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Found 21 results

  1. This isn't meant to list all the unlisted effects and materials, only the ones which are useful. If you think some useful ones are missing PM me on discord with the info and I will update the thread. //Sounds industrial/sounds/sludge_bubble industrial/sounds/ambient1 industrial/sounds/ambient2 industrial/sounds/machine ancient_japan/sounds/wind-light ancient_japan/sounds/wind-heavy ancient_japan/sounds/water //Emitters internal/effects/steam/steam internal/effects/steam/steam_sml internal/effects/steam/steam_lava internal/effects/steam/dust_clouds_blow internal/effects/fluid/bubbles_tank_192 internal/effects/environment/snow/snow_192 internal/effects/bugs/bugs_flies //Random stuff internal/effects/godrays/godrays_256_64 internal/debug/primitives/primitives_sphere //Materials internal/generic/wireframe internal/effects/race/race_checkpoint internal/effects/race/race_finish internal/effects/race/race_start //Armor Hologram Materials internal/items/armor/armor internal/items/armor/armor_green internal/items/armor/armor_yellow internal/items/armor/armor_red //Ammo Glow Materials internal/items/ammo/ammo_rockets_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_bolt_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_burst_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_grenades_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_ic_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_plasma_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_shells_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_stake_glow //Powerup Materials internal/characters/common/characters_quad internal/characters/common/characters_resist internal/items/powerup_protect/powerup_protect internal/items/powerup_quad/powerup_quad internal/items/powerup_regen/powerup_regen internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_carnage internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_resist
  2. Great tutorial vid from Nathan taking you through the process of publishing your map to the workshop.
  3. Howdy folks. Got a bit of a two sided question here. Working on a training/duel map from the older Q1 days and I couldn't see to be able to get a working door. Are there no working doors? Specifically team based doors (one team can go through and the other can not). Not being able to make a proper door (like I wanted) - I opted to using teleporters. But same issue, I could not find a teamclip function that would allow TeamA to go though and not TeamB (TF days). Anyone have any input on how to get either a door or a working teamclip? Thanks in advance, Z
  4. Hello! Just a quick question, for team gamemodes like CTF or TDM, does this game switch sides mid-game? I'm thinking of making some asymmetrical maps to exercise my creativity
  5. Hey so I was thinking while working on a map: what if the start and finish zones could reference eachother like teleporters/pads, so you could build multiple lines in a map. For instance startzone A -> finishzone A, startzone B -> finishzone B this would allow for maps like parkourstation to actually work in race. the only difference would be that times would be recorded by "line" instead of by "map", and it would be more like rock climbing in that sense. This could make it a lot more fun for people playing on a server where some people want to practice a line for hours while others want to mix it up. It would also make it easier to design maps with easy/medium/hard routes since you could separate the routes, mark significant routes on CTF maps, and overall have more organic, open, and nonlinear designs.
  6. New map that still needs a lot of work. Feedback appreciated. Some info: 1x ra2x ya1x mega5x 25h 2x RL1x SG1x GL1x PG1x ICNo bolt!Needs some playtesting, so I haven't bothered to make it pretty yet. Forgot to mention that you can play this on my server, [UK]Terifire's barn @
  7. I got a question regarding amount of gamestates. my last updated map has been passing from ~60000 to 4570000 with new meshes and many changes. I wonder maybe some prefabs used and broken then forgotten to trash for good ... they would be still in the map file while not really used in. How can I reduce the amount of gamestates and so limiting the loading time? This map is now a true server killer seeing it takes so long to load. So what can I do? editing map file, searching prefabs, breaking all of them ingame editor and trashing them.? any clue would be appreciated and welcome. best
  8. Hi folks, a long time ago I created some test maps for Reflex. Now I wanted to continue the work, but I can't even create a block, no mouse and stuff. Could someone upload a config.cfg (or whats its name now) which everyone can edit by her-/himself ? Thanks in advance!
  9. here are some good design guides for building competitive maps. Like all architecture and design theres a lot to consider besides aesthetics and as a beginner myself I found these the most helpful: features like heatmaps will make the process even better. if you know any other good guides post em here.
