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Found 97 results

  1. I wrote a steam guide on how to publish a map without a lightmap, bypassing the in-game publish restrictions. Here's a link to it:
  2. New duel map (also FFA) called "Bishop". 2xYA, 1xMH, 1xRA. Two atriums w/ roughly the same scale/dimensions as Use and Abuse (cpm3a). Thanks to @irish for some feedback and ideas. Comments/feedback is appreciated.
  3. PRDM9 - SANCTUM Sanctum is a competitive oriented 1v1 (duel) map! Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated WORKSHOP LINK Some screenshots to bait people into playing
  4. This is the feedbackpage for all of my maps, since i did not want to open a thread every single time. So tell me what you have on your mind - suggestions, advice, general feedback, etc. This is the place to do it. //hades - //kronos - //atlas - //ares - //minerva - //isengard -
  5. Hey long time no see. I was an early user on Reflex and I really went crazy with it and made a single map that was great but I think it kind of got left behind as changes were added. But it seems that the game runs very stable now and I can consistently get 50 FPS. So I want feedback on my original map Crossroads... I sent it to map contests... I sent it to people that were reviewing maps but I never really got the good feedback I needed to make this map competitive. All I know right now is that it is kind of square and desperately needs rounding out. I do know there are themes and other stuff added to the game but it seems like I cannot get access to those for some reason... But I guess I can continue on and try to make some good pre-fabs to make up for that. Anyway here is a link to the map, I would love to get feedback as again I really just want to make is a great over all map that eventually can fit the quality needed to be included as part of the games map selection. Any help would be great!!!
  6. At the moment the map editor lacks a few functions. This script pack aims to help with shortage of options. If you have any suggestion/request, share and I will look into it What it supports at the moment: Dial control - used for rotating various elements, including rotation, snap angles and daytime. Also supports mouse wheel scrolling. EditBoxExpand - when the current text doesnt fit entirely, when you hover over the control it expands accordingly. Multiple editing - you can now edit entities of the same type at the same time. (does NOT work with ColorPicker and ContentBrowser) WARNING: be very careful when editing multiple entities. Occasionally the game disconnects me because of some weird error. <removed due to instability with no solution in sight> Properties window can now be dragged. GIFS: Progress: repo - direct download -
  7. Multiplex Workshop 1MH, 1RA, 2YA, all weapons From the F-Zero GX Wiki: "A long course designed like one of the many lofty skyscrapers. The track is composed of a loop, a chicane, many straightaways, and a minefield in the second half of the course. Approximate Length: 16500 m Course Order: Ruby #5" Multiplex is a duel map with heavy focus on fluid movement and prediction projectiles. Ramps and jumps are placed in such a way as to tie the lower and upper levels together, making them distinct only in the main atriums. Mid-map is a "cross loop" where players can quickly change from low to high elevation to avoid opponents or to gain a height advantage. All "important" jumps to major items are designed to be of moderate difficulty, but every item can be obtained with no trickjumps through the use of a slower route. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  8. New race map. Still a little WIP. Planning on doing some more art on it. Thanks to @brandon and @bej for help/feedback.
  9. Quickfire greed tourney 1 - Quickfire (Low Frequency Remix) Steam Workshop: Reflex Files: Clean Version: Thanks to: @mazk1985, @Ammazzabanane, @tehace, @Kyto, @LuGia, @MaZZeL, @time, Lat, @Furioness, @def, @TheFatCheetah, @iolo, play3r, @Skaarj, @fht, @lolograde, @w96k, @Woeste Wessel, @matt_au, @king, @ZTK, @Profanum, @qhat and all playtesters The map is still considered WIP, but close to it's final state. All feedback is welcome! Some brushwork may change and some details and artwork will come...
  10. PRDM3 - RUIN prdm3-Ruin is a competitive combat oriented 1v1 (duel) map! Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated WORKSHOP LINK REFLEXFILES LINK (OUTDATED) The Reflexfiles will remain the same (high performance/no meshes version) But I won't keep it updated gameplay wise. Some screenshots to bait people into downloading
  11. Here is some fancy layout for a medium-large (gothic?) styled TDM / FFA map. I'm probably not going to finish this so I'm throwing it here. Lighting is done pretty poorly and might even cause performance issues. Workshop link: P.S. Hate working with meshes and it killed the motivation. Had fun up to this point though.
  12. duel

    [sp2] The Core 2x RL, 1x RA, 1x YA, 2x GA This map is a high tech, sci-fi powerplant where you can blow each other the f*** up. It's intended for 1v1 but also has FFA and TDM modes enabled. The map has a lot of jumps, teleports, and is based around fighting on two levels. The map draws some inspiration from some of my favorite AFPS maps including Phrantic and The Catalyst. That's not really important but I thought maybe some people might see a few parallels and find it interesting I'll consider feedback as long as it's not too drastic and doesn't alter the overall playstyle of the map. Please let me know if you find any clipping issues impacting gameplay or other problems and I'll fix them as quick as I can. Thanks for checking out The Core! If you like it you can also check out my other map - [sp1] Suspension EDIT: Forgot to mention I have a clean version saved in my private stash so if anyone is having performance problems or just would like an un-arted version let me know and I can upload the clean one.
  13. xy3 - "Leuko" by: Xytaglyph Update: I am inviting people to take another look at the map for the sake of my own improvement and a new perspective. I have tweaked the balanced significantly and repositioned the Yellow armor. I am really looking for feedback on why the map works or doesn't and am very interested in hearing from everyone so that I can hopefully do better in the future. Thank you! New reflex original duel map 3 atrium 1 Red Armor, 1 MegaHealth, 1 Yellow Armor, 2 Green Armors All standard weapons Screenshots:
  14. map

