screenshots of the map: https://imgur.com/a/mHGTw So, I have to basically remove all the meshes and half of the textures and redo some other time. I will use these screenshots myself as reference for redoing it again (if I have to) in the future versions when I can be assured that the effort wont be wasted. Layout of the map is not finished so no downloads for now, I'd rather have it finished before release Cheers!