  10. Map Name: wh1te-haze Weapon Restriction: On - Plasma ​Gametype: Race Difficulty: Medium Finishing time: Average Made by: wh1te Thanks to: Jukebox, Murk, Def, Tehace, Lasker and Holi for testing Download: wh1te-haze [03/08/15] Latest version Reflexfiles: I have decided to start making race maps as there's not many people mapping for this gametype and few of you may know, I've been racing for about 10 years in both defrag and warsow race so I thought I'd give it a go and share my experience visually. There are more maps to come that I have already started working on. The difficulty will vary between medium and hard but nothing below that unless someone has a request to make a race map for the new players I have also attached screenshots showing the map and a video that is showcasing the map but also showing the gameplay and tutorial. Any feedback is welcome!
  11. Hi everyone! Since i'm back and got more time to practice my creativity for mapping, then i've moved on for CTF. I know this is not release, but i found it interesting to try it out anyways. Please take a look at my map and rate or comment to improve it. Many thanks! Lowrater aka MSTGamingTube aka TheEarlyAccess Want too see how it goes with the building? Watch / follow on twitch: Download at:
  12. I want to add ammo boxes to my map, how would I do this?
  13. Hello! I was just wondering, are there any plans for user-made content in maps, such as custom textures to put on brushes, or actual props to put in the map, maybe particle effects like dust for a sandy map? In connection to that, will there be any sort of workshop support for the game? It would be great having Reflex become an even more changeable game, just was quake was
  14. Based on MC Escher's Relativity. Created by Sebben Items, textures, lighting, and hosting by BananaBreadman Still testing item placement and tele alignment, any feedback is greatly appreciated! This is my first completed map, as such I am struggling to produce an appealing and glitch-free lightmap. If anyone with more experience than myself can take a look and explain what I did wrong or perhaps direct me to the proper protocol for building an efficient lightmap, that would also be appreciated. Can be found here: or on Bread's server:
  15. This is my first try at making a map for this game. All critique is accepted and improvement suggestions are allowed. Screenshots ReflexFiles Page
  16. Just wanted to say that I think the game looks really nice with the dev textures, and or though I look forward to seeing the gothic and ruined themes, I would like to see some maps keep the clinical dev texture look. Maybe not worth a thread, but there you go
  17. Here is a list of things that would make the editor experience better (in my opinion). 1. The ability to select more than one side of multiple BSP or select more than one vert on multiple BSP. so a hot key, like ctrl, that you hold while clicking sides or verts so you can move them all at the same time. This would stream line what is a very tedious process. 2. the ability to move one side on more than one plain. Lets say you grab the side (x+) of a cube, but you want to move all four points of that side up (Z+) to make a slanted trimming on your stairs. YOU hold shift+Alt and you will be able to not move that side of the cube (all four verts) up, making a trapezoid of sorts. 3. A simple texture selection GUI that can be brought up with a key and will change the texture of whatever is selected. This will make it much faster to make texture iterations. If I have time, I will make a Gif of each one of these to show a visual example.
  18. I wonder if it's possible to create a flicker effect for lighting. I wanna create some kind of industrial themed map. But I could'nt find flickering light effects.
  19. Alright so I'm trying to build this Rankin Map from Unreal Tournament. Am I going the right way? Any tips? I feel like I dont make any progress... Map Download here: rankinredux.probe rankinredux.light
  20. Hey there! This thread is to document some common issues I see in maps, and easy solutions. I'll preface it by saying I'm not a famous or known mapmaker, and that anything I've witnessed is from more experience playing maps, not making them. So, take anything here with a grain of salt. 1: Don't ostracize players from playing the map By this, I mean don't make items require advanced jumps or special techniques to get to them. Certain players won't care to learn the movement, why punish them in a huge way by not allowing them to get items? If the item can't be grabbed without a normal jump, you'll need to rethink the placement a bit. No, this doesn't mean don't reward movement by adding special routes and options for players who know what they're doing. Go crazy with them! But, allow the casuals to get items too. Don't make it an unenjoyable experience for people who can't move/have no desire to learn to move. 2: Don't have weird blocks protruding from walls. It looks weird and unnatural in most maps. Do what CPM15 did, have a ramp inset on the wall. Instead of this do this instead. Looks cleaner, feels better, won't interrupt people who're hugging the walls. 3: Make map first, paint after. Set all your map elements to nolight during the creation. Afterwards, go in and paint individual sides the way you want using +editorfacemode combined with me_setmaterial. It's slightly more tiresome and effort, although the result should be a map without a chance of light leaking through. Nolight isn't 100%, but it certainly prevents the chance of leaking for the most part. (More content will be added as extra stuff comes up)
  21. There (many maps) is no clip-brush. U can get over map by rocket jump. For example: