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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, now that Matchmaking is live, you can retrieve your demos/replays from the official MM servers here:
  2. Hello, what kinda matchmaking system do you prefer? A more classic one as we see in CSGO/SC2/DOTA/LoL or a lobby system as we have in Shootmania/Reflex? Explanations: Classic: you opt-in and simply wait, can't play while queuing rocket-league-like: you opt-in and are free to do whatever you want Personally i think a rocket-league-like system would be the best as it allows you to do whatever you want. Regards
  3. Hey, i just played a duel vs. @Stalast and we both got stuck in the end-screen after our match. Regards
  4. Hi, so i punched together a veeery rough duel matchmaking system in the last few hours. Go visit -> register account -> enter steamid -> play. It is VERY basic atm. Simply search...get matched, ban maps, connect to server. Close match. Since we can't determine the results atm: be fair. If you lose, vote for the winner. Points are basic ELO atm. A lot of stuff will be done, displaying ranks, mapvoting/banning ...etc. etc. But for now this should make stuff a bit more handy. I have 22 servers up atm. I could add more though if needed. ToDo-list (what's possible at the moment): - match history ***** FOR NOW THE MM-SYSTEM IS DISABLED ****** Waiting for stuff like: - stats, so players don't have to enter results - server-side stuff to prevent connecting with wrong steamid - linux dedicated server Regards