    ---------------------- 421 ~Fortune~ ---------------------- (duel map by @Greed and I) Suh duds? here is a map that litterally took us twelve decades to finish, witch means roughly 10 brushes per minute. steamworkshop link (with screens): clean version: Special thanks for (m)oral support to these two german and swiss sexy playboys @def, @fht ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Very many thanks to @Pill_, @Brancaleone, PhunkMazterK, @Luft, @Terifire And also thanks to everyone else helping: @memphis, @Warlord Wossman, @Kyto, @LuGia, @LKSR, @zajfy, Xortion, psalmiak, helltiger, @NeuerGolf, @promEUs, @sandbox, and probably a lot of other people im forgetting, if so im sorry brah. any kind of feedback is very appreciated given the map is most likely far from perfect, and not finished yet! We hope you enjoy playing the map, gl hf guys <3 Known issues: some clips are still kinda meh or missing some brushes are still devgreys, thats the counterpart of doing a map with ~17000 brushes and having to basically colour them all after you are done with the main polish ic position is really strong atm rail is really strong atm cycles are hard to break ~~~~~~ Some screens ~~~~~~
  15. Hello everyone. I am sharing my work in progress - a co-op race map. 2 players have to work together in order to complete the race. The map is still in experimental phase, and there are few more ideas I'd like to implement before it is in its final form. In order to play it: callvote mode race callvote restart (sadly, there isn't another way reset the targets atm) Feedback is welcome, as usual. Hopefully, a few more people will pick up interest in making similar maps and we'll have a nice map pool to mess around with. For people who like a bigger challenge, or are just plain masochistic, I'll post a hardcore version (no checkpoints) at some point in the future. Thanks to everyone who tested the map and provided feedback. Workshop link: Have fun!
  16. ---------------------- 421 (clean) ---------------------- (duel map by @Greed and I) After receiving a few complaints about map performance we decided to make parallely to the original version of the map a clean version for all the people who had troubles running the map and all the ones that prefer clean visuals to pretty ones (and yes im in this group unbelievebly lulz). steam link: original version: original tread: Its pretty shitty boys but hf
  17. PRDM8 - Hieratic Hieratic is a large scaled team deathmatch and free-for-all map! Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated. ----- WORKSHOP LINK -----
  18. After testing the editor with my map Home. I wanted to create a castle jail. I was inspired by a map of quake 3 that I found really nice to play. This is a huge project and I am aware of but I really love this game and this fabulous editor that I spend a lot of time.
  19. I made a thing. Please read the description, it has links to the tutorials that helped me learn the game (looking at you guys, @KovaaK & @entik!), as well as links to some nice Reflex race videos by wh1te. Those will give you an idea of how deep the movement system goes and just how fast the high skill players can go. It ain't perfect, it was unscripted, but hopefully it will help some people. Share it and show the world how cool Reflex is
  20. REFLEXTRAIN Reflextrain is a personal project of mine that aims to help players improve their mechanical skills regarding movement and also builds upon @Bonuspunkts reflexjump map Workshop link! In Reflextrain you will find sections to train strafing, circlejumping (with and without plasma hops) and rocket jumping. The map also features 3 reflexjump sections, 3 challenge rooms and a freestyle room! Any and all feedback appreciated! Enjoy! Thanks to @MAD_JIHAD, @Bonuspunkt, @memphis, @poub @Warlord Wossman, @DraQu, Night and @rekk0r for their various contributions and input on the map!
  21. Hey Reflex mapping community, does anyone know if it is possible to port maps from Painkiller to Reflex? I tried to find information but I have no experience in mapping... that is everything I found: 1 Remakes: @Terifire did a remake of DM_Sacred: and another guy too: but if you read in the comments on youtube he deleted the map file... I have not found any attempts to port Painkiller maps to Reflex... 2. Quake World: DM_Meatless was remade for Quake World: the last post is even a working download for the map. then I found in another thread this post: " yeah.. DM_Sacred is brilliant by the way: i've seen a ztndm3 copy for Painkiller and it was the original map converted (the brush work was identical, textures too). this means there's a possibility to convert backwards: pk maps to qw maps. a faithful q1sacred should be very nice maybe we'll convert some pk players to qw too in the process " it's actually the only interesting post in the whole thread concerning porting maps. 3. Painkiller mapping: For Painkiller itself it seems that the maps were mad in the "PainEditor" as I found a tutorial for singleplayer maps but I guess it's the same for multiplayer... Then I found a tutorial how to import Painkiller map files into 3ds max: I would be very thankful for any information! As the stake gun is coming back to Reflex it would be nice to play it on some classical Painkiller maps thanks in advance!!! j
  22. Hello! Yet another WIP tdm map, this time a 2v2map - The map is very early days still, I'll try my best to keep this thread updated WORKSHOP LINK Feedback is highly appreciated! Enjoy!
  23. This is version 0.1 of my map.
  24. Hello, I asked on discord and got some useful help however I am still a bit stuck. My goal is to import .obj files as a brush into reflex. The vertices are simple enough to insert, however I don't understand what the brush faces format is. Would anyone with some knowledge be able to tell me what each variable in this represents? 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 1.000000 0.000000 1 4 5 6 0x00000000 common/materials/metal/p_gloss_metal3 So far from experimenting, it looks like the first 5 have no impact at all on anything that I could notice, 0x00000000 also dosn't appear to do anything. However the 4 integers appear to be mapping what vertices the faces connect at? The last one is the material.
  25. Hi! I created this topic to help me in the design of a racing map. I would like you to give me your opinion and advice to encourage me and give me the necessary motivation to put this project. Here are some screenshots here: I also leave you the opportunity to test the map. Test.rar