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Found 5 results

  1. I'm stumped. I was given a crude map of a rural area in Lithuania by a local that supposedly identifies where my ancestral family's farm is located. At the top of the map is the following x=6195000.00 y=579000.00 I cannot interpret these coordinates or convert them in any way. Help.
  2. Hi my name is dvs and I'm new to reflex. I met some really cool people in this community and I thought I'd make a group for new players like me, who want to still participate in tournaments and improve with other new players. Since the arenafps genre is full of people who have been playing this game forever, I'm looking to make this group to have new players feel more welcome and to not be frustrated with the game when they play against players who are above their level. The group is public and I'd love for you and your friends to join! Once we have enough players, we'll open registration for the first tournament, happening this Saturday evening. The ladder wll be hosted on and we are also looking for someone to stream some duels, so leave a response here if you'd be interested in that Hope this thread gets a good response, thanks for reading! Edit: the rules and stuff: The map pool is gonna be(all in competitive ruleset): - 421 - Simplicity - xy2 - The catalyst All matches are going to be BO1 except for the finals which will be BO3, decide which player gets to ban a map first by using the ~roll # command in the discord, the user who rolls the higher number out of 100 gets to ban the first map, the map that remains gets played. After finishing the match, submit the scores to challonge; the winner gets 1 point and the loser gets 0. You can use any server as long as both players agree to it, no spectators except for casters/streamers. Edit: Prize pool added: Thanks to Chandos, we now have a prize pool of 5 CS:GO keys for the first place. We are looking at possibly having a prize pool for 2nd place as well, updates soon.
  3. Hi guys, we are hosting a duel tourney next week and I want you all to come. Bring friends. All the information you need to play or spectate is at the link above. Thanks.
  4. So here we go with next Tournament voting. all maps listed will be played in last version present to the tournament date Poll will end july 27th Tournament thread: EDIT: will be closed 0:00 today CEST
  5. no further suggestions possible - have fun voting! dp1 - dp6 - dp7 - thcdm13 - (no idea where to find last version) thct1 - thct2 - thct7 - cant find on reflexfiles monsoon - f14p1 - cpm3 - cant find on reflexfiles cpm22 - cant find on reflexfiles cpm15 - Voting has ended! So the final map pool will be: dp4, dp5, thcdm13, thct7, monsoon